• Fluff Fluff Away Fluff Fluff Away: "Emily is getting ready to cook some pancakes. There are three fun steps to make t
  • Batman Brawl! Batman Brawl!: Batman Brawl! is a flash game made for Warner Brothers Animation's hit animated serie
  • Robot Wasp Robot Wasp: You are Robot Wasp, a robotic insect sworn to defend the solar system from evil bugs. Sh
  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Ride Animation
  • Rock Paper Scissor Wars Rock Paper Scissor Wars: An innovative twist on an all-time classic. Includes classic mode for tradi
  • curly Swirly curly Swirly : swirly pattern generator! Drugs not mandatory! Move the mouse and enjoy the visuals!
  • The Hardest Quiz Ever The Hardest Quiz Ever: A seriously hard game. SERIOUSLY
  • Leaf Hopper Leaf Hopper: This game is a puzzle based game with a grasshopper character. The aim of this game is
  • Cat Girl Cloud Walking Cat Girl Cloud Walking: cat girl-cloud walking Help cat girl to win the final and win There are many
  • Color mixer Color mixer: Your task in this cool game is to prove your color mixing skill in three different mode
  • Halloween Mask Coloring Halloween Mask Coloring: Color the halloween masks for your friends and watch them making fun with o
  • Super G Bob Super G Bob: Super G Bob is a funny cartoon shooting game. There are 10 levels with cool and funny t
  • Play Rocket Play Rocket: Fun activity for small children - they never get tired of acting out a rocket launch! A
  • 1 MP3 Music Girl - coloring 1 MP3 Music Girl - coloring: Play coloring pages game: Animation for coloring game for kids - colori
  • Stick man dress-up Stick man dress-up: a kind of spoof game that seems to poke fun at all the other dress-up games. Int
  • Shadow II, a hard sniper game Shadow II, a hard sniper game: You are a an ex CIA agent, you are in mission of destroying the bad p
  • Shadow Shadow: The Silent Assassin: Shadow must eliminate Warlord Joe before an arms deal goes down. Take h
  • Don't Click Don't Click: Put your mouse on the blue circle to complete the level... it won't be so easy ! Find t
  • The Dumb Test 2 The Dumb Test 2: Test your skills in this VERY incomplete test! Use your mouse/ track pad xD, use mo
  • Stick Adventure Stick Adventure: A button adventure game in which your choice determines if the stick man lives or d
  • Blocks With Letters On 3, an anagram word game Blocks With Letters On 3, an anagram word game: The latest edition of the brain bending anagram puzz
  • Luxury Shots Luxury Shots: Prove your skill or take practice here. get all 15 balls into the bucket. try to gain
  • Square Smash Square Smash: Smash the squares to score. The more you smash at once the better. Three distinct game
  • Gazzy boy Sports Shop escape Gazzy boy Sports Shop escape: This is another amazing room escape game from the house of
  • Happy Tree Friends Fire Escape Happy Tree Friends Fire Escape: It's a five alarm fire and there's nobody but Flaky to help the trap
  • Beat Universe Beat Universe
  • Stargazer (Original ) Stargazer (Original )
  • Shooter Accuracy and Speed Shooter Accuracy and Speed: You are surrounded by the dirty armies. shoot as much as you can to gain
  • Box Animator Box Animator: Funny box ! , push the buttons to make him laugh

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