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  • Math Cross SearchMath Cross Search: you should select the numbers diagonally, vertically or horizontally to make the
  • Zombie Attack,a 3D gameZombie Attack,a 3D game: zombies are coming to attack, in large numbers, there are thirteen waves of
  • Death CrystalDeath Crystal: a puzzle game with colorful bubbles, move the bat to manage bubbles
  • Lions jigsaw puzzleLions jigsaw puzzle: Felines: an easy puzzle with couple of lions, few pieces and easy to arrange, y
  • Laser Survivor 2 gameLaser Survivor 2 game: you mus avoid the security, do not touch the lasers carefully plan your moves
  • the last air bender jigsaw puzzlethe last air bender jigsaw puzzle: a cartoon jigsaw puzzle from
  • Ball Separation gameBall Separation game: there are two colored balls, yellow and blue, also there are two sides on scre
  • Ball DefenseBall Defense: do not let the balls fall down, grab them and throw them back to air as fast as you ca
  • Champions League jigsaw puzzleChampions League jigsaw puzzle: football game Champions League pictures to solve in this puzzle
  • Cute Shopping girl dress upCute Shopping girl dress up: here is the shopping babe, she loves shopping more than anything, she i
  • Portal Fan gamePortal Fan game: a game of teleporting from one place to another
  • Teen girl makeover gameTeen girl makeover game: dress up and make up the cute girl
  • Nicole Girl Dress up gameNicole Girl Dress up game: dess the beautiful anime girl Nicole with fancy clothes
  • Kart Racer jigsaw puzzleKart Racer jigsaw puzzle: game feature karts at a racing event, five pictures of the event to solve
  • Sasuke Uchiha jigsaw puzzle game Sasuke Uchiha jigsaw puzzle game : a cartoon jigsaw puzzle from
  • animals name puzzleanimals name puzzle: an animal picture will be shown, identify the animal name correctly and select
  • Star armageddonStar armageddon: some evil aliens are trying to invade into our galaxy and destroy us, we got to tea
  • Ink Ball guiding gameInk Ball guiding game: move the ink ball towards ink pot by placing objects in its way properly, the
  • Beautiful beach jigsaw puzzleBeautiful beach jigsaw puzzle: picture of blue sea and blue sky merging with a cocunut tree in the f
  • Library Escape gameLibrary Escape game: this ancient library is very cunning, escape from it by solving the hidden ridd
  • Carnival Showdown gameCarnival Showdown game: this carnival the crowd has been amazing, there are many shooters this time,
  • Click the ball, a fast clicking gameClick the ball, a fast clicking game: in twenty seconds click as many balls as you can, a fun game r
  • Mystery Machine jigsaw puzzleMystery Machine jigsaw puzzle: a jigsaw game in three modes of difficulty, picture of a van
  • Is he into you, a love test gameIs he into you, a love test game: check if your guy likes you by answering these questions about rel
  • Cute Maze gameCute Maze game: a puzzle where you have to save the pearl, by moving through difficult maze
  • Rose Arch jigsaw puzzleRose Arch jigsaw puzzle: photo of an arch and the beautiful blue flowers
  • Parking Master, a car parking gameParking Master, a car parking game: park your car in proper place, do not hit walls and other object
  • Bricks Mania, cool brick gameBricks Mania, cool brick game: a game of removing bricks from the board by clicking on them, click o
  • Super Juggler gameSuper Juggler game: keep the things up in air by constantly hitting them, keep them all in air as lo
  • Balance the DogBalance the Dog: a dog balancing game, keep the dog in the middle for balance
  • Mini Math QuizMini Math Quiz: an easy math quiz for the kids, test your mathematics skills
  • Cloud BounceCloud Bounce: jump over the clouds and reach the top, clouds are bouncy take their help
  • Astro Bash 1 gameAstro Bash 1 game: objcetive is to survive enemy attack in outer space, there are going to be many l
  • Crocus, nature jigsaw puzzleCrocus, nature jigsaw puzzle: crocus, a blue flower with white and red colors
  • Wave Blaster gameWave Blaster game: there are many waves of enemies, destroy them and move through them to the next l
  • Break the Targets Break the Targets : a target practice game, hit as many targets as you can in given time
  • Space transportation coloring pageSpace transportation coloring page: picture of rockets, planets and launching vehicle to be colored
  • Ruby Tic Tac Toe gameRuby Tic Tac Toe game: classic Tic Tac Toe game, with red and green rubies
  • Super Model dress up gameSuper Model dress up game: a photo shoot dress up, dress the model with proper clothes, then take ca
  • Mo Farah jigsaw puzzle Mo Farah jigsaw puzzle : Mo Farah champion of ten thousand meter marathon running held at Barcelona,
  • The Brave HussarThe Brave Hussar: our little hero is on his journey, on his adorable horse, there are some bad guys
  • Boxing Ring jigsaw puzzleBoxing Ring jigsaw puzzle: move pieces of the picture of bluish boxing ring's top view
  • Stars, colorsStars, colors: there are different color stars on board, your aim is to remove stars by matching the
  • Primary, super soldier gamePrimary, super soldier game: Roy the hero needs your help so that he can close the door to this worl
  • Blow Fishing gameBlow Fishing game: a fishing competition game, there are many levels, to advance further you should
  • Mina's New Room decoration gameMina's New Room decoration game: Mina is waiting for your help to decorate her new gorgeous room, se
  • Cake Unbalance, a cake stacking gameCake Unbalance, a cake stacking game: there are ten levels and in each level you are required to sta
  • Sunset Off Road Vehicle jigsaw puzzleSunset Off Road Vehicle jigsaw puzzle: play easy, medium and difficult mode jigsaw puzzle of a vehic
  • Australian city jigsaw puzzleAustralian city jigsaw puzzle: six pictures of the austalian landscapes and cities, difficulty incre
  • Chick cannon gameChick cannon game: cute chicken needs to be place in coop, use the cannon to hit and send chicken wh
  • the moon and the starsthe moon and the stars: a game featuring sparkling stars and moons, you will notice pentagon shaped
  • Think of the Purple SquareThink of the Purple Square: a concentration game, you will have to be patient and identify the simil
  • Monkey frame, photography gameMonkey frame, photography game: monkeys are always known for their craziness and for not staying at
  • Pink flower jigsaw puzzlePink flower jigsaw puzzle: a beautiful pink garden flower's picture to solve in this jigsaw puzzle
  • Wacky Ride, a driving gameWacky Ride, a driving game: You are a car driver, you are assigned the job of delivering packages, y
  • reddit Versus stick manreddit Versus stick man: reddit (social bookmarking site) users are attacking the famous stick figur
  • Uber Tube 3d gameUber Tube 3d game: fly in the tube, avoid falling into holes. green tiles are good, they can be used
  • Fashion lover jess dress upFashion lover jess dress up: jess loves fashion so much, she needs your help to catch the critics ey
  • Asteroid Evasion gameAsteroid Evasion game: another space game, dodge the dangerous asteroids and collect useful items as
  • Hang the Bos, an Economics quiz.Hang the Bos, an Economics quiz.: your economics and business knowledges will be tested, you are all
  • Blocks shooterBlocks shooter: a destruction game, shoot all the blocks you can and score higher than others, easil
  • Raksha Bandhan tying gameRaksha Bandhan tying game: an indian game of tying raksha bandhan, you can be a avoider who dodges a
  • Fighter Jet Jigsaw PuzzleFighter Jet Jigsaw Puzzle: jigsaw puzzle with the pcture of flying fighter jets, an amazing scene wi
  • Tri Peaks Solitaire gameTri Peaks Solitaire game: an usual solitaire game with some differences, you have to clear all open
  • Super Hero glying gameSuper Hero glying game: select the force with which hero has to fly by pressing up and down arrow ke
  • Kungfu LegendKungfu Legend: use as many as eighteen techniques to fight with your opponents, defeat them all and
  • Flash Invaders gameFlash Invaders game: an alien invaders remake, fly in the space shooting your enemies, avoid being h
  • cute birds Coloring Pagecute birds Coloring Page: one blue bird (seems like twitter bird) and another cute bird over the umb
  • D 403, a Service Droid gameD 403, a Service Droid game: you are the saviour, world has been troubled by the mindless robots and
  • Jumping gameJumping game: help the running charlie properly time his jumping, he is just running with his little
  • Plastic Christmas decoration gamePlastic Christmas decoration game: decorate this flash tree with all the christmas items you want fo
  • Hate Match 3 gameHate Match 3 game: this a shooting game combined with avoider game, avoid the matches and shoot at t
  • Struggle To SurviveStruggle To Survive: a survival game, survive the attack of twenty enemies, resist them in each leve
  • Sweet Girl Dress upSweet Girl Dress up: dress the cute anime girl in adorable dresses
  • Elephant Kiss, elephant and girl dress upElephant Kiss, elephant and girl dress up: cute girl Sicily has a playmate, a small elephant. Dress
  • dandi biyo gamedandi biyo game: a game of Nepal also played in india as gilli danda, a street game
  • Marble Box, a strategy gameMarble Box, a strategy game: mark all the boxes that contain marbles without opening them, like in a
  • Freecell Solitaire gameFreecell Solitaire game: another free cell game, same as solitaire game but with little difference
  • Save Red dotSave Red dot: move towards the finish line as wuickly as you can without touching anything on your w
  • Super Hero jigsaw puzzleSuper Hero jigsaw puzzle: jigsaw puzzle of Marvel Super Hero's Squad
  • Open Doors puzzleOpen Doors puzzle: your goal is to move the box towards the 'X' mark, doors can only be opened or cl
  • Mine hunter gameMine hunter game: another classic mine sweeper clone, mark all the mines except those which have bom
  • Surf Dude gameSurf Dude game: a surfing game, help the guy surf over the sea avoiding kelp beds and picking the ga
  • Ball LinesBall Lines: make a line of five same color balls, lines can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal
  • Countdown clearing gameCountdown clearing game: remove all numbers before the countdown reaches zero
  • hut jigsaw puzzlehut jigsaw puzzle: a hut from the country side, beautiful greenery and cold weather, what a beauty t
  • Fusion Shapes gameFusion Shapes game: an high scoring match three game, score as high as you can in two modes of the g
  • Christmas Bells Coloring PageChristmas Bells Coloring Page: color the traditional christmas bells, select colors for the flower a
  • Bullets jigsaw puzzleBullets jigsaw puzzle: plenty of bullets piled up in the picture that you have to solve, to make it
  • Blopper, balloon popping gameBlopper, balloon popping game: each level demands you to pop certain number of balloons, there are s
  • Rubik's cube gameRubik's cube game: a six sided fifty four tiled Rubik's cube in flash, objective is to rotate the bl
  • Squirrel Towers gameSquirrel Towers game: use skills and logic to move the blocks from one tower to the tower marked wit

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