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  • Gold Train, a catching gameGold Train, a catching game: A train carrying goods from the mine is moving over your head, some of
  • Cute Princess Bride dress upCute Princess Bride dress up: cute young princess needs dress up for her wedding with the prince cha
  • Energy Leak, an arcade gameEnergy Leak, an arcade game: restore the energy into its place back before whole laboratory goes dar
  • Swap tilesSwap tiles: an ancient game, objective of this game is to move the red tiles to the the places where
  • FG Racer gameFG Racer game: drive as fast you can, do not hit other cars, jump over them if necessary, you can sw
  • Cute Lollipop Girl dress upCute Lollipop Girl dress up: dress the cutest, lovely lollipop girl with cool skirt, coat,jewels and
  • Emo Craze Dress UpEmo Craze Dress Up: dress the fashion girl with the most fabulous clothes and accessories, keep her
  • Space Race gameSpace Race game: A space racing game with four check points, each checkpoint has 30 seconds time lim
  • Burger Jam gameBurger Jam game: You are a burger seller, sell burgers as quickly as possible, do not make you custo
  • Printed Plaid Style dress upPrinted Plaid Style dress up: dress up this sweet girl in her favorite style
  • Bathroom Simulator gameBathroom Simulator game: there are twenty scenarios, in each you should select an option, test your
  • Balloon Buster gameBalloon Buster game: burst as many bubbles as you can in five minutes, it seems like plenty of time
  • Naive Breezy Girl dress upNaive Breezy Girl dress up: this girl looks so adorable already give her more lovely look
  • Stop the VuvuzelasStop the Vuvuzelas: vivi is a football fan, she is in the stadium for the football match, but these
  • Pawel & the Teutonic CastlePawel & the Teutonic Castle: enemies have invaded the castle, your job as a soldier is to kill them
  • Star Shooting gameStar Shooting game: you are a robot who feds on energy from stars, you are very weak and need to col
  • Alina dress up gameAlina dress up game: dress the fashion girl Alina with those fashionable clothes she has
  • Wiidoku gameWiidoku game: a Sudoku specially made for wii browsers
  • Prism 3Prism 3: aim of the game is to make all the flowers bloom by directing the laser light towards them
  • simple Snowboarding gamesimple Snowboarding game: a simple and fun game of snowboarding, avoid trees, just go smooth
  • Marvin the Magic MarkerMarvin the Magic Marker: objective of the game is to collect paper clips, there is an evil pentagon
  • Magician's WandMagician's Wand: You are a magician, your job is to please the audience, throw bunnies as quickly as
  • does your partner love you? a love test gamedoes your partner love you? a love test game: answer these simple relationship questions, just a fun
  • Columz, a matching gameColumz, a matching game: lines of tiles keep growing, you can click on two or similar tiles to pop t
  • Jabo, a jumping frog gameJabo, a jumping frog game: Reach the star by jumping through planets, hold on to the planets with to
  • Catch The Motor cyclistCatch The Motor cyclist: place things in the way of biker, do not let him get to roads, avoid him fo
  • Tic tac toe ashaTic tac toe asha: another tic toe game with two of asha's photos
  • INK tower defenseINK tower defense: a fun filled tower defense game, playable in two modes, maze mode and path mode,
  • Vbrix, grouping gameVbrix, grouping game: select objects within the square or rectangle whose all four corners are of sa
  • Coconut jigsaw puzzleCoconut jigsaw puzzle: funny coconut man face to solve
  • Stranded Viking differences gameStranded Viking differences game: find the differences between the two viking pictures, pictures are
  • DinoKids - Trash Typer gameDinoKids - Trash Typer game: a lot of trash is falling on earth, you have to destroy it before it re
  • Glamorous Dress upGlamorous Dress up: Selena's wardrobe has the fanciest collection of clothes, very trendy and cozy c
  • Marble LinesMarble Lines: marble are moving in line towards the whole, they are moving in the path, you have a s
  • Goldfish BowlGoldfish Bowl: there are lots of valuable things and garbage inside the aquarium, collect those item
  • Egg Racer gameEgg Racer game: a simple old style racing game, with eggs instead of cars, it is fun
  • Bulb connecting gameBulb connecting game: an addictive and challenging game, you have to connect bulbs with exactly the
  • The Hanged Man 2The Hanged Man 2: a hangman game where you have to guess the word by typing its alphabets, if you ke
  • Spaceship DefendersSpaceship Defenders: plenty of aliens and a strong alien ship to destroy, shoot the small aliens whe
  • Blob Bomber gameBlob Bomber game: candies are spreading all over the world in a very fast rate, these are bad candie
  • Christmas quizChristmas quiz: do you know anything about Christmas at all? take the quiz
  • Mitta on Star landMitta on Star land: the sun has disappeared suddenly from the sky, mitta is on his journey to restor
  • Find the differences, weapons versionFind the differences, weapons version: two adjacent pictures of weapons have five differences betwee
  • Tower Blocks MochiTower Blocks Mochi: build blocks one over the other to build a big city full of growing towers and p
  • Slippery PongSlippery Pong: a pong game where you have to move both the paddles, do not let the ball hit any of t
  • Did you know,a general knowledge QuizDid you know,a general knowledge Quiz: how good is your general knowledge, here are some sample ques
  • Rrode, a fun gameRrode, a fun game: jump from one wheel to the other by just a click, each level has some task to be
  • Space BubblesSpace Bubbles: destroy the cute green bubbles by clicking on them, on clicking the green bubble turn
  • The Jambo GameThe Jambo Game: a simple fun filled platform game, you should keep the hero from not falling into th
  • Simon Says, memory gameSimon Says, memory game: a brain teasing memory game, remember the sequence of light colors and repe
  • Coliseum girl slider puzzleColiseum girl slider puzzle: slide the pieces of the picture to push pieces in order so that the gir
  • Digital Car Jigsaw puzzle 6Digital Car Jigsaw puzzle 6: 16 pieces of an image of digital car to drag and drop
  • Neon LayersNeon Layers: a ball guiding game where you have to turn on/ turn off lights to guide the ball in the
  • new hangman gamenew hangman game: has words that are animal names, human body parts, country names, fruits, girl nam
  • Another Stupidity TestAnother Stupidity Test: another simple game with simple questions but beware they can prove you stup
  • Legend of Vraz gameLegend of Vraz game: a hunting game with amazing background, hunt as many animals as you can before
  • Halloween Sling gameHalloween Sling game: sling the pumpkin throw hangers, collecting sweet, colorful candies and avoidi
  • Einarmiger BanditEinarmiger Bandit: another slot machine game, bet against computer, try your luck
  • Machinery Jigsaw puzzleMachinery Jigsaw puzzle: a jigsaw puzzle for kids with the picture of gears to solve
  • Sleeping Tiger jigsaw puzzleSleeping Tiger jigsaw puzzle: a happily sleeping tiger's picture to solve, arrange pieces in right p
  • Halloween pumpkin jigsaw puzzleHalloween pumpkin jigsaw puzzle: a jigsaw puzzle with a pumpkin from a Halloween night
  • Tetrahedron, prism gameTetrahedron, prism game: aim is to rotate pieces of prism such that each side has single color
  • Animal Mahjong Solitaire gameAnimal Mahjong Solitaire game: match the picture of the animals, click on two tiles that contain sam
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Coloring pageChevrolet Corvette Z06 Coloring page: color the beautiful Chevrolet car with your favorite colors
  • Mancala Multiplayer gameMancala Multiplayer game: This is the ancient game of Mancala, the object of this game is to collect
  • Ninja Yin Yang gameNinja Yin Yang game: a skill game in which you have to make both black and white dressed ninjas to t
  • Ossuary gameOssuary game: click on the skull that is different from others, find the single different skull, gam
  • Coupon Crazy gameCoupon Crazy game: find all the coupons in the mall, take them and move out as quickly as posssible
  • Tic Tac Toe gameTic Tac Toe game: same old tic tac toe rules apply, place three marks continuously to win against th
  • Starius, a shooting gameStarius, a shooting game: collect bonus items as you move, shoot the evil things, move away from the
  • Brooklyn Bridge jigsaw puzzleBrooklyn Bridge jigsaw puzzle: picture of the old Brooklyn bridge to solve
  • The Ant Explorer gameThe Ant Explorer game: you are a wizard ant, your job as a special ant is to save other ants by find
  • VK 1939, a world war 2 gameVK 1939, a world war 2 game: a war game with the storyline from second world war, defend your base w
  • KTM slider PuzzleKTM slider Puzzle: an action scene from the ktm race, move pieces by sliding them with clicks
  • Lucky Cabbage, collecting gameLucky Cabbage, collecting game: collect green cabbages when they grow and yellow cabbages when they
  • Reaction test GameReaction test Game: a reflex test game where you have to click on the button as soon as it changes i
  • Sinking Ship Escape gameSinking Ship Escape game: your ship is sinking, you are locked up in your cabin, escape the cabin be
  • Voltron jigsaw puzzleVoltron jigsaw puzzle: picture is cut into 7x7 pieces, gather all the pieces in sequence to get the
  • Wild Reign, coloring pageWild Reign, coloring page: color the wolf characters from a web based game
  • Ninja Dive, sky diving gameNinja Dive, sky diving game: you are a squirrel ninja, you are going to dive down, there are some da
  • Rock Star Chibi dress upRock Star Chibi dress up: dress the rock star chibi with rocking dresses
  • Grape Princess dress upGrape Princess dress up: dress the cute girl with fancy clothes and jewels
  • Maldives Blonde dress upMaldives Blonde dress up: dress this gorgeous looking girl on the Maldives beach
  • Flower Glade gameFlower Glade game: a logic fun flowers in the glade properly, finish each level to unlock
  • Slippery Breakout gameSlippery Breakout game: a classic breakout game duplicate but the paddle here is more slippery than
  • Christmas spin gameChristmas spin game: match three or more christmas themed pictures in this unique matching game
  • Centipede gameCentipede game: collect all fruits, do not eat your own tail, basically all snake game rules apply
  • Poke ride gamePoke ride game: help pokemon ride Charizard to collect balls and avoid other bad Pokemon, walking ar
  • Santa's road adventure gameSanta's road adventure game: help santa ride his car, guide him carefully not to hit other cars or t
  • Bar Salvation gameBar Salvation game: Marie is managing her own bar, she is nervous that she might have to face bankru
  • Classic Minesweeper gameClassic Minesweeper game: very old classic windows game of minesweeper, detect which of the blocks h

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