• Flipping Fantastic! Flipping Fantastic!: Flip and spin on pegs with your wand through the field of obstacles. Object of
  • Super Strawberry Clock 2 Super Strawberry Clock 2: A fun adventure game. Save your clock friends from the evil crows! Play as
  • Drive In Drive In: Drive the 3d little buggy through the hole in the wall. Drive on the road, on the ice, on
  • Countdown clearing game Countdown clearing game: remove all numbers before the countdown reaches zero
  • Spring Winds Spring Winds: Spring winds shook the nests and baby birds are falling! Help by catching them before
  • Speedy Ball Speedy Ball: High speed racing with a ball on cosmic roads against the clock. Move the ball to the l
  • Clock Tower Escape Clock Tower Escape: You are trapped in a tall clock tower and must discover a way out by solving a s
  • the clock work the clock work: This is a point and click game in which you have to fix a giant clock in space
  • Block down Block down: How many matches can you make before all the Blocks Lock down? Swap multi-colored blocks
  • Clock Solitaire Clock Solitaire: Solitaire card game against the clock mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Clock Avoider Clock Avoider: The objective of the game is to avoid the clock hands with your mouse. This is just a
  • Fish Slap Fish Slap: Can you jump higher and faster than your fishy foes? Find out in the dark underworld of f
  • Super Strawberry Clock Super Strawberry Clock: Super Strawberry Clock is a platform game where you play as Strawberry Clock
  • GET IT RIGHT! GET IT RIGHT!: Get the blue balls in the blue area and the red balls in the red area! Move the door
  • Test Your Sense of Time Test Your Sense of Time: Test your sense of time in 20 seconds. Click the button once to start - and
  • A Bunny's Nightmare A Bunny's Nightmare: What did the bunny dream of in his race against the turtle? Avoid the turtle sh
  • Clock Clock: Read the time, then select the correct clock. Train your right brain.
  • Space Dock Dash Space Dock Dash: Can you navigate to the Space Dock before time runs out! Make sure you don't hit an
  • Smiley Triple Smiley Triple: Find a triple of smilies in time. Each smiley has four aspects (color, hair, eyes, mo
  • Old Clock Room Escape Old Clock Room Escape: Try to get out from the Old Clock Room. use mouse for movement
  • Time Frustrated Time Frustrated: An almost impossible puzzle, all you have to do is get all nine clocks pointing to
  • Click Attack! Click Attack!: A fast paced game about clicking. Easy to Learn but impossible to master, How quick c
  • Color Fun Time Color Fun Time: Alarm Clock: Wake up! It's time to color! Choose colors from the palette, or mix the
  • Good deeds o meter Good deeds o meter: Do a good deed for today, use mouse to click, use mouse for movement
  • Special Agent versus Doctor Dishwater Special Agent versus Doctor Dishwater: Special Agent answers an urgent call from the Chief of Police
  • Clock Day Aftermath Clock Day Aftermath: You are Strawberry Clock after Clock Day, use the mouse to dodge the spam entri
  • Stopwatch Stopwatch: Can you become a master of time? Simple game to test your timing skills! Stop the timer a
  • Light Cubed Light Cubed: Light Cubed is a simple, pick-up-and-play game that's easy to learn and difficult to ma
  • Clock Face Clock Face: Clock Face is a card game adapted to a program for helping to learn how to tell the time
  • Robot clock 3 Robot clock 3 : Elapsed Time: Help Robot Clock get through all of the levels by calculating the corr
  • Time Mahjong Time Mahjong: Mahjong game with a twist. Collect the tiles with a countdown alarm clock as fast as p
  • Control Blasters Control Blasters: A game of skill and precision. Endless levels (randomly generated), with increasin
  • Clock Coloring pages Clock Coloring pages
  • Collector Collector

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