• Crash the Robot! Crash the Robot!: Physics-based puzzle game with 45 unique levels. Use bombs, bring into operation d
  • Monster Evolution Monster Evolution: Create havoc, feed on humans, and evolve !!! A stylish game, with unique game pla
  • World Cleaner, a cleaning and destroying game World Cleaner, a cleaning and destroying game: now it is your responsibility to flatten the world
  • Empire Island Empire Island: Build and defend your Empire Island through the ages. Build up your population to rai
  • Orb Attack Orb Attack: Stay alive as long as you can by evading or destroying the red orbs and picking up the p
  • Mocil Mocil: Control the little monster and destroy everything you can found on the city
  • Blob Blob : an interactive space shooter twist. Instead of shooting things, you simply run into them... w
  • Catapult destruction Catapult destruction: Catapult destruction is a game where you destroy different buildings by catapu
  • Destroyer of Worlds Destroyer of Worlds: It's time for the space invaders to have their revenge. The only thing standing
  • Destroy All Cars Destroy All Cars: Launch your car to smash as many other cars as possible in this physics based dest
  • Stars Stars: Destroy the stars by connecting 3 or more stars of the same color. Use the mouse to drag the
  • Space Annihilation Space Annihilation: Control your spaceship and destroy all enemies lurking around the Earth to preve
  • Ninja Eyes Ninja Eyes: Its here Test your self to see if your eyes are the eyes of a ninja! I love Reviews but
  • Planets Planets: Destroy all planets
  • UFO Shooter UFO Shooter: Fantasy the shooter game. You have to survive the fight with aliens, they try to seize
  • Ice Man Ice Man: Ice Man is a defender game that mixes classic defense with platform style movement and jump
  • Tank defense 2 Tank defense 2: Defend after wave and wave of tanks! Tank TD, Start by placing a tower, the first ro
  • Armored Fighter Armored Fighter: You are a giant armored robot, and you must shoot all that attack you. There are ma
  • Clean The World Clean The World: Clean World, destroy buildings!!! Use mouse to destroy buildings. use mouse for mov
  • Paper Cannon Paper Cannon: Paper Cannon is a flash game where you have to shoot bombs to destroy the critters. mo
  • Bomb Blitz Bomb Blitz: A fast highly addicting action casual game with a retro pixel style with 8 bit sound FX.
  • Red green blue lines Red green blue lines: Stop the red lines. Stop the blue lines. Stop the green lines. Drag endpoints.
  • Angry Animals Angry Animals: Help animals to fight with aliens. Make much damages to get three stars. Hold mouse a
  • Smash doll Smash doll: A fun physics based toy where you control a little rag doll that you can play with and g
  • Castle Crusher Castle Crusher: You are a troll, sent on a mission to destroy the Humans' castle. mouse click to sho
  • Destroyer Block Destroyer Block: Move your block with the arrow keys and eat the smaller squares to grow bigger. Be
  • Bulldozer Bulldozer: Destroy everything! Use mouse to crash city. mouse click to shoot,
  • Tank Destroyer 2 Tank Destroyer 2: The top down tank game continues with an amazing sequel: 9 new missions, 3 new env
  • Bubble Madness Bubble Madness: Make chain reactions and pop all bubbles! mouse click to shoot, use mouse for moveme
  • Laser-Fry The Smiley ! Laser-Fry The Smiley !: Smiley have come!? Be prepared... for your super giga mech tron laser?!? is
  • Destroy Towers Destroy Towers: Move your ship around as you destroy towers and gain points! movement: arrow keys
  • Airborne Airborne: Burst balloons with an upgradable slingshot in this challenging, online Arcade game! They
  • Computer Catapult! Computer Catapult!: Has your computer or laptop ever let you down? Is the answer yes? Well heres a c
  • Tank Destroyer Tank Destroyer: Drive your tank around and destroy the enemy forces to unlock/buy powerfull upgrades
  • Crusade 2 Crusade 2: After the successful game crusade. We now bring crusade 2! You also can create your own l
  • Tank defense Tank defense: Build towers along the canyon and try to not let the tanks get through
  • Bricks Breaking Bricks Breaking : There is a grid of bricks of different colors. When you click on a grid, all the b
  • Meteorite Hunter Meteorite Hunter: You live in a spaceship and suddenly a lot of meteorites attack your spaceship. De
  • Fish Bricks, Destroy the fish by clicking same colored group Fish Bricks, Destroy the fish by clicking same colored group: with at least 3 fish. If you destroy a
  • Last Missile Last Missile: Aliens want to control our TV program. You're the last of thousands of missiles, stop
  • Robot blast Robot blast: everybody dies. your gonna die to! the only question is, how many robots will you destr
  • Squares vs Circles Squares vs Circles: Move the the shapes and try to touch the yellow ones and avoid the blue ones. Us
  • EMO Shooting EMO Shooting: Use your YO-YO and hit as many EMO as you can. With your help this kids can be happy a
  • Space Destroyer Space Destroyer: A space based survival game with a different concept. Survive against the enemy usi
  • Operation Fox Operation Fox: In the action shooter Operation Fox you fly in a helicopter over enemy territory. You
  • Funny Arkanoid Funny Arkanoid: break-out game in which you move the paddle along the outside of a circle using mous
  • Triangle vs Squares Triangle vs Squares: For how many time you can hold the Squares off? Take the challenge for a high s
  • Crazy Cop Crazy Cop: New York City!: This time, a group of terrorists are attacking New York city! You are the
  • Crash Space Crash Space: Robots vs. Aliens. Shoot, build, upgrade, defend, destroy! mouse click to shoot,Space:
  • Christmas Grinch Blaster Christmas Grinch Blaster: Blast those nasty Grinch away, see how many you can hit.Save Christmas hav
  • Robot War Robot War: Destroy your robot enemy and make a high score use mouse to shoot,press G to use bombs, u
  • Air war Air war: Destroy the enemy make some boom ,blast & noise , and challenge your friends who can destro
  • Pace Maker Pace Maker: Story: In 3010 the computer viruses have been evolved and became able to travel through
  • Tanks Tanks: defeat the enemy force with your tank power, win the battles and become a winner
  • Monster Hunter Monster Hunter: Shoot down the monsters before they destroy your base. Collect all of the treasures
  • Bouncing ball Bouncing ball : In this game there is a grid of balls that are slowly moving down. You need to shoot
  • Bouncing balls playtime Bouncing balls playtime : In this game there is a grid of balls that are slowly moving down. You nee
  • Shooting Balloons at Target Shooting Balloons at Target: Use the cannon to destroy all the balloons. Press the mouse left button
  • Crash Board Crash Board: Skate your way through 25 levels in this skateboarding game and destroy at least 50% of
  • Cannon Cannon: Enemy balloons and dirigibles attack our town. You have cannon, which able to shoot balls in
  • Counter Terror Counter Terror: In a war against terror, world governments have developed a new defense. Protected b
  • Marble lines Playtime be Marble lines Playtime be: In this game the marbles are lined up and will gradually go to the hole. Y
  • Torpedo Submarine Battles Torpedo Submarine Battles: Ply the depths and exterminate the enemy in naval battles across the worl
  • Galaxy Guard Online Galaxy Guard Online: Your Galaxy is attacked by alien invaders. Your warship was entrusted with an i
  • Crusher's Mean Drop Crusher's Mean Drop: Crusher needs armor for battle. Collect as many as you can before they are dest
  • Planet Bomber Planet Bomber
  • Tomato Massacre Tomato Massacre: You're being put in the stocks for overpricing bananas and accidentally selling all
  • Zoid fighter Zoid fighter: control your ship and destroy enemy, Use arrow keys to move the ship, space to shoot,
  • Printer Destroyer Printer Destroyer: This game uses a high score table that will open in new window once you submit yo
  • Blow Things Up 2 Blow Things Up 2: The Things are back and it's your job to blow them up! There are good things, bad
  • Point & Click & Destroy Point & Click & Destroy: Amuse the king of the universe! Destroy!, Point, click and destroy.
  • The Cursed Laser The Cursed Laser: You have been charged with a cursed laser. If this laser overheats it will explode
  • Road Rage Road Rage: Be as destructive as possible, and offload all those contained frustrations! The controls
  • Hidden Depths Hidden Depths: This is my second take on a classic game but more polished then before etc.. Move wit
  • Stuff Blaster Stuff Blaster: Blast a bunch of random things as they pass by shoot explode stuff
  • Snow Ball Warrior Snow Ball Warrior: The main aim of the game is to defend the snowballs before destroying the Igloo.
  • Invaders From Space Invaders From Space: 1940's film themed shoot em up game.The aim is to blast the aliens before they
  • Destroy The Invaders Destroy The Invaders: Our planet is under alien attack and you are the only person who can stop it.
  • METEOR METEOR : Destroy all the meteor with bomb chain after reach the danger zone Use the mouse to click a
  • The Shapes The Shapes: Grab, match, avoid, destroy, and serve while still hot. WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Aim
  • Alien Invasion Alien Invasion: Alien vs. Alien. Destroy Yourself Read carefully manual. Use keys to pump Your alien
  • Paper Cannon XP Paper Cannon XP: Extra Levels for Paper Cannon. Adjust cannon direction and power to destroy all cri
  • Asteroid Interceptor Asteroid Interceptor: Pilot your Interceptor spaceship to protect the Earth from asteroids heading i
  • Drag And Shoot Blocks Drag And Shoot Blocks: Physical game where you make fall down all the block. Drag your mouse in the
  • Crazy Soldier Crazy Soldier: Crazy Soldier who attack enemy's HQ alone ! Finish all Enemy's and Enemy's HQ. fire:
  • 3D Asteroid Cleanup 3D Asteroid Cleanup: Your objective is to defend the space base using your little space ship. Use th
  • Vase Breaker 2 Vase Breaker 2: You are given a slingshot and the limited number of balls to break all the vases pre
  • Destroy The Invaders 2 Destroy The Invaders 2: Our planet is under alien attack again! You are the only person who can stop
  • Imperfect Balance 3 Imperfect Balance 3
  • Space time Alchemist, POSSESSED Space time Alchemist, POSSESSED
  • fiery bullet fiery bullet
  • Destroy Blocks 2. 1 Hard Destroy Blocks 2. 1 Hard
  • Invading Spaceships Destroyer Invading Spaceships Destroyer
  • Satellite Falling Avoider Satellite Falling Avoider
  • Kill Birds With Rockets Kill Birds With Rockets: Kill birds with rockets. Click on the green areas to make rockets. mouse cl
  • Air Defense Air Defense: Control space area. Kill all of enemies.
  • Bouncing Balls Bouncing Balls: Destroy the balls by shooting them into groups of 3. You must clear all the balls in
  • Global Defense Global Defense: Defend the city. Destroy incoming missiles by hitting them with a missile of the sam

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