• Glass Checkers Glass Checkers: A glass version of checkers game, use mouse for movement
  • Speedy Ball Speedy Ball: High speed racing with a ball on cosmic roads against the clock. Move the ball to the l
  • Chobots Board Games Chobots Board Games: Multiplayer chess, checkers and sliders! Inside of exciting aliens world of Cho
  • Come 2 play Multiplayer Games Come 2 play Multiplayer Games: These are Multiplayer flash board games: Chess, Backgammon, Reversi,
  • Checkers Checkers: Classic multiplayer checkers. In this version the king can move and capture other players
  • Cute Checkers Cute Checkers: Enjoy a game of Checkers in a cute fantasy world against the computer or another huma
  • Checkers Challenge Online Checkers Challenge Online: The object of the checkers game is to capture all of the opponent's men,
  • Classic Checkers Classic Checkers: a classic version of checkers, use mouse for movement
  • FG Checkers FG Checkers: FG Checkers is a flash remake of the classic board game Checkers. You play on a 8x8 boa
  • Multiplayer Chinese Checkers Multiplayer Chinese Checkers: This is the ancient game of Chinese Checkers. In this game you and the
  • Multiplayer Checkers Multiplayer Checkers: This game is played by two people. In this game there will be a board of 8 x 8
  • Checkers Checkers: Checkers game with following rules, A simple move involves sliding a piece one space diago
  • Checkers Checkers: Classic Checkers game.One or two players in normal or easy mode.Play vs computer or oponen
  • Checkers Checkers: Nothing can beat a cup of Koffii Checkers on a lazy day! Rake up your gray cells to win th
  • Super Checkers game Super Checkers game: classic checkers game, simple rules
  • Space Checkers Space Checkers: Fascinating puzzle. Manage Space Balls and go through all the logic levels. In order
  • Quisquos Quoz Quisquos Quoz: A board game in the same vein as checkers. Jump the computer's pieces and avoid being
  • Solo Test Game Solo Test Game: Rules are quite simple. You have a desk in the shape of cross. Each wing of the cros
  • Whirled Checkers Whirled Checkers: Play Checkers with a Friend, Drag and drop a piece diagonally towards your opponen
  • Ultimate Online Checkers Ultimate Online Checkers: A new twist to the classic online checkers game. This time it's not just a
  • Backgammon Backgammon: Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players in which the playing pieces
  • Classic Checkers Classic Checkers
  • No GO (8x8 Tic Tac Toe) No GO (8x8 Tic Tac Toe)
  • checkers checkers: Classic game o checkers against the computer. To move a piece, click once on it and a set
  • Checker Craze Checker Craze: Remove Blocks from the board by jumping over each Block with another Block in this cr
  • Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers: This is the ancient game of Chinese Checkers. In this game you and the computer co
  • LITTLE CHECKERS LITTLE CHECKERS: The main concept of the game is to make the make the other side of the coins to be
  • Black White Chess Black White Chess: This is a classic black and white chess game. To win the chess game is not diffic

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