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  • Gravity GuyGravity Guy: reach the destination by shifting gravity as you move through the platform, use spaceba
  • Commando AssaultCommando Assault: enemy forces are growing, commando has come with friendly troops to fight the enem
  • Boxing BonanzaBoxing Bonanza: fight the opponent, use some good tricks, fight with bravery and win, use X for hook
  • Dragon AttackDragon Attack: your castle has been captured by an enemy king, take it back with the help of your po
  • Free RunningFree Running: run through the city freely, jump, climb and run, keep running, use arrow keys to run
  • candy magiccandy magic: this is a battle against the monster army, kill them with the power of your magical spe
  • Lumberjack GamesLumberjack Games: this game has few mini games inside the game, play each of them and score higher t
  • Gift KeeperGift Keeper: save the christmas gifts from the bad toys, they are trying to steal the gifts, your jo
  • Galaxy GunnerGalaxy Gunner: fly through the space fighting the enemy ships, destroy them to become a winner, pres
  • Robo PopRobo Pop: you are a robot, bubbles are troubling you, pop them to stop them, use arrow keys to move
  • Dino StrikeDino Strike: release the dinosaurs from the hold of evil enemy, attack the enemy base and rescue the
  • White RoomWhite Room: You are locked inside a padded room in a mental asylum. You have to find a way to escape
  • Yummy Homie LunchYummy Homie Lunch: Your BFF must feel happy if you bring her your homemade lunchbox. It's notjust pu
  • Whack The Right ClownWhack The Right Clown: Whack the right Clown as fast as you can., Remember the clown's face and then
  • Puzzle SquirrelPuzzle Squirrel: Squirrel Puzzle Game
  • Crazy LanderCrazy Lander: 23 intense levels of head spinning game play. Based on the original lunar lander style
  • Magic MarblesMagic Marbles: Destroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more marbles of the same color. Click the m
  • Swift BuggySwift Buggy: Become the ultimate car racing champion,try to make the best lap time possible to score
  • Back to schoolBack to school: With lots of cute clothes create a perfect back to school look
  • (Don't) Save the Princess(Don't) Save the Princess: A fun tile based puzzle game spanning across 24 levels of humorous, non-P
  • Rat ExterminatorRat Exterminator: Shoot the nasty rats that are trying to take your cheese, Well actually you're a c
  • Super sports IIISuper sports III: Jigsaw Puzzle - Super sports III, mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Tower of HanoiTower of Hanoi: Tower of Hanoi is a classic logical puzzle game. Most of people can not do it with m
  • Steel GirlSteel Girl: Steel Girl, Using Mouse, use mouse for movement
  • Nonogram #9 - HardNonogram #9 - Hard: Picture logic puzzle in which cells in a grid have to be colored or left blank a
  • Keyboard breakerKeyboard breaker: Press as much keys as you can in 10 seconds, press spacebar to shoot,
  • The Goal ShootingThe Goal Shooting: Score goals in this manga like soccer game. Arrows - Position target ; Space - Se
  • invest free game Jigsaw Puzzle invest free game Jigsaw Puzzle : invest free game, mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Drifting White CarDrifting White Car: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the white car. This game including 3 modes - 4x
  • Sniper Ducks 2Sniper Ducks 2: A remake of the popular Sniper Ducks, Now with more trophies, seamless interactivity
  • Last Base defenseLast Base defense: All bases have been taken. This is your last base and last opportunity to defend
  • Mercury DropsMercury Drops: Object of this game is to survive as a mercury drop. Contact smaller or the same size
  • Christmas tree coloringChristmas tree coloring: Christmas tree coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • DicesDices: You vs Cpu, each turn you and cpu place a dice on the board. When the board is full calculate
  • Fifty Five - ViennaFifty Five - Vienna: Fifty Five- Around the world: Vienna is a "spot the difference" Game where the
  • The Ballad Girl dress upThe Ballad Girl dress up: Help the girl get dressed for the ballad.
  • Selena Girl MakeupSelena Girl Makeup: Selena Girl Makeup, use mouse for movement
  • Rules are RulesRules are Rules: Rules are Rules and rules must be followed, jump: up, movement: arrow keys
  • Air Traffic ManiaAir Traffic Mania: Air Traffic Mania is a chaotic airport sim. There are four unique modes to play,
  • Bollywood Summer FestBollywood Summer Fest: Get ready to test your Bollywood knowledge. How well do you know your movies
  • Power shot ReloadedPower shot Reloaded: Power shot Reloaded is a soccer themed distance game: select from 3 different c
  • Shark DodgerShark Dodger: Shark Dodger is a fun flash game where you need to help the little fishy avoid all the
  • Packing ChaosPacking Chaos: You have to label the bottles very quick, there are 5 colors and 5 labels, match them
  • Ghost Hunt SniperGhost Hunt Sniper: Shoot the ghosts use your sniper rifle to scope them out and shoot them down
  • Video HangmanVideo Hangman: Video Hangman based on the classic word guessing game Hangman. It features full motio
  • Celebrity makeover 13Celebrity makeover 13: The multi talented actor, song writer and singer is getting ready for a live
  • Summer Fashion 2011Summer Fashion 2011: Summer Fashion 2011 Girl Dress up game. use mouse for movement
  • Free style dress upFree style dress up: Free style girl dress up game. use mouse for movement
  • Push It!Push It!: a reflex testing, number pad training game that is full of fun! compete for online high sc
  • cute Melody dress upcute Melody dress up: Dress-Up Cute Doll Melody. use mouse for movement
  • Jumper version 1Jumper version 1: Hey, so this is an expanded version of the jumper mini game i had in my last game
  • Simple RTSSimple RTS: Simple RTS: Collective is a strategy game where you build various units, buildings, and
  • Cars Jigsaw PuzzleCars Jigsaw Puzzle: Cars jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!, Use mouse to click and drag
  • Pencils Jigsaw PuzzlePencils Jigsaw Puzzle: With all this colors you could really draw the rainbow.
  • Chessman SlidingChessman Sliding: A more difficult variant of the classic tile sliding puzzle., Use logic, planning
  • Ping PongPing Pong: Simple Ping Pong Game, Use only mouse to move. Very simple and intuitive, use mouse for m
  • Dark Squirrel Jigsaw PuzzleDark Squirrel Jigsaw Puzzle: Cute little squirrel out for a walk in the soft grass.
  • Color Bubble touchColor Bubble touch: Touch the bubbles but match their color in order to pop them.
  • The FPS Video Game QuizThe FPS Video Game Quiz: A quiz to test your knowledge on FPS's dating back to the 90's to now, Are
  • stylish girl Dress Upstylish girl Dress Up
  • Save the FishSave the Fish: Help Albert the Robot save his fishy friends from destruction. Click on the arrows on
  • BasketBasket: Get the best 3 point shoot
  • Ancients PuzzlesAncients Puzzles: Drag and drop the pieces of puzzles to see the complete picture
  • Ninja catNinja cat: Fight endless waves of zombies on this feline ninja game. Level up your character and upg
  • ProtozoaProtozoa: Welcome to the dangerous and competitive world of Protozoa, The rules are simple: hunt sma
  • 2010 Fall Fashion2010 Fall Fashion: Summer heat is fading away, girls must be very interested in the new 2010 fall fa
  • Dodger version 1Dodger version 1: A dodge game, you are an air plane and you have to dodge obstacles, Use the mouse
  • The Big BounceThe Big Bounce: Use the arrow keys to bounce all the way to the stars. Move with the arrow keys. Bou
  • Rustic Barn Jigsaw PuzzleRustic Barn Jigsaw Puzzle: An old rusty barn
  • Easter Bunny DifferencesEaster Bunny Differences: Bunnies, presents and colorful eggs are all part of the Easter holiday spi
  • Personality QuizPersonality Quiz: Super accurate personality test! touch your soul.
  • Tennis ChampionsTennis Champions: Challenge the world's best tennis players, in a three stage tournament. Master thi
  • Map of the starsMap of the stars: Explore the night sky, immerse yourself into the Map Of The Stars. Here's a repres
  • Spiral AdventuresSpiral Adventures: Adventure game which takes skill's. Complete the factory , WASD Keys movement: wa
  • Poor pantry escapePoor pantry escape: Escape from a pantry helped by different tools. Use your mouse. use mouse for mo
  • FiveFive: Five seconds. Thats all you have. Find the ball, click it. Never let your guard down. Four...
  • Scared Cat Jigsaw PuzzleScared Cat Jigsaw Puzzle: standing on the football, use your mouse
  • Atomic ReactorAtomic Reactor: You are put in charge of the bubble reactor for the day. The reactor starts to becom
  • Rock Style GirlRock Style Girl: Rock Style Girl: This girl is going to have a rock show, therefore, she needs to be
  • crocus Jigsaw Puzzlecrocus Jigsaw Puzzle: Close up photo of crocuses in park with some buildings in background.
  • speed championship car Jigsaw Puzzlespeed championship car Jigsaw Puzzle: speed unlimited championship game, mouse click to shoot, use m
  • Balloon MadnessBalloon Madness: This game seems easy, but how long will you endure? Pop the balloons, buy upgrades
  • Butterfly fantasyButterfly fantasy: What can happen when the last hope disappears and it seems there is no way out? R
  • Square 2 BallSquare 2 Ball: A puzzle game for the best. Play through the 35 levels and become a master of puzzles
  • Farm Frenzy 2Farm Frenzy 2: There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little fowl play when it's Farm Frenzy 2. T
  • Football MatchFootball Match: a flash football matching game. The aim of the game is to match three or more footba
  • Urban Stunts 2Urban Stunts 2: Start your career as a novice stunt rider and finish as a PRO. Do back flips and col
  • BlopsBlops: an addicting match 3 game with stunning graphics and addicting game play! Playable on both co
  • Yellow Blocks EscapeYellow Blocks Escape: Escape Game , find all the Yellow Blocks and Escape the Room
  • Gold TheftGold Theft: The player should move the theft in any of the directions to collect gold bags by using
  • car parking gamecar parking game: a cool parking game. It is your task to park the car as fast as possible. Pay atte
  • Ghosts and EscapeGhosts and Escape: You have been trapped in room, where 4 ghosts hiding, capture ghosts in order to
  • Power FistPower Fist: Use your Power Fist to grab and fire various boxes to their correct location , WASD/ Arr
  • 3D pong3D pong: a cool futuristic 3D pong, arrow keys to move, space to change ball direction, press spaceb
  • Particle PlaygroundParticle Playground: Make a work of art with particles, With this gadget you are encouraged to play
  • Revelation - Memory Card GameRevelation - Memory Card Game: You need to Reveal and remove all Memory cards from screen. Try to un
  • New Year Restaurant dress upNew Year Restaurant dress up: Have you ever tried New Year Restaurant Dresses? You would be really g
  • Samurai TournamentSamurai Tournament: The great samurai tournament begins, Take your sword and defeat all challengers,
  • Airplanes -1Airplanes -1: Airplanes coloring page game,

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