• Pandemic Boy Pandemic Boy: Evolve infect and kill people with your virus! Use vomiting, coughing and coconuts to
  • Protist Search Protist Search: A classic word search about protista organisms. Click and drag to select letters and
  • Fever Frenzy Fever Frenzy: Under the Microscope: Capture as many viruses as possible before they escape from the
  • Bacteria Bacteria: Bacterias eat, eat, EAT and they GROW
  • cleaning Parasite Bacteria from water pool cleaning Parasite Bacteria from water pool: a mini game, funny game, your job is to remove parasites
  • Cell Defense Cell Defense: This is a fun defense game! As the commander of Tom's immune system, you are going to
  • Sizeable Sneeze Sizeable Sneeze: Play as an amoeba trying to survive a gorilla's sneeze. Adjust your relative size t
  • SURVIVOR BACTERIA V2.1 SURVIVOR BACTERIA V2.1: This game is best played when downloaded as GOOGLE Chrome WEB APP, Differenc
  • the little bacteria the little bacteria : Help the little bacteria to infect an human, A flash game for kids , jump with
  • Avoid Bacteria Avoid Bacteria: Avoid bacteria with mouse Avoid bacteria with mouse use mouse for movement
  • Tooth paste vs. Bacteria Tooth paste vs. Bacteria: Shoot the bacteria before they hit the ground. Shoot the medical kits to g
  • Viral Invasion Viral Invasion: Get your bacteria away from others or your bacteria will get infected ! use mouse fo
  • microbe Match microbe Match: A classic matching game use mouse for movement
  • tooth paste tooth paste : flash game online, shoot the bacteria by pressing the toothpaste, cool graphics.
  • Bacteria Tower Defense v1.0 Bacteria Tower Defense v1.0: An innovative maze-building Tower Defense game which is based on real b
  • Blob Gobbler ! Blob Gobbler !: In Blob Gobbler !, you are a Blob weathering the dangers of a contaminated Petri dis
  • bacteria attack bacteria attack: kill the bacteria, mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Survival and evolution Survival and evolution: a beautifully produced side scrolling shooter. Set in the primordial ooze, y
  • Mr. Bacteria Mr. Bacteria: Killing bacteria has never been so fun! Kill some microorganisms in this fun and addic
  • Amoeba ball Amoeba ball: This is game about skill. Unfortunately, nobody can quite explain the strategy required
  • Infection Infection: The game where you act as Bacteria
  • Microbe Microbe: A mouse follower with unique scoring and a soundtrack, in microbe you're the paramecium, tr
  • Bacterial Control Bacterial Control: Press on the laser gun to fire. Some bacteria have developed immunity, and they c

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