• Target Target: A Fast Paced Webcam Game - Hit the targets quick, but watch out for the red one!
  • Night Of The Ninja Night Of The Ninja: A Webcam Game Where You Must Fight Against The Ninja's In Order To Surivive
  • Paint on Yourself Paint on Yourself: Paint on yourself with a large range of color and some items for dress up yoursel
  • Burning Flame Burning Flame : Fire Game. Webcam games make use of cutting edge face tracking and motion tracking t
  • Candy Catch Candy Catch: Presents "Candy Catch" - A Webcam game where you have to move around in
  • Cheese Heist Cheese Heist: Can you get the cheese without being caught? There are five simple but fun levels to t
  • Sqwabble Mining Sqwabble Mining: Last year, as we were digging, we ran into a massive cave! After exploring and layi
  • The big Escape The big Escape: A great jail escape game! Try to escape the jail by yourself and in the next version
  • Window Cleaner Window Cleaner: A fun webcam game where you need to clean as many windows as you can within the time
  • Escape!!! Escape!!!: try not to be seen by the cameras
  • Escape The Prison Walls Escape The Prison Walls: You must escape this futurist prison. You must escape this futurist prison.
  • Tweegee Spy Cam Tweegee Spy Cam: catch those people who check your computer while you are away, your web cam will be
  • Santa's Secret Santa's Secret: Play as Santa and make sure none of those snowmen get any decent footage of you! Hal
  • Ghost buster Ghost buster: There are 3 haunted places. The player needs to find all the ghosts in each haunted pl
  • Camera Rage Camera Rage: Sick and tired of getting fined for maintaining what seems to be a 'reasonable speed' t
  • Monkey frame, photography game Monkey frame, photography game: monkeys are always known for their craziness and for not staying at
  • Burglar Detective Burglar Detective

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