• ASHA GOLF ASHA GOLF: Play Golf like you never played golf before: Asha Golf!
  • CATCH! CATCH!: Get the fish from the sea and stay away from the sharks! Move the bow smoothly trough the sc
  • Mine hunter game Mine hunter game: another classic mine sweeper clone, mark all the mines except those which have bom
  • Asha's Adventures Asha's Adventures: Escape: Asha wants to go on a journey. Help her to fulfill her wish. To open the
  • 3D TETRIS 3D TETRIS: Tetris with a twist - Play it in 3D!
  • ASHA BREAKOUT ASHA BREAKOUT: One of the oldest games online: Breakout! In this version you have to discover hidden
  • Ping pong balance Ping pong balance: Try to keep the ball on the paddle for as long as you can!
  • GARDEN MASTER! GARDEN MASTER!: Make (like Tetris) horizontal or vertical lines complete to clear the flower field!
  • CHOPSTICKS! CHOPSTICKS!: Chopsticks is an ancient game that requires a lot off skills! Use your mouse to remove
  • CHOPSTICKS DYNASTY CHOPSTICKS DYNASTY: Remove all chopsticks from the plate starting from the top working your way down
  • SUPER BREAKOUT SUPER BREAKOUT: Bounce the ball into the brick wall and try to hold control over the game. use mouse
  • ASHA SOLITAIRE ASHA SOLITAIRE: Asha Solitaire is the basic version of the popular game Solitaire. Taking a standard
  • Asha’s Adventures Asha’s Adventures: The Sydney Opera House: After all previous adventures (see “All adventures” menu)
  • Tic tac toe asha Tic tac toe asha: another tic toe game with two of asha's photos
  • connect- TWO connect- TWO: Search for the same colored balls and connect them as quick as you can! You can only c
  • Asha’s Adventures Asha’s Adventures: The Rescue of Kitten: After all previous adventures (see “All adventures” menu),
  • the bird the bird : a very Dutch game! You got to have a steady hand! Try and keep your mouse pressed as long
  • buzzy bee buzzy bee: Super exciting game of blocks! Click on 4 blocks of the same color and try to form a squa
  • Asha's Adventures Asha's Adventures: The Magic Globe: Help Asha find the Magic Globe. With his help she would be able
  • MIND GAMES! MIND GAMES!: Ever played this game? You didn't? Shame on you! Here's the challenge: look at the (at
  • EUROPE PHOTO PLAY I - Take a Trip! EUROPE PHOTO PLAY I - Take a Trip!: Find the differences in 6 exciting levels. Take a Trip through E
  • WATCH THE BLOCKs WATCH THE BLOCKs: Click on the arrow buttons in the right order to turn the blocks off again! use mo
  • christmas edition collapse game christmas edition collapse game: click on groups of same color blocks to remove them from the table,
  • MATCH MAKER MATCH MAKER: Find the pairs! The object of this game is to find the pairs as quickly as you can! Wat
  • BLACKJACK BLACKJACK: Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. Much of blackjack's
  • MONSTER SHOOTOUT! MONSTER SHOOTOUT!: Shoot the targets before you run out of time!, If you hit the bullseye you'll get

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