• Gold Fishing Gold Fishing: Go get 'em hook, line and sinker... and not a single fish to be seen anywhere! But who
  • Letter Hunter Letter Hunter: Ever tried looking for a needle in a haystack? No? Nor have we. Who does. Well this g
  • Tritris Tritris: You wait ages for a classic Russian master-minded game to come along and change the world,
  • Parking Mad Parking Mad: Parking your car can be tough at the best of times... never mind trying to maneuverer a
  • Brain Workout Brain Workout: Is your head feeling a little fuzzy? That cup of coffee not doing the trick? Give you
  • Quick Rotation Quick Rotation: Classic games are what we're good at here at doof! We present you Quick Rotation, cl
  • Whack A Doof Whack A Doof: Ever get that feeling where you just want to beat the crap out of anything cute? Yeah,
  • Hammer Throw Hammer Throw: Don't release the hammer at the wrong time unless you want to suffer from massive hemo
  • Excuses Excuses Excuses Excuses: Kids have it tough don't they? Besides not doing much work, sponging off the parent
  • Snooker Balls Up Snooker Balls Up: Who would've thought a complete balls up could provide this much fun. Well, we did
  • Doof Sudoku Doof Sudoku: Sudoku game has captured the imagination of the world lately! So it was only right that
  • Thrust Thrust: Here's another mission for you Captain. Use the thrusters on your space craft to guide yours
  • Midnight Massacre Midnight Massacre: Shoot zombies, mummies and other halloween ghouls in this great game from doof st
  • Black hole Probe Black hole Probe: No Black Hole Probe isn't a painful medical procedure but a test of timing, reflex
  • Mahjong Mahjong: Doof brings you this classic ancient Chinese game, Mahjong! A hundred and forty four tiles
  • Amoebas Amoebas: Being a single-cell organism can be tough. As if having little or no prospects in life wasn
  • Gem Swap Gem Swap: Grace under pressure is the key in this game. Focus and an unflappable nature will get you
  • Bomb Disposal Bomb Disposal: Play this fun, nail biting game from which will keep on your toes. Explosive
  • Python Python: Cruelty to animals sucks. Especially cute, fluffy little rodents with limited or no awarenes
  • Pong Pong: Another retro classic, taking you back to relive the glory of mid-seventies gaming perfection!
  • Star Lines Star Lines: Spend some time with the stars!! Except without the tabloids, drug problems and public d
  • Golden Arrow Golden Arrow: Grab your longbows and come with us to the archery green. Let's see who has what it ta
  • Number Hunter Number Hunter: Like a jealous, but equally pretty twin sister of Letter hunter, Number hunter is her
  • Kick Ups Kick Ups: Getting it up is easy. Keeping it up is the tricky part. But enough about that. The pastim
  • Cascade 2 Cascade 2: In Cascade 2 you have to click on the large areas of colored blocks to get rid of them, a
  • Invasion Invasion: When will hordes of aliens from outer space ever learn! Teach them a lesson in this perfec
  • Balance Balance: Keeping with our principles of always keeping it simple - stupid, Nerve racking, time sappi
  • Columns Columns: Another fiendishly cunning puzzle game has joined the doof family! We introduce Columns gam
  • Marbles Marbles: Are you one of those annoying people who incessantly tap their fingers on table-tops and ot
  • Bob Jones Bob Jones: Bob is constantly in search of hidden treasures no matter where in the world they might b

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