• Canufit Canufit: an incredible abstract puzzle where you need to use logic, attention and feeling to fit the
  • Tidal Tidal: Can you survive one hundred waves of enemies in this stylish abstract shooter? Select from th
  • RKF RKF: a shooter mixed with a rhythm game. Each bullet sets off different drum sounds. An ever-increas
  • Dream Inspector Dream Inspector: Dream Inspector is adventure game with classic point and click interface. Every dre
  • Omni gen Omni gen: Kill super-angry blobs in an abstract watercolor style game Use the left and right arrow k
  • Journey Journey: Journey is an interactive recombinant narrative artwork that is intended to feel like a sur
  • Flip 2 Green Flip 2 Green: Flip 2 Green is a puzzle-logic game for people of all ages, and will provide you with
  • Light shift Light shift: A puzzle game: light up the green blocks by connecting them to the blue ones. Clicking
  • Abstract - Sonic Version Abstract - Sonic Version: Help Sonic collect gems and rings while avoiding the bad niks in this fast
  • Lines of Action Lines of Action: Lines of Action is a unique abstract 2-player game played on a standard chess board
  • White on Black White on Black: An abstract top down shooter. You have multiple weapons that switch when you run out
  • Osiron Osiron: a fantastic puzzle game created by David Huffman and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games. Rotate gr
  • Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw puzzle: abstract: Abstraction images pack
  • Abstract Sea Abstract Sea: Abstract: Sea is a 360 degree arcade shoot them up with a unique art style. The player
  • Off The Wall Off The Wall: Try to avoid running into the green walls. Three red circles will try to knock you int
  • Glean of Glob Glean of Glob: A collaboration between game developer Ricky Haggett (Kahoots, Balloon Headed Boy) an
  • Pastel - Shooter Pastel - Shooter: fast paced shooter with fun upgrades and weapons! My first game ever, hope you lik
  • Repulsive Repulsive: Clear enemies off an ever changing field. Arrow keys to move. Space repulses nearby enemi
  • Abstract Arcade Abstract Arcade: Experience this colorful shooter with beautiful music and amazing effects! Two diff
  • Shooting Star Shooting Star: Meet the Shooting Star that lives up to its name and survive 50 waves of retro inspir
  • Click Grid Click Grid: Abstract game about dots and squares. Your goal is to make whole game area red. You can
  • Cave Swirl Cave Swirl: The swirl has you! See how long you can survive in this addicting game! Press space and
  • Pentagon heads Pentagon heads: Don't let five or more pentagon heads sit on the bottom, or the game will be over!Cl
  • abstract abstract: a semi-abstract meditative shooter and very much a state of mind. The longer you play, the
  • Falling Stars Falling Stars: Try to catch the falling stars! Use the mouse to try and catch the falling stars!
  • Four Remaining Four Remaining: For remaining is very special, yet easy to play. You should try it! Game features le
  • Bubble Raid Bubble Raid: In this abstract shooter, fly your ship deep into bubble territory and shoot as many bu
  • The Dark Complex The Dark Complex: Use your wits to escape from this hi-tech alien labyrinth. Part two of the Dark Ro
  • Concentric Concentric: Set pivot and rotate the world around you, The game is some sort of mouse avoider game w
  • Implosive Implosive
  • Hold Off Black Hold Off Black: Defend your heart against the Woes! Level up and pick upgrades to survive as long as

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