• Multiplayer 8Ball Pool Multiplayer 8Ball Pool: Multiplayer 8Ball Pool (US Rules). Play 8ball pool with your read friends on
  • Debate Night - Obama's Unofficial Game Debate Night - Obama's Unofficial Game: Debate Night is Obama's Unofficial Game. This debate game co
  • Axis Football League Axis Football League: The first, great online football game. Choose from 14 teams and lead your team
  • The Big Fight The Big Fight: This is a funny fighting game on U.S. Politics. 1) left Arrow: To move left 2) Right
  • Cole And Dylan Sprouse Cole And Dylan Sprouse: Cole and Dylan Sprouse are two American actors and what makes them special i
  • The Rebel Red Coat The Rebel Red Coat: The American's Have WON the war, and the red coats are on the run. All Expect ON
  • American Firefighter American Firefighter: Your city needs you. Be the hero and put out the blazing inferno across your c
  • The NFL Quiz The NFL Quiz: Test your knowledge and try this great NFL quiz. How well do you know it, can you beat
  • The American Revolution The American Revolution : Defend America in its infancy while unraveling a diabolical plot from the
  • Vote Grab 2008 us elections game Vote Grab 2008 us elections game: Electoral mayhem, collect votes to defeat your opponent.
  • American Museum American Museum: Have you ever tried to find out objects that are hidden somewhere? Well, you must h
  • American Football American Football: you are quarterback player for your team, you have to pass the ball at right time
  • Bagataway Bagataway: The name has nothing to do with bags or getting away - just an Indian name for the brutal
  • Obama fly swatting game Obama fly swatting game: Control president Obama to swats all the flies
  • 18 Wheeler 18 Wheeler: Pimp My 18 Wheeler
  • Palinism Palinism : Ask Sarah anything!: Ask Sarah Palin a question and see her response.
  • US MAP US MAP: THis game allows players to drag US states onto a map. States will appear randomly, and a ti
  • 2 State Quiz 2 State Quiz: See if you know a few facts about Missouri & Arkansas. Answer multiple choice question
  • Mani Football Mani Football: A cool about beauty Peanuts (Manis) that Play American Football, and you are going to
  • American Flag dress up American Flag dress up
  • US of A Game US of A Game: Be the ultimate citizen by completing US of A. Use mouse. mouse click to shoot
  • West American Colorful Girl dress up West American Colorful Girl dress up
  • American Toad Jigsaw American Toad Jigsaw: A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring an american toad, use mouse for movement

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