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  • Word SliderWord Slider: Word Slider is a word search puzzle that lets you slide letters around the board. The g
  • RingsRings: Puzzle game involving the careful placement and stacking of rings. Increasingly difficult as
  • Maths WorkoutMaths Workout: A simple and easy game to test your maths skills , Answer the questions and see how m
  • Cats jigsaw puzzleCats jigsaw puzzle: a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped
  • Kids RacingKids Racing: Try to stay on track as much as you can before fuels goes out. Just drive your car usin
  • Karate MonkeyKarate Monkey: Can you turn a chimp into a Black Belt Karate Master? Train this monkey in the ways o
  • Singapore rings jigsaw puzzleSingapore rings jigsaw puzzle
  • Identical BlocksIdentical Blocks: Identical Blocks is a puzzle game. Use the mouse to play it. The goal is to find t
  • Square Circle SquareSquare Circle Square: Try to switch circles and squares into the asked positions. Rolling the mouse
  • SmileySmiley: The game all about smiley . Includes 4 modes - Freestyle, Create, Throw and Mini games, Free
  • Tank defense 2Tank defense 2: Tank defense 2 is a tower defense with tanks! Build tanks and keep the creeps from p
  • Grow ball DashGrow ball Dash: Simple, Addicting, Fast paced. Dodge the red ball while collecting the blue stars. D
  • Real Bishop PuzzleReal Bishop Puzzle: Switch the positions of red and white bishops in the chess board. Bishops cannot
  • Delicious Hot dogDelicious Hot dog: Delicious Hot dog Cooking Game., use mouse for movement
  • cute School Girl dress upcute School Girl dress up: The cute school girl likes change, she always tells people what she is th
  • Planet 51 jigsaw puzzlePlanet 51 jigsaw puzzle: Puzzles 3 in 1: Colorful puzzle game from the new animated film Planet 51 f
  • Large and small pony jigsaw puzzleLarge and small pony jigsaw puzzle: Large and small pony puzzle Game., use mouse for movement
  • Ryann Make UpRyann Make Up: Ryann Make Up Game, Ryann makeover Game, use mouse for movement
  • Survival JumperSurvival Jumper: Death in game with no checkpoints causes beginning the game from start. It's import
  • Love story coloring pagesLove story coloring pages: Love story that will have to fill in many colors. Game coloring.
  • Double SokobanDouble Sokoban: a new remake of sokoban with new features
  • Pacco 2Pacco 2: The second part of the logic arcade skill game Pacco. Collect all coins to open the exits.
  • yingbaobao Hospitalyingbaobao Hospital: yingbaobao Hospital (analog business category) , yingbaobao in this game opened
  • Historical princess dress up gameHistorical princess dress up game: dress up the cute historical princess with lovely clothes and acc
  • Chy Mini Fashion Avatar MakerChy Mini Fashion Avatar Maker: Chy is going out for the evening to a club with her friends. Style up
  • Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle #2Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle #2: A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring Ben 10
  • Are you meant to be famousAre you meant to be famous: Answer quiz questions see how you rate, the better of a score the more y
  • Beads BreakBeads Break: Break the adjacent beads of the same color before timer over. Use mouse click to break
  • ArithmeticsArithmetics: Train your right brain , math is the good medicine for right brain
  • car racing Jigsaw Puzzlecar racing Jigsaw Puzzle: use mouse for movement
  • Gems Of EgyptGems Of Egypt: A fight against good and evil. The Evil Queen Cleopatra II and Prince Seth are fighti
  • MasksMasks: Mystery of Ceylon: Color this flowers decorated Sinhalese mask anyhow you like! Then you can
  • Super BlocksSuper Blocks: Improved version of popular collapse game. You can choose your preferred game mode: wh
  • Museum of Science FictionMuseum of Science Fiction: After visiting the Museum of Science Fiction you find yourself 50 floors
  • Spotted cow coloringSpotted cow coloring: Spotted cow coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Chivvy ChaseChivvy Chase: Help prisoner Chivvy to escape this deadly game show! Chivvy Chase is probably one of
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - WinterJigsaw Puzzle - Winter: 48 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together. use mouse for move
  • Lame HolidayLame Holiday: Be the Lame on Your holidays. Try to connect points on the beach., Use mouse to connec
  • Crusher's Mean DropCrusher's Mean Drop: Crusher needs armor for battle. Collect as many as you can before they are dest
  • Drop StopDrop Stop: A reflex testing challenge game, try to get the best score. Press space to start the ball
  • Turret Tower DefenseTurret Tower Defense: Turret Tower Defense: A Constantly updated and modified game. Defend your towe
  • virtual piano Musicvirtual piano Music: Play music on your keyboard, and play it back! Use the keys QWERTYUIOP to play
  • Green Room EscapeGreen Room Escape: You are stuck in the green room and that annoys you. You want to escape that room
  • Galaxy FighterGalaxy Fighter: You stay on the guard of Galaxy trade ways. Your task is to destroy all dangerous as
  • Lost in the Woods (Spot the Differences Game)Lost in the Woods (Spot the Differences Game): You find yourself lost in the woods with no way home.
  • Coconut GameCoconut Game: Help the boy to catch all the coconuts that fall from the palm trees, Rise your score
  • Stunt BikerStunt Biker: Flash Action Game. Play as a stunt biker. Keys are illustrated in the game main screen.
  • Red Puzzle Room EscapeRed Puzzle Room Escape: Escape from the red puzzle room. use mouse for movement
  • Tanker ColoringTanker Coloring: Tanker Coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Komi guess. Online oracle. Fortunetelling of relationshipKomi guess. Online oracle. Fortunetelling of relationship: Just click on brothers.
  • Butterfly Tower DefenseButterfly Tower Defense: Be careful, butterfly attack is very dangerous. Protect from butterfly by p
  • Blue Skirt dress upBlue Skirt dress up: Have you ever tried Blue Skirt Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable
  • Hot Football Girl dress upHot Football Girl dress up: Hot Football Girl dress up game, Using Mouse to play game,
  • The Dummy IQ TestThe Dummy IQ Test: The higher you score the smarter you are Fun quiz to see how you react
  • cow spin cow spin : puzzle game in which you can earn points by matching 3 or more of the same pictures.
  • Pairwise FlyingPairwise Flying: Use your memory or try your luck to get highest scores in 3 minutes
  • Star colonyStar colony: occupy stars, get the resource, destroy you enemy to win the colonizing match! at the s
  • Blitz BombingBlitz Bombing: Use the Spacebar to drop bombs, try and level the buildings before your plane reaches
  • Brain vita betaBrain vita beta: Drag the red dot and Drop over the Empty circle mouse click to shoot, use mouse for
  • Valentine BounceValentine Bounce: Make Cow bounces on the shoulder of Carabao, Move your mouse left and right to mov
  • Vector WormVector Worm: A colorful, addicting game based on the classic snake! Collect body parts, evolve, take
  • Real PongReal Pong: This is the best table tennis game. At last ping pong game could be as fun as real ping p
  • George Bush New Job George Bush New Job :Goalkeeper: White House After George Bush's New Job: Goalkeeper, use mouse for
  • Lanang Adventure - Ice MountainLanang Adventure - Ice Mountain: You must try it , Movement = right/ Left, Attack=A, UP Arrow=Jump f
  • Punk Princess Show dress upPunk Princess Show dress up: Dress up rush game
  • My race motorbikeMy race motorbike: My race motorbike modify tuning game., use mouse for movement
  • CIGARETTE SNIPER CIGARETTE SNIPER : You have allotted seconds to identify all cigarettes in the game, and rifle them
  • Saucy monkey Jigsaw puzzleSaucy monkey Jigsaw puzzle: Saucy monkey puzzle Game., use mouse for movement
  • Pool Side GirlsPool Side Girls: Pool side fashion is a very important part of our closet. Lets see if you have a go
  • Little Angel dress upLittle Angel dress up: Little Angel dress up game for kids
  • Blow Things Up 2Blow Things Up 2: The Things are back and it's your job to blow them up! There are good things, bad
  • Alien Attack II - Big WarAlien Attack II - Big War: Shooting alien ships may be a funny way of practicing maths , click butto
  • Love SaverLove Saver: Catch your lover, before she falls into the sewage. You need to avoid other fallen objec
  • Cheerleader GirlCheerleader Girl: Dress up this cute cheerleader girl.
  • Dozen games Garage EscapeDozen games Garage Escape: You find yourself trapped in the garage, try to figure out how to escape
  • IPLIPL: Game based on Indian Elections 2009, movement: arrow keys
  • NexoNexo: Solitaire card game, The aim of this solitaire is to place all cards on the board. A move is v
  • 7 Elements Differences7 Elements Differences: 7 nature's elements, 7 levels and 7 differences for each of them. This is wh
  • Seeker of fortunesSeeker of fortunes: The time is your worse enemy and only you have three tries to achieve a big fort
  • Pirate Girl dress up gamePirate Girl dress up game: use mouse for movement
  • Jackal brothers puzzle GameJackal brothers puzzle Game: use mouse for movement
  • Epileptic DisorderEpileptic Disorder: Maximum Epilepsy in a silent gray world. Fill the world with Color as you destro
  • hot beach girl dress up gamehot beach girl dress up game
  • Strange green car Jigsaw puzzleStrange green car Jigsaw puzzle: Strange green car puzzle Game., use mouse for movement
  • Office DecorationOffice Decoration: decorate your office, make it look good and help you work easily
  • Turn MazeTurn Maze: twist and find your way, Keyboard, left/ right arrow keys for movement
  • Kilo tronKilo tron: a match 3 game that comes in a pixel retro look. The game difficulty increases with every
  • World Tour World Tour : Blow in the microphone or press the up key to raise the hot air balloon, catch the star
  • XMAS SHOOTINGXMAS SHOOTING: Is the Christmas eve. All the world's children are sleeping peacefully in their beds.
  • Hallowed DaysHallowed Days: It is Halloween everyone and it's time to make potions, carve pumpkins, trick or trea
  • AsteroidsAsteroids: Shoot and destroy the asteroids., Move with arrows, and shoot with spacebar , movement: a
  • Beauty Garden Sliding Puzzle 4Beauty Garden Sliding Puzzle 4: Play this sliding puzzles games with 4 pictures of the beauty garden
  • SocolSocol: a mix of color matching game play with sound/ music. The player rotates a colored ring catchi
  • Bird ShootingBird Shooting: The player has two minutes to shoot as many birds as possible! Move the mouse to aim
  • Raining CardsRaining Cards: Cards are falling on your screen : Catch the right ones to make the strongest poker h
  • black fish 11 (move crab)black fish 11 (move crab): move the crab to the bottom of the sea, move the crab to the bottom of th
  • Drifting Hyundai Jigsaw puzzleDrifting Hyundai Jigsaw puzzle: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the drifting hyundai ix20. This gam
  • Reaction timeReaction time: This is a reaction time test. Try to react as fast as you can when you see the face s
  • University Girl dress upUniversity Girl dress up: Have you ever tried University Girl Dresses? You would be really gentle, c
  • Shiny Girl makeoverShiny Girl makeover: Dress the adorable girl and make her over, make her to be a shiny girl. Look at

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