• Super Sloth Bomber Super Sloth Bomber: The island of Bombolia has been invaded! Bizarre creatures from a beached cargo
  • Deep Creatures in Mayan Caves Deep Creatures in Mayan Caves: Become a deep creature, a warrior from the underworld, fight against
  •  Truth & Beauty Truth & Beauty: an online fantasy card game, players participate in a magical duel against other ma
  • Jungle Joe Jungle Joe: Collect diamonds and escape the jungle to receive a reward in real life! Use pistol and
  • Foreign Creature Foreign Creature: "Foreign Creature: The Unforgotten Mistake" is a point-and-click thriller where yo
  • Knight fall Knight fall: Through 5 scenarios, the Knight seeks his stolen love, imprisoned by the Devil himself.
  • Woodland Adventure Woodland Adventure: Help Only the raccoon gather his friends by collecting items, purchasing goods,
  • The Legend of the Golden Robot The Legend of the Golden Robot: Take on the role of artifact hunter and all round hero, Indigo Steve
  • Monster Match Monster Match: Draw and match as many creatures as you can! Draw a line with your mouse connecting t
  • Underworld Tower Defense Underworld Tower Defense: A Tower Defense game where you have to defend against 35 waves of underwor
  • Wets Wets: Deep Sea Puzzle , Unlimited levels , activate the pearls and dis-activate them to make all sea
  • Pair Mania - Cute Creatures Pair Mania - Cute Creatures: A fun original pairs game whereby you must match the paired cards toget
  • Bloat Bloat : Bloat. was created in roughly twenty-two hours by our company president Ryan Henson Creighto
  • Of Crates and Creatures Of Crates and Creatures: This is NOT your grandfathers crate puzzle! Push all crates to the exit, bu
  • Knight fall Knight fall: Death and Taxes (demo): Thieves have stolen all of Knight and Princess' wealth, leaving
  • Vampire Fever Vampire Fever: You're a ninja who stands against evil creatures! Yet you're a complex guy, instead o
  • Sea Smash Sea Smash: Click on the sea creature that matches the center image to smash it.Clear all the creatur
  • X-Worlds Duels X-Worlds Duels: The first mini-game! Play with fantastic creatures and see who can win!
  • Plop Art Sudoku Plop Art Sudoku: "Plop Art Sudoku" is an exciting and funny new variant of the classic sudoku game w
  • Attack of the Blobs Attack of the Blobs: Tower defense game in which you kill creatures and earn money to buy new and up
  • Little Furry Things World Little Furry Things World: The red little furry thing's babies are a mischievous lot. They've gone e
  • Falling Guru Falling Guru
  • Creatures Creatures: Simple, fun and addictive match 3 game. Click on two creatures to swap them. Swaps must c
  • Meta morphs Meta morphs: Create hybrids!!! Feed them... nurture them... and keep them away from enemies!!! Use t
  • Protect Your Spaceship Protect Your Spaceship: Blood Hungry Alien's Are Attacking Your Spaceship. Blast them before they ea
  • Hoshinofuru Arena Hoshinofuru Arena: Hi! This one is not the second part of Hoshinofuru but here you will can see some
  • Ghost Snail Ghost Snail
  • Confrontation Confrontation
  • The Survivor The Survivor
  • Horror Blocks Horror Blocks

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