• Crazy mammoths Crazy mammoths: A race of frozen mammoths
  • This is the Only Level TOO This is the Only Level TOO: this game has some spikes and involves some jumping, though there is onl
  • Wild things Wild things: Use arrows to cut the place where the elephant running Use arrows to move walls movemen
  • Achievement Unlocked Achievement Unlocked: Who needs game play when you have ACHIEVEMENTS? Don't worry about beating leve
  • Strange love, elephant Painting game Strange love, elephant Painting game: paint the cute elephant with colors, who says elephant can't b
  • Circus Circus: Help the clowns to pop all of the balloons.Oops!Don't let one fall! Use the mouse to control
  • Food Hunt Food Hunt: Food Hunt is another simple flash game. Help the leader Ant to collect food for future wi
  • Herbivore Herbivore: A unique defense game in which you protect your farm from all types of invading herbivore
  • African Fury African Fury: African Fury Puzzle use mouse for movement
  • Mashing Meeces Mashing Meeces: This is a quirky but fun action game in which the player revisits the comical dynami
  • Elephant Below Elephant Below: You're a deep-sea diving elephant on a mission to find pearls in oyster shells and e
  • This is the Only Level This is the Only Level: The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one lef
  • Animal Park Animal Park: Create and administer your own wildlife Animal Park. Let's get many visitors and earn l
  • Grab the Elephant Grab the Elephant: Help the little ball to get the elephant, avoid the other enemies balls. Use the
  • Obey The Game Obey The Game: It's time to listen to the game. Guide your elephant through an ever-faster game of t
  • The Elephant Game The Elephant Game: Throw Leonardo the Elephant as far and high as you can. Swing the balloon with th
  • Nature War Nature War: Basic instinct for survival, protecting your habitat, is shown in fun and primal way. Yo
  • Elephant drawing Elephant drawing
  • Flowers For Jolly Flowers For Jolly: Help Jolly and Pad gather some flowers for their birthday party.
  • Appu in Dreamland Appu in Dreamland: Appu elephant is exploring the Dreamland and ceasing the enemy in order to conque
  • Simanji Simanji: Granny beating the crap out of anything and anybody, Arrow Keys to move Granny. S to strike
  • Elephant Lifter Elephant Lifter: See how many times you can grab the elephant in 60 seconds Use the arrow down key t
  • Porcelain Panic Porcelain Panic: You lost your grandma in a china shop! Try to reach her within the time limit and d
  • Ant's Quest Ant's Quest: Ant has to collect food from the track of Elephants walking. Key factor of the game is
  • Elephant jigsaw puzzle Elephant jigsaw puzzle
  • Animal Pop 4 Holiday Edition Animal Pop 4 Holiday Edition

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