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  • Proteus matching PuzzleProteus matching Puzzle: Discover the oceans in the fun Bejeweled game.
  • Penalty Shootout Multiplayer GamePenalty Shootout Multiplayer Game: Another Penalty shootout game? Not exactly, Challenge people from
  • Hunter TrainerHunter Trainer: Shoot target as fast as possible, and use arrow as least as possible.
  • Tobikomi Jump manTobikomi Jump man: A fast paced, fast jumping side scroller video game featuring 7 different worlds
  • Space InvadersSpace Invaders: Space Invaders is a new version of the classic Taito game "Space Invaders". It's a c
  • CuarentazoCuarentazo: a fast paced card game from Ecuador, played with 40 cards and requiring 40 points to win
  • The Orc SlayerThe Orc Slayer: One day our hero was walking through the forest and suddenly found the mystical weap
  • SpacemanSpaceman: Prelude: For Simon space man and company, what should be a routine scouting mission has tu
  • Long Clothes Dress upLong Clothes Dress up: dress her in her Long Clothes
  • Slash QuestSlash Quest: Action-packed, multilevel platform . Cute power ups, gory deaths!
  • Alex Tracks, a bike riding gameAlex Tracks, a bike riding game: Neck breaking BMX action!
  • Slug Designer 2Slug Designer 2: The sequel to Slug Designer is here, and it's bigger and better in every way. Slug
  • Matching Dress UpMatching Dress Up: you must dress both girls in same clothes.
  • Dino FasterDino Faster: Dino Race Game.Win the race and enjoy the game.
  • Leroy's TroubleLeroy's Trouble: Leroy lost his hat! Control Leroy trough different worlds and adventures in the que
  • Cross ColorsCross Colors: How fast is your brain? See how well you find the correct colors in this game!
  • The Vuvuzela GameThe Vuvuzela Game: Try this addicting Vuvuzela game. Compete against the time or relax and enjoy.
  • Line Bouncer 2Line Bouncer 2: This version of line bouncer is much better than line bouncer 1. More levels, more f
  • America's Army tributeAmerica's Army tribute: A tribute game to America's Army. Test your shot accuracy in the 11 levels o
  • military armymilitary army: Jigsaw Puzzle - military army
  • Three Wheeled BreakerThree Wheeled Breaker: Physics break out game.
  • Sue vintage dress upSue vintage dress up: Sue vintage girl dress up game.
  • 2012 - The Green Prophecy2012 - The Green Prophecy: A Space Shooter with heavy strategic influence
  • Cinthol Don't StopCinthol Don't Stop: Dare to be confident? Make hip moves and show-off your game play. Jump over the
  • Speed CollapseSpeed Collapse: classic collapse game with speed
  • Brave Dragon OnlineBrave Dragon Online: There were times when dragons ruled the World. Those were times when a trifle o
  • Relax Blocks 2Relax Blocks 2: Relax Blocks 2 is a block breaking, match two, puzzle game now with five modes: Stan
  • Little Furry Things 2Little Furry Things 2: The Little Furry Things are back! Release the Little Furry Things down one of
  • Para attackPara attack: Para attack! Paratroopers are dropping like flies! Can you take them all?
  • Rosie Likes PopsiclesRosie Likes Popsicles: Rosie is a seagull. Rosie likes popsicles. Find popsicles for Rosie.
  • A Ninja GameA Ninja Game: Get the little ninjas home! Beware of traps and use Walls wisely. A thrilling and Brai
  • Legor 3Legor 3: Legor is back! A third part of popular puzzle logic game! Harder than ever!
  • Jackpot girl Dress UpJackpot girl Dress Up: You just found the diamond jackpot in Mine craft!! Get your pick ready, don y
  • Vegetable Soup cooking game Vegetable Soup cooking game : A fun and in depth cooking game where you chop up and combine all of t
  • Happy Seal, hot air balloon shooting gameHappy Seal, hot air balloon shooting game: Shoot the hot air balloons out of the air to get the fish
  • Cool Model Dress Up GameCool Model Dress Up Game: dress the cool model in sweet dresses and outfits
  • Vada Pav (indian dish) cooking gameVada Pav (indian dish) cooking game: Vada Pav is a popular vegetarian fast food dish native to India
  • a brain teaser Riddle Gamea brain teaser Riddle Game: test your mind skills
  • football Kick Off gamefootball Kick Off game: It's 2010 KICK OFF! Kick the football as far as you can! Watch out for pesky
  • Bricks Breaking Hex game, clear the hexagonal bricks from boardBricks Breaking Hex game, clear the hexagonal bricks from board: Destroy blocks in this hex variant
  • Paman Advanced game, new version of classic pacmanPaman Advanced game, new version of classic pacman: Use the arrow keys to control pacman to eat all
  • Go bang multiplayer friends gamGo bang multiplayer friends gam: this is not a single player game, You need to connect with your fri
  • Apache Attack,a dodging and destroying gameApache Attack,a dodging and destroying game: Dodge enemy fire, and destroy enemy tanks and ships to
  • Fall guy, an avoiding, falling and time limit gameFall guy, an avoiding, falling and time limit game: Fall as fast as you can. Avoid clouds or they'll
  • Asian Girls slider puzzleAsian Girls slider puzzle: puzzle has four different pictures of cute chinese girls
  • Ball Escape, a room escape gameBall Escape, a room escape game: Gather items, use them in right places and escape the room. Good lu
  • Triple Pop 2, a ball shooting gameTriple Pop 2, a ball shooting game: The sequel to Triple Pop. Use the mouse to shoot green balls int
  • dancing Revolutiondancing Revolution: Dance to the beat with 9 songs and various game options to satisfy your finger d
  • Driger atasck x234 truck Jigsaw PuzzleDriger atasck x234 truck Jigsaw Puzzle: monster truck Driger atasck is about to fall down
  • beat buster pro, a musical gamebeat buster pro, a musical game: this was an old project you can make various beats from it and its
  • Sailor Moon, a sailer girl dress up gameSailor Moon, a sailer girl dress up game: Help this Sailor Moon get dress up for her upcoming fight.
  • Debugger, remove the bugs from computerDebugger, remove the bugs from computer: Oh my God, this is too terrible! There are so many bugs in
  • Cubes 3d logical gameCubes 3d logical game: the new 3D game which allows you to develop your spatial logic and imaginatio
  • Growth Commemorative Album pictures Growth Commemorative Album pictures : There are many days we should commemorate. The first day we we
  • 2010 football Jigsaw Puzzle2010 football Jigsaw Puzzle: picture has shadow of boys playing football
  • classic Black Jack card gameclassic Black Jack card game: Black Jack is a type of card game very popular among players
  • Santa Claus kart coloring pageSanta Claus kart coloring page: image of Santa riding his kart
  • advanced weapon jigsaw puzzleadvanced weapon jigsaw puzzle: The strike force of weapons is here
  • Buried Alive, Tetris inspired survive & escape arcade/ puzzle gameBuried Alive, Tetris inspired survive & escape arcade/ puzzle game: Instructions: Avoid getting squa
  • Solar Storm, ship guiding through asteroidsSolar Storm, ship guiding through asteroids: Pilot your ship through the asteroid field for as long
  • Halloween Hangman gameHalloween Hangman game: A classic hangman game with a Halloween theme for this Halloween season
  • Electro Arkanoid, new version of old gameElectro Arkanoid, new version of old game: Electro version of arcanoid.
  • Christmas Cute girl dress up gameChristmas Cute girl dress up game: Christmas is here and little Susie is waiting for everyone to com
  • World Cleaner, a cleaning and destroying gameWorld Cleaner, a cleaning and destroying game: now it is your responsibility to flatten the world
  • cute girl Audrey Dress up gamecute girl Audrey Dress up game: dress the sweet girl
  • 3d Space ping Pong3d Space ping Pong: classical pong game with 3d effects. objective is to bounce the ball between pla
  • Poke A Muscle, a zoology game to study human musclesPoke A Muscle, a zoology game to study human muscles: Poke A Muscle is a new breed of educational ga
  • Red & Blue, color arranging gameRed & Blue, color arranging game: A game where you have to make all of the colors in a row the same.
  • Ice Cream girl dress upIce Cream girl dress up: A girl will have a fun time at the country fair. She is really excited to g
  • Elf coloring page gameElf coloring page game: a cute elf's picture to paint
  • Castle Clout, damage your enemy's castleCastle Clout, damage your enemy's castle: Time the launch of your trebuchets' ammunition to cause ma
  • Box Juggler,a keep up gameBox Juggler,a keep up game: Try to keep the boxes in the air as long as you can
  • Cute Pet Nurse dress upCute Pet Nurse dress up: Pets are not afraid of ill or have an injection until seeing the cute pet n
  • Pigs On Ice, cute figure skating gamePigs On Ice, cute figure skating game: 36 levels of Ice skating madness. Play on your phone or PC. C
  • Shape Escape, avoid the deadly shapesShape Escape, avoid the deadly shapes: Try Reaching the Golden Exit with your shape in this Deceptiv
  • Kit Kat Toe, a funny tic tac toe remakeKit Kat Toe, a funny tic tac toe remake: Have you got the skills to make 3 in a row against this?
  • Industrial Tower Defense 2 gameIndustrial Tower Defense 2 game: Creeps move on multiple paths, and have 4 different spawn portals!
  • Battle Masters, a rock paper scissors based gameBattle Masters, a rock paper scissors based game: Base on Rock, Paper, Scissors rule. Chose your cha
  • boxing girl Jigsaw Puzzleboxing girl Jigsaw Puzzle: picture of a gorgeous girl in her boxing stance
  • 3D Chess game3D Chess game:a chess game in new 3d version
  • 3d space shooter game3d space shooter game: Start your journey to earth and fulfill your destiny in this semi 3D space sh
  • Branch squirrel coloring pageBranch squirrel coloring page: color the squirrel sitting on a tree branch
  • Bug Fighter, a shooting collecting gameBug Fighter, a shooting collecting game: Shoot enemies, bosses and collect extra bonus items
  • Valentines Cup Cake gameValentines Cup Cake game: Valentines Cupcakes is a happy environment game where Pink Cupcakes float
  • find The differences between the three adjacent picturesfind The differences between the three adjacent pictures: A different "spot the differences" game. T
  • cute and mini car race gamecute and mini car race game: Just like the Daytona 500!
  • Johnny Crash, a human cannonball gameJohnny Crash, a human cannonball game: Johnny Crash is all about fun and pain. Your goal as Johnny i
  • Head On Collision, a retro car driving and collecting gameHead On Collision, a retro car driving and collecting game: A great retro remake. Drive your car aro
  • 3D Rubik's Cube game3D Rubik's Cube game: Simple and convenient 3D version of a Rubik's cube with dimensions 2x2 3x3 4x4
  • Fireman Attacking enemies with fireFireman Attacking enemies with fire: destroy all enemies
  • Vaishali Apache GirlVaishali Apache Girl: This cute apachean girl is in dire need of a complete makeover and she needs y
  • 9 Ball Pool game9 Ball Pool game: 9-Ball Clear-Up - simply pot all the billiard balls 1 to 9 as fast as possible. Ge
  • Click the button for computer sakeClick the button for computer sake: Click the button to make your computer happy. Or don't click and
  • Christmas presents delivering gameChristmas presents delivering game: Deliver the Christmas Presents to the right houses.
  • Kids coloring page , color the cute ducklingsKids coloring page , color the cute ducklings: Little surprise: Kid's coloring: " Little surprise" i
  • Blow up neon ringsBlow up neon rings: blow as many groups of three or more neon rings with the same color as possible
  • Rescue The Soldier in warRescue The Soldier in war: Rescue The Soldiers without leave the hero die. This is an adaptation of

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