• Renegade Commanders Renegade Commanders: Renegade Commanders is a full scale 3D Real Time Strategy that brings the in-de
  • Heli guardian War Heli guardian War: A war games combined with Smart Artificial Intelligence. Construct a massive heli
  • impossible Tic Tac Toe 2 impossible Tic Tac Toe 2: Classic Tic Tac Toe with different difficulty levels, use all your wits an
  • Fill zone Duo Fill zone Duo: Challenge other players hard A.I. to fill the board with one color by swapping the ti
  • Naughts and Crosses Extreme Naughts and Crosses Extreme: he most extreme Naughts and Crosses ever created! With explosive game p
  • Chess Chess: Classic chess game with side choose ,move undo and history preview option use mouse for movem
  • Otello/ Reversi Otello/ Reversi: Classic Reversi game with 2 difficulty levels to choose and color pick option Game
  • Fish Slap Fish Slap: Can you jump higher and faster than your fishy foes? Find out in the dark underworld of f
  • Disc Golf Disc Golf: Cripple Creek Edition: Disc Golf is a sport that's like regular golf, only you play with
  • Pen Fight Pen Fight: Knock off the other pens. Last man/ pen standing wins the round. Either increase the leng
  • Slug Racing Slug Racing: A new and exciting racing game. With slugs! Follow the tracks and avoid obstacles and o
  • Sudoku Solver Sudoku Solver: Sudoku solver is a traditional sudoku game and a tool to solve sudoku, try solving AI
  • Ping Pong Ping Pong: Simple Ping Pong Game, Use only mouse to move. Very simple and intuitive, use mouse for m
  • Noughts and Crosses Extreme Noughts and Crosses Extreme: The most extreme Noughts and Crosses ever created! With explosive game
  • AI Series 01 AI Series 01: Tomo: Artificial intelligence has been born! Meet Tomo, a neat robot who loves to chat
  • Mini Flash RTS Mini Flash RTS: RTS (real-time strategy) game where combat operations are conducted at a mini battle
  • The Autopilot Project The Autopilot Project: A vertical shooter like you've never seen before. The forces of evil are atta
  • King of Cards - King of Cards - : Find two identical cards. Info: Win against the computer, and play again - then yo

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