• Make Me Beautiful Make Me Beautiful: This girl is a total geek. She has no fashion sense at all. You need to give her
  • Make Me Look Cute Make Me Look Cute: Uh Oh! This little girl is not happy with the way she looks. She needs you to giv
  • From Wannabe to Queen Bee From Wannabe to Queen Bee: This girl is so not cool but she really wants to be. You need to give her
  • Give Me A Makeover Give Me A Makeover: This girl needs a makeover asap! Choose from a lovely selection of clothes and a
  • From Geek to Chic From Geek to Chic: Transform this frumpy geek into an elegant, chic young lady. click and drag cloth
  • Extreme Makeover Extreme Makeover: Are you up for the challenge? This girl is in desperate need of a makeover... an E
  • From Plain to Perfect From Plain to Perfect: This girl is sick of being plain and boring! She wants to look hot, make new
  • Beautiful Gal Makeover 3 Beautiful Gal Makeover 3: This marks the third installment in a many game series of makeover games f
  • From Frumpy to Fabulous From Frumpy to Fabulous: This frumpy and geeky girl needs a complete makeover. Choose from a large r
  • Extreme makeover Lindsay Lohan Extreme makeover Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay Lohan was once a promising young Hollywood actress with so m
  • From Ugly to Amazing From Ugly to Amazing: This poor girl is really ugly and she really needs a makeover. Dress her up in
  • Beauty Make Over Beauty Make Over: Beauty Make Over Game
  • When was what When was what: Guess the right chronological relationship between to historical events.
  • From Punk to Princess From Punk to Princess: This girl is sick of being an emo. She wants a change her look. Help her get
  • Profile Photo Makeover game Profile Photo Makeover game: She has a fresh photo and wants to upload it on her profile, help her l
  • doll 7 doll 7: Help this shy girl stand out! Click on the 3 tabs and then the options to try them on. When
  • Beautiful Gal Makeover 4 Beautiful Gal Makeover 4: This pretty lady would like your help giving her a face makeover. Adjust h

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