• BUTTON SEQUENCE BUTTON SEQUENCE: Repeat a longer and longer sequence of buttons. 40 buttons in all.
  • Momiga Momiga: the Most Minimalist Game ever. Carry the dot from left to right only using the mouse button
  • Don't Press The Button Don't Press The Button: Don't Press The Button!
  • Click fast Click fast: Go through this random little animation clicking buttons (before they disappear)! Quick
  • Attack Of Zero Attack Of Zero: Attack Of Zero: Defend your Tree from those evil monsters which have taken the form
  • The Button The Button: A classic 100 frame game! Point and click.
  • Button Hunt Button Hunt: Navigate your way through 30 creative levels using only your head and your mouse.
  • Billy the Whale Billy the Whale: Help Billy the Whale swim thought the minefield.
  • Find the button 3 Find the button 3: a fun game where you have to find the button in each picture and complete various
  • button master button master: in this game you must click the button to escape form boredom. 3 exciting game play m
  • Advertorial Advertorial: Span the internet in a journey through cyberspace, and encounter THE ADVERTORIAL! Find
  • Click Check Push Click Check Push: The objective is to click what I indicate the faster you can. Faster you are, more
  • The Big Red Button The Big Red Button: DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON, well, go on then, i dare you
  • Super Bubble Popper Super Bubble Popper: In this little game, pop as many bubbles as you can. Will you be the champion?
  • Twisty Twister Twisty Twister: Simple game create for fun. It`s call MOUSE Crasher, show your score at top500! Clic
  • Blitz tap Blitz tap: Very simple, but addicting game. Just see how fast you can click the button. The difficul
  • Golf Game Golf Game: Set the angle (direction) by pressing the set angle button. Set the force (velocity) by p
  • The Miscellaneous Game The Miscellaneous Game: A game where different levels mean different games. Play for a taste of seve
  • Click to Begin Click to Begin: Click to Begin - A 10 Second Click Gadget
  • The Button The Button: You can turn lights on in the selected office by clicking the left mouse button. Be care
  • Ultimate Click Speed Test Ultimate Click Speed Test: How fast can you click? Buy upgrades, unlock achievements and try to get
  • Button Games Compilation Button Games Compilation: Some button games, use mouse for movement
  • Christmas Dinner Christmas Dinner: chase the turkey for your Christmas Dinner. One Button game click or press space t
  • Don't Press The Button 2.0 Don't Press The Button 2.0: Don't Press The Button 2.0 (don't press the button!) PRESS THE BUTTON!
  • Button Hunt 3 Button Hunt 3: Work your way through thirty creative puzzles as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Wild Risk Wild Risk: If you want to be the best you must take a Wild Risk. Compete with players from all over
  • The Button Clicking Game The Button Clicking Game: Click the button as many times as you can within the time limit, mouse cli
  • Daft Punk Song Creator Daft Punk Song Creator: Create your own versions of Daft Punk Classics. Click buttons to play sounds
  • Find the button 2 Find the button 2: a fun game where you have to find a button in each picture.
  • The Clickers The Clickers: Click on the button as much as possible within 10 seconds and see if you are clickers
  • Patch Patch : Have you ever thought that the mess under your bed could become alive? Well, hold on, as it
  • A Blue Button part 4 A Blue Button part 4: The continued story of the blue button!
  • Find the button Find the button: A fun game where you basically have to find the button use mouse for movement
  • Find the Red Button 2 Find the Red Button 2: Find the Red Button to advance next level, also try to find all 7 secrets.
  • spinner spinner: doing two things at the same time is harder than it looks! move your ball with the arrow ke
  • Tri logic Tri logic: You can choose 3 play modes in this interactive game and start immediately any of them. E
  • The Lamest Game in the World The Lamest Game in the World: A simple game with no real goal, however the thing that does try to pa
  • The button The button: It is sort of a quiz but you can't press the button Just press the buttons
  • RUN!! (2) RUN!! (2): this time run is back. you have no time to think , the government is after you. you must
  • Not A Red Button Not A Red Button: In a time were buttons could not be red, this button made itself hard to click. Ca
  • Funny Buttons Funny Buttons: Funny Buttons is an absorbing arcade game in which you have to sew colorful buttons w
  • The button pushing game V2 The button pushing game V2: This is my first flash and mainly an action script test.
  • Don't Click Me Don't Click Me: Don't click the button. Seriously.
  • Black Button Attack! Black Button Attack!: Click every button to get to the next level!
  • Snake Snake: Good old snake!
  • Red Button Robot Red Button Robot: Red Button Robot is a button clicking gadget game with personality and humor, comb
  • Devils Devils: Collect flames and avoid obstacles before you burn up Use left mouse button or any keyboard
  • Switching Switching: A small Button-Smash game. movement: arrow keys
  • Hold The Button Hold The Button: See how long you can hold the button! It's Addictive! 1) Hold the Button
  • Push it Push it: Push the corresponding button to make the balls explode, matching buttons and balls color.
  • A Blue button part 3 SX3 A Blue button part 3 SX3: Sequel to a blue button part 2 use mouse for movement
  • Buttons Attack Buttons Attack: Drag, Hit and Score! A simple soccer game to challenge your friends! Drag a button u
  • Button Hunt 2 Button Hunt 2: 30 more creative levels await you in the much improved sequel to Button Hunt.
  • Click the Button Click the Button: Click the button is an exciting game where you use your mouse to click the button.
  • together together: A simple button press game or is it? Every time you click the button you will add to the c
  • Click a Lot Click a Lot: This one is a classic. Test your speed and reaction skills in this legendary speed test
  • Spread Path Spread Path: It is a game about strange colored creatures. There is only one thing they can do - Spr
  • Attack of the Buttons Attack of the Buttons: Click on the evil buttons to repel them so you can click your good button and
  • The Million Dollar Button w/ Scores The Million Dollar Button w/ Scores: I bet you can't click it. Go ahead and try, I'm waiting for the
  • button master 2 button master 2: you now push the button to get attention and get a massive high score , you can als
  • Black Button Attack 2 Black Button Attack 2: The sequel of the first Black Button Attack, Kill the evil black button by cl
  • A Blue Button SX3 A Blue Button SX3: A button game with a story , Simply press the button use mouse for movement
  • Reflex Button Challenge Reflex Button Challenge: Reflex testing game. Press left and right according to the screen as fast a
  • Buttons Up Buttons Up : Play buttons up. use mouse for movement
  • Bob Jones Bob Jones: Bob is constantly in search of hidden treasures no matter where in the world they might b
  • Cave Flying Witch Cave Flying Witch: Guide a witch on her broomstick through caves, Press and hold the left mouse butt

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