• Glue UFO 3 Glue UFO 3: Asteroid Wars: split asteroids and collect mineral ore. Upgrade your ship and battle com
  • Save The Earth Save The Earth: Be a hero once again and protect the Earth against alien wave invasion Don't die and
  • Asteroids Deluxe Asteroids Deluxe: Classic arcade action with updated game play. Destroy the rocks and avoid getting
  • Hey Hey Shooter Hey Hey Shooter: Classic: A fast and furious top-down shooter game reminiscent of Geometry Wars Retr
  • Flash asteroids 3D Flash asteroids 3D: Flash asteroids is a 3D Flash 9 shooter based on the Paper vision engine. In the
  • Escape the Red Giant Escape the Red Giant: Blast your way through space and collect millions of points by exploring all s
  • Gravity 2 Gravity 2: Guide the asteroid through each level and destroy it by crashing it into the sun. Be care
  • Blob Blob : an interactive space shooter twist. Instead of shooting things, you simply run into them... w
  • Star Force - Episode 1 Star Force - Episode 1: Start your journey to earth and fulfill your destiny in this semi-3D space s
  • Orb Blaster Orb Blaster: Orb blasting shoot em up.
  • Commander Cookie Commander Cookie : Commander Cookie is a retro space shooter created with stop-motion style graphics
  • Galagian Galagian: a space shooter, loosely based on old amiga title Deluxe Galaga. Fight your way through fe
  • Cosmic Commander Cosmic Commander: Classic arcade shooter with 10 levels of manic shooting action, weapon upgrades, p
  • Going the Distance 5 Going the Distance 5: The Earth is being invaded by those pesky asteroids!As the only asteroid destr
  • Astro Dog Astro Dog: Help Astro Dog to leave the planet. Prepare your trip, avoid and shoot your enemies, leav
  • Space Rocks Space Rocks: asteroids game movement: arrow keys fire:spacebar shield:X rocket:C; spread Bullet:V nu
  • Asteroids Extreme Asteroids Extreme: Asteroids with improved graphics! Shoot asteroids and alien spaceships to try and
  • Ace Asteroid Ace Asteroid: Asteroids you say?
  • Star Defense Squad Star Defense Squad: A slightly different type of defense game. Protect the galaxy from the quasi-mea
  • Killer asteroids Killer asteroids: are on their way to Earth! Try to protect the Earth by hitting them with your Tool
  • Asteroids escape Asteroids escape: you're are stuck in the asteroids belt! you need to avoid hitting any asteroids, y
  • Asteroid Field Asteroid Field: Your ship has run into an asteroid field. Prevent your ship from crashing into them
  • Solar Solar: Move through the universe to gather as many planets and asteroids in your Solar System as pos
  • Galactic Dodgeball Galactic Dodgeball: Dodge Asteroids with the earth as they are drawn to you by the force of gravity.
  • Meteoroids Meteoroids: A remake of the classic 1979 Atari video game Asteroids fire: control,Space: Hyperspace,
  • Beat Boom Ship Beat Boom Ship: Make a career on board of a spaceship! try your luck to find a good arrangement of a
  • Proximity Alert! Proximity Alert!: A 3D asteroids game. Blast away at space rocks and enemy craft in this new 3D take
  • Floating Shooter Floating Shooter: You have been separated from your ship. You float through space with nothing but y
  • astronauts astronauts: Rescue the astronauts from a treacherous asteroid belt. Watch out for enemy UFO's! Using
  • Deep Space Pussy Deep Space Pussy: The space pussy has to defend the humans of dangerous asteroids. Shoot the asteroi
  • cleaning Parasite Bacteria from water pool cleaning Parasite Bacteria from water pool: a mini game, funny game, your job is to remove parasites
  • Space Ball Space Ball: Protect the space ball, survive with bullets, and avoid the asteroids!
  • Novella, Planet Defense game Novella, Planet Defense game: Protect the Planet from an asteroid wave threatening to destroy it. Us
  • Sentry Defense Sentry Defense: Defend your home planet from invasion with mines, wormholes, time warps, and decoys.
  • Vector Vector: Asteroids meets geometry wars in this retro styled fast paced shoot them up
  • Gate crasher red orb game Gate crasher red orb game: you are a red orb, your aim is to move through the gates while avoiding b
  • Asteroid Rush survival game Asteroid Rush survival game: Armed with only 3 bombs and unlimited ammo, how long can you survive th
  • Paper Asteroids Paper Asteroids: Play Asteroids on a sheet on notebook paper. Try to demolish all of the asteroids b
  • UFO Ride UFO Ride: You are flying through a asteroid field! Help the alien navigate his ship safely.
  • Asteroid Runner Asteroid Runner: Survive by not crashing into any of the asteroids. Hold the left mouse to go up, re
  • Asteroid Attack! Asteroid Attack!: Asteroid Attack! is a clone of the well-known asteroids game with polished graphic
  • Sun Sun: The sun is angry and hes taking it out on earth. swing your mouse around to smash earth into as
  • Asteroids Asteroids: Classic Asteroids Arcade Game Destroy the incoming asteroids press spacebar to shoot, mov
  • SCRUMPER SCRUMPER: Invincible mouse controlled space shooter. Use the mouse to direct your ship, click to sho
  • Asteroids Asteroids: Classic Asteroid Game play. Arrow to move. UP to thrust Z to fire M Music on-off M: Music
  • In Space Without A Paddle In Space Without A Paddle: The game starts off in the year 2015. You are controlling a space ship th
  • Defender Defender: Earth, asteroids, missiles and you. Who will survive? Click to launch a missile. mouse cli
  • METEORS 2010 METEORS 2010: Meteors 2010 and other classic revisited!!,for those who's love retro gaming the old f
  • Martian Mayhem 2 Martian Mayhem 2: Journey towards Mars while obliterating their brutal martians and retrieving upgra
  • Asteroid 3000 Asteroid 3000: Avoid asteroids to reach the Orion system movement: arrow keys
  • Asteroid Blaster Asteroid Blaster: The object of the game is to blast a path through an asteroid field that your spac
  • Lunar Mission game Lunar Mission game: save your astronauts whose landing machine is crashed and have no other way to r
  • Space Dexterity Space Dexterity: A game of Hand-eye coordination, Help the alien get evade 20-stage of Black holes,
  • Smash Crash asteroids Smash Crash asteroids: Smash Crash asteriods is a fantastically fun 2D space shooter. You have an ar
  • Magnetic Planetary Defense One Magnetic Planetary Defense One: Space rocks are threatening the planet.Push the rocks with your magn
  • Rocket Force Rocket Force: It is side scroll space craft fighter. First you will control a space craft with basic
  • Asteroids Asteroids: Shoot and destroy the asteroids., Move with arrows, and shoot with spacebar , movement: a
  • space gold collecting and avoiding game space gold collecting and avoiding game: Take your ship into the space and catch gold asteroid while
  • Moon shot Moon shot: Guide a pinball across the Solar System using gravity to slingshot your way past the plan
  • Planet Defense Planet Defense: In this game you need to protect helpless Earth from giant asteroids and devastating
  • The Last Dinosaur The Last Dinosaur: Help the last dinosaur survive massive asteroid attack!
  • Asteroid Annihilation Asteroid Annihilation: An all new Asteroid space-game, destroy as many asteroids as you can! mouse c
  • Dead Orbit Dead Orbit: Fight for survival against an onslaught of alien foes and debris within the void of spac
  • Enemy Planet(modified) Enemy Planet(modified): You have to launch a space ship to travel in space, land on the enemy planet
  • V-MODE V-MODE: You have to defend your asteroid from alien attacks... you are in the last defended base of
  • Asteroids Asteroids: A retro remake of the game asteroids with a few differences. Destroy all the asteroids to
  • ADAM ADAM: Asteroid Mining and defense: Due to the recent increase in the number of close calls from aste
  • Strike of Fury Strike of Fury: You and your ship are the only hope for human existence. Fly through enemy lines and
  • AS3 Asteroids AS3 Asteroids: Two minutes of classic asteroids game play, with some fast paced tunes to keep you go
  • Asteroid Dodge Asteroid Dodge: Improved asteroid dodge game.Move and shoot to save planet. Use your arrow keys to m
  • Intelligence - The new enemy Intelligence - The new enemy: In Intelligence The new enemy you will fight through 30 unique waves
  • Blast asteroids Blast asteroids: Once again planet earth needs a hero. Step up and save the world in this retro arca
  • Space Dodger Space Dodger: Planet 1: Fly through the first of five colorful planets in the Space Dodger Series. U
  • Space In Box Space In Box: Control and find your way through space frontier to safe galaxy monster Hold down left
  • Hyper Collide Hyper Collide : A retro sci-fi themed mouse avoider game. Dodge asteroids and perform difficult mane
  • Asteraid! Asteraid!: Fight the evil Kraidon Empire in this sidescrolling shooter! Use your mouse to move your
  • Typing Asteroids Typing Asteroids: An easy-to-play typing game where you must type the words in the falling asteroids
  • Astro Fire Astro Fire: Reincarnation: Classic asteroids-shooting game comes back with new features and multipla
  • Glue UFO Glue UFO: Gather tiny orbs, then fire them at the big orbs in this novel twist on the classic space
  • Zodiac Galaxy Zodiac Galaxy: In a galaxy of zodiacs one struggles for supremacy... Survive as long as you can in t
  • Asteroid Adventure Asteroid Adventure: Blow your way through all 20 levels full of asteroids, space worms, mines, and o
  • Meteors Meteors: You must survive in the space. Use your weapons to destroy incoming meteors. Left/ right -
  • Pixel Attack Pixel Attack: Avoid oncoming enemies furthering you ship further into the pixel world. Left and Righ
  • Race in the asteroids Race in the asteroids: Dodge asteroids with your X-Spaceship. Watch your fuel reserves and collect d
  • Cat Astro Phi Cat Astro Phi: An unfortunate accident leaves your pet cat stranded. Explore and battle your way thr
  • Asteroid Dodge Asteroid Dodge: Save the planet by using the mouse to direct the planet and dodge the asteroids. use
  • Gravity Gravity: Simple gravity based game. movement: arrow keys, Space: Clear Lines
  • Space Shooter X Space Shooter X: Dodge the oncoming waves of fighters while destroying everything in your path! 2d A
  • Black Hole Escape Black Hole Escape: Dodge asteroids which are being sucked into a black hole, and avoid getting sucke
  • Lucid Lucid: A retro space shooter. Teleporting and shooting use energy (top left bar, "FTL" is displayed
  • Cosmic Fisher Cosmic Fisher: Steadily aim your cannon, launch the harpoon and reel in the valuables, but watch out
  • Mine 60 Mine 60: Your ship has suffered a critical flaw and you have only 60 seconds left before it explodes
  • CHRONICLE CHRONICLE: A Retro tribute arcade shoot them up. Try to complete all 8 levels and gain access to shi
  • Space Rubbish Space Rubbish: Space Rubbish features realistic physics and gorgeous particle effects with a classic
  • Quick Grab Quick Grab: An Avoider Game. The objective of this game is to reach the highest score by collecting
  • Space Rocks Space Rocks: You are on a mission to mine asteroids for precious metals and crystals like platinum a
  • Space Diamonds Space Diamonds: This is a shooting and action game. One solar system has been discovered by scientis
  • Asteroids Asteroids: This game is a remake of the classic asteroids game. In this game you control a space shi
  • Galaxy Fighter Galaxy Fighter: You stay on the guard of Galaxy trade ways. Your task is to destroy all dangerous as

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