• Ants Ants:Survivor.: This shooter game about an ant, left alone with a crowd of enemies. Your goal - to p
  • Oh My Desktop Oh My Desktop: Many any on your desktop, clean it. Click the ants, mouse click to shoot, use mouse f
  • Save the ants Save the ants: Fireballs are rolling down the screen, there's a group of ants that need to be saved;
  • Food Hunt Food Hunt: Food Hunt is another simple flash game. Help the leader Ant to collect food for future wi
  • Ant Hill Ant Hill: Collect all the ant eggs before the beetles get them or you in this highly addictive that
  • Protect The Peach Protect The Peach: Save your peach from the Ants Using the mouse keep the peach away from the hungry
  • Ant Splat Ant Splat: Splat all the ants before time runs out.Red ants lay larvae that hatch into more ants. Th
  • The Ant Explorer game The Ant Explorer game: you are a wizard ant, your job as a special ant is to save other ants by find
  • Ants Nest 2 Ants Nest 2: where the ants come from...!! Hit them all before comes many more! Hit the all ants bef
  • Insect Tower Defense game Insect Tower Defense game: Deadly insects are attacking your castle in waves, there is only one opti
  • Dig Down! Dig Down!: Guide an ant in its journey and help destroying blocks, activating platforms and avoiding
  • Second Leg Shuffle Second Leg Shuffle: The object of the game is to keep the "Ants" from going off the screen by steppi
  • Bugs Bugs: Match the same styled bugs together and kill them. Enjoy playing all of the ten bug's worlds.
  • Ant Ascent Ant Ascent: Guide the brave ant on its perilous journey up the bathroom wall! Mouse: Movement. Also
  • Garden Take Away Garden Take Away: Feed the ant! Use your mouse to herd the ant to the food. Try to do it as quickly
  • Critter Crunch Critter Crunch: Whack the bugs with your newspaper before they steal the food and spoil your picnic!
  • The Secret Of Ant The Secret Of Ant: Just observe the ants and have fun. Wait for some time and discover the secret.
  • Joe & Jack Joe & Jack : Find PIN: Help the clever ants Joe and Jack to find a pin-code in an order to start a r
  • jungle Escape jungle Escape: Sort obstacles and find the anthill!
  • Ants Invasion Ants Invasion: How many ants can you stop? Burn the ants with your magnifying glass, before they cro
  • Trample the Ants Trample the Ants
  • ANT ANT: In real life, the ants offer the aphids protection from other insects and predators, in exchang
  • Save The Ants Save The Ants: Control the ladybug with arrow keys. To exit the level, fly right to the top of the s
  • The Plant The Plant: Grow the plant as big and complex as you want and use it to defend against the ants. In l
  • Bio Quiz Arthropod Bio Quiz Arthropod: Check out our knowledge about arthropods. Take a bio quiz about insects, spiders
  • March of Ants March of Ants: Use the magnifying glass to aim powerful beams of sun light to turn these ants to dus
  • the curious ant the curious ant: guide the little curious ant to capture the nut safely and quickly.
  • Crazy Coo Coo Crazy Coo Coo: Crazy Coo-Coo is a funny game of funny ant's tour, Using Arrow Keys, jump: up, moveme
  • Ant's Quest Ant's Quest: Ant has to collect food from the track of Elephants walking. Key factor of the game is
  • Ant Moves Ant Moves
  • LOL ant LOL ant: Even and Odd
  • Ant Love Ant Love: Ant Love is a fun ants game. Get the loved ants together. Get the loved ants together. Mov
  • Oh My Desktop Oh My Desktop: To many ants to my desktop, can you clean it!? Click the ants, mouse click to shoot,

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