• Jungle Treasures 2 Jungle Treasures 2 : Tombs of Ghosts: You are a treasures hunter, your goal is to try to collect all
  • Monkey Manic, a retro style platform game Monkey Manic, a retro style platform game: Travel through a jungle of mutant plants and poisonous sn
  • Rocket Ninja Cyborg Rocket Ninja Cyborg: What is cooler than a Ninja Cyborg? A Ninja Cyborg with a Jet pack that is esca
  • Slide and jump Slide and jump: This is a simple game in which player has to slide bar in order to make balls jump a
  • Princess Tale Princess Tale: Oh no! Another princess in trouble… Help the knight climb the tower. Save the princes
  • Hot Date Hunter Hot Date Hunter: You're a hot chick out to get yourself a man, even if it means killing all the geek
  • Tetris Climber Tetris Climber: The main aim of the game is to climb as far as you can. Extra points are earned by d
  • Front hoe Trial Front hoe Trial: Climb as far as you can with your mini excavator, while using bucket for help. You'
  • Eluder 1.0 Eluder 1.0: Eluder is a challenging platform game with many mechanics for easier environmental trave
  • Free Running Free Running: run through the city freely, jump, climb and run, keep running, use arrow keys to run
  • Buried Alive, Tetris inspired survive & escape arcade/ puzzle game Buried Alive, Tetris inspired survive & escape arcade/ puzzle game: Instructions: Avoid getting squa
  • Rock Climber Rock Climber: Climb to the top of the hill and win the game. Make your rock climber reach the top of
  • Backhoe Trial 2 Backhoe Trial 2
  • Monte Alpenspitze 08 Monte Alpenspitze 08: "Monte Alpenspitze" is a groundbreaking mountaineering simulation game not onl
  • jumper Boy jumper Boy: Help jumper Boy to climb a tower by climbing on successive steps of a staircase running
  • Running Blind Running Blind: Ever tried running with your eyes closed? Ever tried jumping on platforms with your e
  • Ant Ascent Ant Ascent: Guide the brave ant on its perilous journey up the bathroom wall! Mouse: Movement. Also
  • Elevators 2 Elevators 2: Mr. Jitters is back for some more elevator avoiding fun! Your job is again to cross all
  • Fling a Thing Fling a Thing
  • Box Climber Box Climber: Climb a never ending stream of boxes and chill out! Arrow keys to move around. P = Paus
  • Cute Cat Jump Cute Cat Jump: Evening Fun: Cute Cat is out for some evening fun. Jump your way to great heights and
  • the return the return: climb up a canyon wall.
  • Summit Summit: This is just a silly one level / one screen / one life game. The goal is to reach the summit
  • Boost Ball in the Land of Floating Platforms - Demo Boost Ball in the Land of Floating Platforms - Demo: A little game I'm making about collecting items
  • Spin Sprint - Orange Spin Sprint - Orange : A spinning follow up to Spin Climb, Disorientated Goodness! If the game is go
  • Splash Damage Splash Damage: You awake at the bottom of the unnecessarily large sentient goo disposal chute. Your
  • Tobe's HE Tobe's HE : NG: Tobe's Hook shot Escape is the first of the Tobe's Adventure series to be released,

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