• One Wheel Frenzy One Wheel Frenzy: This-is-madness! Mighty gravity force pulling you down and all that stuff is block
  • Clown wars Clown wars: Pick up items that appear in the circus arena and throw them at the other clowns.
  • Circus Clown balancing game Circus Clown balancing game: a fun game of balancing the circus clown over the rolling ball in front
  • Juggler flash game Juggler flash game
  • Peeping Paparazzi Peeping Paparazzi: Working for Peeping Paparazzi Inc. you and your trench coat twin must grab your c
  • Circus Circus Circus Circus: Start your circus with juggling, perform well and earn enough money to sign other cir
  • Kidnap The Line Dancer Kidnap The Line Dancer: You are a clown in a circus, which is crazy in love with the line dancers. H
  • Kung Fu Circus 2 Kung Fu Circus 2: What happens when kung fu boy come to the circus? a,s,d,w or arrow keys to Move; j
  • Circus Circus: Help the clowns to pop all of the balloons.Oops!Don't let one fall! Use the mouse to control
  • Balloon Day Balloon Day: Blow as many as possible balloons in one minute Tap A,D or Left, Right to blow the ball
  • Knife Throw Knife Throw: Your lovely assistant, nancy Knife, is in a precarious position now! You can see, in th
  • the Acrobats the Acrobats: little squirrels are trying to join circus, but management are not sure whether to tak
  • clown duVdo's circus clown duVdo's circus: clown duVdo's circus kids game funny kids game mouse click to shoot, use mouse
  • Alien stomping game Alien stomping game
  • Sardine Smash Sardine Smash: Menewsha's own pesky trouble-maker, Peeblo the Imp, needs to practice destroying ange
  • Pandemic Pandemic: As a Circus Magician, you understand the importance of not killing your assistants during
  • Bubble Circus Bubble Circus: Shoot enough bubbles with your arrow within the time limit. You can shoot and aim the
  • Broken Doll Broken Doll: Solve intricate puzzles to fix the doll. Press "Start" to be taken to the broken doll.
  • Bear Balance Bear Balance: Tap left and right arrow keys to move the ball and get points. movement: arrow keys
  • Circus Balls Circus Balls: a wonderful funny dynamic game with balls Mouse Move ----- to set the angle Mouse Hold
  • Mental Show time Mental Show time: try to escape from the circus in this point and click puzzle game.
  • Circus Connect Mahjong Circus Connect Mahjong: Find two same pictures and connect them using less than 3 lines. You will re

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