• Meltdown Meltdown: An addictive puzzle game. Try to destroy all of the atoms in the reactor by exploding 'em.
  • Power Vacuum Power Vacuum: Lead the lost electrons to the their atom in this fast paced action game.You only have
  • Chemistry quiz Chemistry quiz: A fun Chemistry quiz. How well do you know science? Are you the next Einstein? Show
  • Atoms Atoms: Burst the atoms in this fun, addictive chain reaction game, The objective of the game is to d
  • Atom Lab Atom Lab: Atom Lab is a game about creating fictional elements using various particles. The objectiv
  • Atomic Atomic : a new, fast-paced puzzle game where you must match colored atoms on a spinning grid for poi
  • Where Will It Land? Where Will It Land?: Try to guess where the atom will reach the end strip. Guess it correctly and yo
  • Atomized Atomized: A fun game, where you have to line up atoms of the same color by switching the adjacent on
  • Chemical Chemical: Composing molecules of atoms. Your job is to compose a molecule using all atoms. Start com
  • Chaos Star Chaos Star: Zoom around in space, absorbing stars, dodging enemies, and finding the portal to go onw
  • Atom Chain Reaction Atom Chain Reaction: This Atom is tend to make a chain reactions. Achieve the highest chain reaction
  • Atom Lab Atom Lab : Pearls of Hope: You've landed at the last Atom Lab. You need to collect all the energy pe
  • Black Hole Particles Black Hole Particles: Atomic particles are flooding in from another dimension.If they are not stoppe
  • Supercritical Supercritical: A fast action arcade shooter where you must blast apart the nuclei of giant atoms bef
  • Element tetris Element tetris: A simple puzzle game where you build larger and larger molecules out of component at
  • Atom Collide Atom Collide: collide the right atoms together to get to the next level , drag the red atom to the g
  • The Alchemist The Alchemist
  • AtomAtor AtomAtor: You are a employee of a proton harvesting company. Dodge the Black Holes and deliver the p

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