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  • Spice jigsaw puzzleSpice jigsaw puzzle: picture of spices (powdered) kept in a shop of spices, colorful view to have
  • american tank jigsaw puzzleamerican tank jigsaw puzzle: picture of an american army tank to rearrange
  • CaravaneerCaravaneer: Your goal is to make more money by transporting goods from place to place. You have to t
  • World Reaction, a reaction time test gameWorld Reaction, a reaction time test game: to test the speed with which you respond to sounds, light
  • Fupa avatar Dress upFupa avatar Dress up: dress cte fupa by selecting accessories and clothes from as much as sixty thre
  • Coffee Brick gameCoffee Brick game: a remake of classic tetris game, in many colors but still the same essence
  • Velo, a shooting gameVelo, a shooting game: shoot carefully, survival is important too, hold your life as long as you can
  • Be dazzledBe dazzled: a bejeweled type game with funny expressions as tils to swap and match, match three game
  • Color BallsColor Balls: Match color labels, not colors, click on balls that have same label, click as quickly a
  • Pentalogic, a pentomino gamePentalogic, a pentomino game: remake game with same features, logical and needs some skills, good fo
  • Halloween Devil Twins dress upHalloween Devil Twins dress up: cute but devilish twin sisters are heppy that it is halloween today,
  • Don't CrashDon't Crash: click drag the car towards the finishing point, do not hit the sides or crash into othe
  • Mouse Speed and Skill TestMouse Speed and Skill Test: aim is to make the circle disappear by clicking on it continously, circl
  • Are you smart 2 ??Are you smart 2 ??: a tough true or false question, answer these questions correctly if you can
  • Water Jet Riding gameWater Jet Riding game: ride the boat as fast as you can and as uninterrupted as you can, cover long
  • Protist X gameProtist X game: you have to eat a lot if you have to go to next level
  • waiter and Waitress dress upwaiter and Waitress dress up: this is a strange restaurant, waiter and waitress are vrey fashionable
  • Sprouts Adventure gameSprouts Adventure game: the sprouts that are near extinct, help them build their place, increase in
  • Castle of CardsCastle of Cards: build a castle of cards, there are two modes, fun mode is for relaxed playing, watc
  • The best quizThe best quiz: questions are interesting, requires your wit to solve them, else you can always click
  • Side to SideSide to Side: click to move sideways, avoid hitting walls and falling things, manage yourself safely
  • Elven Girl dress up GameElven Girl dress up Game: dress the strange looking elf girl with her accessories and clothes
  • Dream Necklace Maker gameDream Necklace Maker game: make a nice looking necklace from the jewels, beads and stuff available,
  • Medieval Archer gameMedieval Archer game: in medieval times it was a thing of pride to shoot the bulls eye, be as accura
  • Gazzyboy Makeup Room Escape gameGazzyboy Makeup Room Escape game: escape the makeup room by outwitting the puzzle creator
  • Emoticon PleXEmoticon PleX: remove the matching groups of emoticons by matching them, clear all the matching tile
  • Help The Doggy, dog helping gameHelp The Doggy, dog helping game: your goal in this game is to help the poor dog found outside your
  • Europe League football jigsaw puzzleEurope League football jigsaw puzzle: picture from the European League football tournament, Hamburge
  • 2010 Fall dress up2010 Fall dress up: New game of dress up, dress the cool girl for this fall season
  • Tobikomi Jump manTobikomi Jump man: a cool platform game in seven different worlds and twenty eight exciting levels
  • the Powerpuff Girls Jigsaw Puzzlethe Powerpuff Girls Jigsaw Puzzle: solve the twenty five piece picture from the cartoon show the pow
  • Prism 4 gamePrism 4 game: there are few flowers in the garden, strangely they need light to bloom, you have some
  • Hardest game Hardest game : another mind boggling game, crazy enough, you might like it
  • Wicked Witch Dress UpWicked Witch Dress Up: Ding dong the wicked witch is not dead, dress the scary looking witch of the
  • Simpsons Family Jigsaw PuzzleSimpsons Family Jigsaw Puzzle: crazy Simpsons family picture is in forty nine pieces gather all piec
  • Gatuno in HalloweenGatuno in Halloween: a bad witch has turned your little cat into stone, make it come alive by releas
  • Barbie Coloring BookBarbie Coloring Book: coloring our own barbie with the beautiful colors
  • Deep Sea Dive matching gameDeep Sea Dive matching game: matching three tiles by swapping a tile, a match three game underwater
  • Bubble Letters gameBubble Letters game: an education game, kids learn about alphabets while popping the bubbles, hearin
  • Darcey dress upDarcey dress up: cool fashion girl Darcey needs your stylish ideas for her dress up
  • Polar Bear jigsaw puzzlePolar Bear jigsaw puzzle: a cute and simultaneously scary looking polar bear picture to solve
  • Word MinuteWord Minute: create as many words as you can with in one minute, if possible include the letters tha
  • Airplane CompetitionAirplane Competition: a competition game of flying the airplane, fly it the best possible way you ca
  • PP's Pong gamePP's Pong game: another classic ping pong game, defeat cpu with your skills
  • Europe map gameEurope map game: identify the European nations on map, click on a nation and when asked which countr
  • Block countBlock count: count how many blocks are there? if your guess is correct you will score, as you make r
  • Spy TruckSpy Truck: game of redeeming your planet, enemy aliens have invaded your planet and have taken contr
  • Covert FrontCovert Front: you are a spy investigating the missing of general Karl, it is the world war time too,
  • Easter Basket Dress UpEaster Basket Dress Up: decorate the easter basket containing chocolates, jelly beans, candies and f
  • Dinosaur EvolutionDinosaur Evolution: an evolution battle game, a strategy game played with cards, has thirty three le
  • Disco Dress upDisco Dress up: select your own cool colors, styles and music in this disco dress up
  • Circle Avoider gameCircle Avoider game: avoid the fire circles, do not get hit, if you avoid them easily the game gets
  • Battle on the BeachBattle on the Beach: defend the buildings, shoot rockets, score hundred points and enter next level,
  • Sleepy Cat jigsaw puzzleSleepy Cat jigsaw puzzle: a cat sleeping outside its house, sleepy brown and white cat
  • Track StarTrack Star: an athletic game where you you have to select a country to participate for and then comp
  • Ford c max car coloring gameFord c max car coloring game: color this attractive ford car with colors of your wish
  • were wars Jigsaw puzzlewere wars Jigsaw puzzle: a picture puzzle game featuring a werewolf from the were wars card game
  • Gallery Escape gameGallery Escape game: collect items into your inventory, use them to solve puzzle, sometimes you have
  • World At War gameWorld At War game: a world war game, your only purpose on earth is to defend your mother/ father lan
  • Jurassic RealmJurassic Realm: a Jurassic park themed collapse game, collapse blocks on stones to remove stones in
  • a red car Jigsaw Puzzlea red car Jigsaw Puzzle: a new design red car on road
  • Suzi Makeup gameSuzi Makeup game: dress up the cute, happy Suzi, select her goggles, earrings, necklace, clothes, ha
  • Metal Arena 2Metal Arena 2: a multi level, multi arena game, complete each level to go to the next level, use mon
  • 3D Battleships game3D Battleships game: old battleship game in 3d, destroy the enemy ships before they destroy you, fin
  • The Dinner for Schmucks QuizThe Dinner for Schmucks Quiz: a movie quiz game, check out how well you understood the movie, answer
  • are you in love?are you in love?: A fun love Quiz, take quiz and test your relationship's strength
  • space station III Jigsaw Puzzlespace station III Jigsaw Puzzle: picture of a space station vehicle hovering freely in space
  • Hack Visual, google hacking gameHack Visual, google hacking game: a funny game of hacking google, this game is purely for fun, dodge
  • Barbie Dress design gameBarbie Dress design game: You are a famous tailor in barbie's city, design an stitch her a nice new
  • Ball LinesBall Lines: form a line of five or more balls of same color, keep in mind that the new balls appear
  • Deluxe Tic Tac Toe gameDeluxe Tic Tac Toe game: remake of tic tac toe and new versions of it in 16 square , 36 square or 64
  • AbombinaballAbombinaball: fifty levels of bomb defusing, first fifteen levels are easy and then the game gets to
  • ReversiReversi: get an opponent on internet or challenge a friend to play against you , it is fun as two hu
  • Ski Maniacs, a skiing gameSki Maniacs, a skiing game: ski all the way to finish line
  • Couch dress upCouch dress up: give simple makeover for the office lady who is back home from work, let her relax o
  • 4th of July apple pie cooking game4th of July apple pie cooking game: use colorful creams, all delicious fruits and make a yummy apple
  • Why do you torment me candy?Why do you torment me candy?: a candy game for this halloween, storyline involves a ghost and candie
  • hippopotamus Pin Ball gamehippopotamus Pin Ball game: move the paddle and collect all the fruits, do not catch bombs, they wil
  • Stardust gameStardust game: a game in space with the stars and starship and by the way also with square shapes
  • Dragon Sliding puzzleDragon Sliding puzzle: with picture of a fire dragon flying
  • Railway EngineerRailway Engineer: help the railway engineer lay tracks for his toy train, there is a time limit in e
  • Crazy Cat dress upCrazy Cat dress up: dress Rupert the cat, in his punk hat he looks so much like a gangster or a rapp
  • Mega kawaii dressup gameMega kawaii dressup game: Dress the kawaii girl selecting best of the clothes from her large collect
  • Sheela Girl Dress upSheela Girl Dress up: Sheela is cute with those big round eyes and cute face
  • roi world Honeymoon dress up gameroi world Honeymoon dress up game: the young couple are getting ready for their honeymoon trip, help
  • Pyramid Solitaire gamePyramid Solitaire game: make pairs of cards which make sum of thirteen, or remove the king card
  • girl make up gamegirl make up game: give your best make up to this beautiful girl
  • Super bike slider puzzleSuper bike slider puzzle: slide the pieces of picture in order, use white and black picture backgrou
  • Fire FliesFire Flies: fire fly hunting game, it is night and they are completely visible, there are fifteen le
  • Zinnia Zip 2Zinnia Zip 2: a funny race game, run the tiki girl on track, cover laps as fast as you can
  • Picture TwisterPicture Twister: this is a twist in usual puzzle game, in this picture you have to twist parts of th

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