• Carrot Cake Carrot Cake: Today Sara will be teaching you how to make a delicious Carrot Cake. Instructions will
  • Carrot Crunch Carrot Crunch: Jump Jump is a rabbit and he likes carrots. The farmer is not happy when Jump Jump ea
  • Food Vs Fatties Food Vs Fatties: Food vs Fatties is an epic platform jumper. Eat fatty foods to get higher and avoid
  • Carrot bunny Carrot bunny: Bunny goes through maze eating carrots.Different levels of difficulty. Use your arrow
  • Carrot Farm Carrot Farm: On unique platform try to protect you're carrot farm from wild animal
  • Where is carrot Where is carrot: Find all carrots hide on the stage. Do not click where the flowers are. The numbers
  • A Bunny's Nightmare A Bunny's Nightmare: What did the bunny dream of in his race against the turtle? Avoid the turtle sh
  • Bounce a tomato 2 Bounce a tomato 2: Why not? Throw around the tomato with the mouse. Collect the white and gold thing
  • Veggie Collector Veggie Collector: Use your bucket to collect as many veggies as you can. Watch out though, customers
  • Bunny's Revenge Bunny's Revenge: Bunny's Revenge is another simple flash game. Move the Bunny to eat the carrot. Get
  • Buzzy Bunny Buzzy Bunny: Guide carrots over the wire to feed one really hungry bunny rabbit, Guide carrots over
  • Carrot Taker Carrot Taker: Be quick to take the carrots! Be quick to take as many carrots as you can, but avoid t
  • Catch The Carrot Thief Catch The Carrot Thief: Chester the rabbit is trying to steal your carrots. Smash him before he can
  • Rabbit Jump Rabbit Jump: Guide the Rabbit on a springy journey up stepping on platforms and avoiding enemies! Re
  • Puru Puru Harvest Match Puru Puru Harvest Match: Puru Puru comes with new match 3 puzzle game. Play this new game play puzzl
  • Hidden Carrots Hidden Carrots: Search for hidden carrots, find all carrots as fast as you can in order to receive b
  • Carrot Hunt Carrot Hunt
  • Carrot Jigsaw puzzle Carrot Jigsaw puzzle
  • Gopher Gopher: defend your carrots
  • Baby Bounce Baby Bounce: You control a baby inside of a brick box. Survive as long as possible by avoiding the r
  • Invader sheep Invader sheep: use carrots to shoot down the alien sheep, left right arrow keys for move, space for
  • Falling cloud Falling cloud: collect the carrot and don't smash the falling cloud, and make the high score, use Le
  • Carrot Hunt Carrot Hunt

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