• perfect match perfect match: Use mouse to make Crabs toward each other and finish level. the number of crabs will
  • Astro Dog Astro Dog: Help Astro Dog to leave the planet. Prepare your trip, avoid and shoot your enemies, leav
  • Dolphin Restaurant Dolphin Restaurant: Play this cute Dolphin Restaurant game. Serve underwater animal customers to mak
  • Rosy's Beach Decoration Rosy's Beach Decoration: Make a creative decoration and print it out, use mouse for movement
  • fish prawn crab fish prawn crab: Lets play together use mouse for movement
  • Nautilus Nautilus: Match your squids, shells, clown-fishes and crabs. Breathtaking underwater puzzle action.
  • Jigsaw Jigsaw: Crabs And Shrimps: Fresh ingredients from on the fish market.
  • Underwater Mayhem Underwater Mayhem: Underwater mayhem, collect all the fish but beware of the other creatures about!
  • Greedy Crab Greedy Crab: Crab Don is so hungry, so he decides to find some food in the sea.Please use the direct
  • cupid catching fish cupid catching fish : flash game online, catch all the fish hearts and crab hearts, don't place your
  • Fish Me Fish Me: Try to survive as long as possible to get more score and advance to the next level automati
  • crab fishing crab fishing: Crab fishing is a fun addicting original game in where you play as a crab trying to co
  • Crab Arena Crab Arena: Jump n' stomp! Crush as many crabs as you can.
  • black fish 11 (move crab) black fish 11 (move crab): move the crab to the bottom of the sea, move the crab to the bottom of th
  • Afro Fish Afro Fish: Go on a sea journey, avoid the harpoons and eat as much fish as you can. Eat flying fish
  • Electro Crab Electro Crab: You are Lewis Crab , the crab with the power to convert chicken into ferocious electri
  • Hungry Octopus Hungry Octopus: You're very hungry octopus. Eat as many seafood as you can.
  • Beach Basketball Beach Basketball: The basketball on the beach. Avoid crab!
  • Crab Slider Puzzle Crab Slider Puzzle
  • Bio Quiz Arthropod Bio Quiz Arthropod: Check out our knowledge about arthropods. Take a bio quiz about insects, spiders
  • Crab Attack Crab Attack: Crabs are attacking your castle! Stop them before they'll destroy it and survive for se
  • CRABB CRABB: Dodge undersea debris as it tumbles past. Collect coins for points and power ups. Crustacean
  • Tunnel Run, a ship escape game Tunnel Run, a ship escape game: Use your skills and lightning fast reflexes to evade upcoming tunnel
  • Crab Storm Crab Storm: Catch crabs by drawing color circles around them. Match color of circle with crab color
  • Mr. Crab Beach Ball Adventure Mr. Crab Beach Ball Adventure: Help Mr Crabby smack the Frisbee and fish with a Beach Ball 20 levels
  • Pretty crab coloring Pretty crab coloring: Pretty crab coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Impulse 4 Impulse 4: Sea, beach, crab, and a lot of balls that want to destroy it! Help him escape! Arrow keys
  • Jumping Crab Jumping Crab: help the crab, climb the falling world, in this very fast paced, addictive, action and
  • Crab Attack Crab Attack: Shoot all crabs with your towers before beat you.

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