• The Savior The Savior: Why complete a dozen levels to face the end boss if you can go head to head right now!!
  • Duel Duel : Duel game, very simple game where you have to take down all the bandits of the town Just pres
  • Stair Battle (2 players allowed) Stair Battle (2 players allowed): A game which require quick reflex and some tactic to overcome the
  • Space duel Space duel: A simple easily customized two-player game. A duel between two enemies. Prefect with a f
  • FG Tank Duel FG Tank Duel: Shoot bombs to the opponent tank. Press the mouse button to control the angle and powe
  • Fragtura Duel- a fighting game Fragtura Duel- a fighting game
  • Race Master Race Master: In this 3D car racing game you have to take a part in a car duel and try to beat your o
  • Attack tanks Attack tanks: This is a 2-player War Tank game. Each player controls War Tank and tries to destroy t
  • Renui duel Renui duel: renaissance duel to the victor type game
  • Outdraw Outdraw: Test your quick draw reflexes against the fastest draws in the west. Learn to read their te
  • Name duel Name duel : Each name is a legend,Your name contains the source power universe?Enter your name and o
  • Bumper Duel Bumper Duel: Duel against bumper enemy and win the tournament mode. Collect bonuses and special weap
  • Renai duel 2 Renai duel 2: a renaissance duel to the victor type game, use ctrl + arrow keys to try and pummel yo
  • Champion's Fist Alpha Champion's Fist Alpha: An innovative fighting game which tests your strategy and reaction skills. Wh
  • Fast Target ... You're too slow Fast Target ... You're too slow: Faster Faster Faster! (hard cast community - duel [high score] game
  • Samurai Tournament Samurai Tournament: The great samurai tournament begins, Take your sword and defeat all challengers,
  • X-Worlds Duels X-Worlds Duels: The first mini-game! Play with fantastic creatures and see who can win!
  • face 2 face face 2 face: a multiplayer game where players can duel with other players or play vs the computer us
  • Duel Robo space area 1 Duel Robo space area 1: game must be played by two person Player 1 arrow to move"Ctrl " to shoot Pla
  • Universal Fighter Universal Fighter: '9 Group Armies' are on the campaign to conquer the universe. Next target is the
  • Are You Hungry ? Are You Hungry ?:
  • Breakout Breakout
  • Zap Arena Zap Arena

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