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  • Guess estimationGuess estimation: Think you are good at estimating stuff? Think again! The closer your guess to the
  • Bouncing BallBouncing Ball: Roll around for as long as you can, but watch out for bouncing balls!
  • space missionspace mission: Jigsaw Puzzle - space mission
  • Angry FaceAngry Face: Use your ship to save the smiley faces and find the exit.
  • No Escape From Ball And PaddleNo Escape From Ball And Paddle: Almost everyone played one of the Arkanoids. At least once. But most
  • Brick Block ProjectBrick Block Project: Use the black blocks to stop the blue brick moving off the screen, and guide it
  • Thrust IIThrust II: The Second part in the Thrust Series.
  • The Simpson RockThe Simpson Rock: The Simpson Rock ! , make the puzzle of the Simpson Saint Seyia !
  • Ultimate MierdaUltimate Mierda: Old-school shooter! The fools are the mathematicians.
  • Heart SwapHeart Swap: In the game there are a grid of hearts, you have to match the hearts by swapping them. T
  • Bride Hair DresserBride Hair Dresser: :The bride will hold on a wedding ceremony,I know you are a good hair designer,y
  • Paint splashPaint splash: Splash paint onto the canvas until there is only one color on it. You have 25 splashes
  • The Fallen PigThe Fallen Pig: A pig has jumping off an airplane in the hope of escaping slaughter. You have to esc
  • Beautiful AliceBeautiful Alice: Pick Daily Dress up for beautiful Alice
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui Jigsaw PuzzleEmmanuelle Chriqui Jigsaw Puzzle: Try To Complete The Picture Of Emmanuelle. Play Free Online Flash
  • Veronica Girl Dress upVeronica Girl Dress up: Veronica girl fashion dress up game.
  • Weather Presenter Dress upWeather Presenter Dress up: This cute and fashionable weather presenter is out there reporting the w
  • Jaguar XKR 2011Jaguar XKR 2011: Play this 6 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of Jaguar XKR 2011. Level up, difficulty inc
  • United States Geo QuestUnited States Geo Quest: Can you locate the states in the United States on the map? Put your geograp
  • Camera RageCamera Rage: Sick and tired of getting fined for maintaining what seems to be a 'reasonable speed' t
  • Marvin! Devourer of WorldsMarvin! Devourer of Worlds: Fear him! Marvin the giant world munching snake is eating up the univers
  • Prim AlarmPrim Alarm: Fred adores 2 things: Food and Sex with his wife. In 1 version of the game you have to f
  • Stunning Angelina JolieStunning Angelina Jolie: As one of the most sexy women in Hollywood and the soul mate of the most se
  • Dodge the dotsDodge the dots: Get the blue boxes, avoid the red dots..
  • Space ShooterSpace Shooter: Fight against enemies in the space.
  • Shape Em UpShape Em Up: Battle in 2d space against wave after wave of enemy shapes. Shoot and destroy them all
  • Decorate Sweet Christmas RoomDecorate Sweet Christmas Room: Mary wants to get many Christmas gifts from Santa Clause and hope he
  • Poker Square SolitairePoker Square Solitaire: An unusual solitaire game where the objective is to build the best poker han
  • Cute chimp tiger drag drop puzzleCute chimp tiger drag drop puzzle
  • Cute kitty puppy drag drop puzzleCute kitty puppy drag drop puzzle
  • cute kitty twins drag drop puzzlecute kitty twins drag drop puzzle
  • Elite Corps - Tower DefenseElite Corps - Tower Defense: Hero Tower Defense, with some new features 2 playable heroes on map, wh
  • Invaders Zero 1.1Invaders Zero 1.1: v1.1 an space invaders remake with a lot of new features, including ship upgrade
  • Pimp My Mini carPimp My Mini car: Pimp my Mini Cooper classic
  • Tiles Of The Star GateTiles Of The Star Gate: The Star Gate Game on. Click always the same images, which are at least two
  • CubyCuby: Cube is a simple puzzle game. Your objective is match the larger cubes to the littles. Only yo
  • Crazy Space ShooterCrazy Space Shooter: A vertical scroll shooter. 4 modes easy,normal,hard,prototype arcade game. The
  • Next Dot Next Dot : Europe: Connect the dots to explore Europe.
  • Carnival Tycoon - fast passCarnival Tycoon - fast pass: Become the manager of your own carnival. Build attractions, stalls and
  • keep running 2keep running 2: keep running,,avoid arrows
  • You're a genius?You're a genius?: Game to test your reaction!
  • Desktop PoolDesktop Pool: Rack up a basic game of billiards.
  • Siren of Yin Yang 2Siren of Yin Yang 2: Your father have failed the gods. It is now your turn to save the balance of th
  • Tomato automaticTomato automatic: Send your friend a funny joke, you won't get disappointed!
  • Milk itMilk it: Milk it is a fun reaction game. Milk those udder before the go SPLAT!!!!! A great game when
  • Box 2 Bounce 2Box 2 Bounce 2: B2B2 is platform game, the hero is an emote and you can move it with arrow key and s
  • TYPE MASTER!TYPE MASTER!: Type as fast as you can 10 lines! Type Master counts your personal speed, words per mi
  • Holiday Dress upHoliday Dress up: Dress up cute girl holiday dresses
  • Disco Dave's Rhythm ChallengeDisco Dave's Rhythm Challenge: Tap the arrows to score points and combos!
  • BlockadeBlockade: Navigate the numbered blocks in this innovative, intriguing and original puzzle game - as
  • Girl Room DecorGirl Room Decor: Suppose you are an interior designer, what kind of style do you prefer? Please use
  • BalloonoidBalloonoid: Bust balloons with metal balls in this pong style game.
  • Flowers For JollyFlowers For Jolly: Help Jolly and Pad gather some flowers for their birthday party.
  • Dream SortersDream Sorters: In Dream Sorters, you play as tiny, fuzzy things that are a metaphor for the clean-up
  • Drop BlockDrop Block: drop and drop the block
  • Puppy LovePuppy Love: Robert and Kristy are so in love. It's puppy love. Dress them up for a perfect day out t
  • Fashion Around the WorldFashion Around the World: Dress up in some great fashions from around the world.
  • Green SnakeGreen Snake: shoot at snakes.
  • American RacerAmerican Racer: Prepare this American super car for a race or for a 10 mile per hour ride through th
  • Same BallSame Ball: Match 3 or more Same Colored Balls in a row/column in this fun Matching Game!
  • Thorax JigsawThorax Jigsaw: A jigsaw puzzle game showing a fully annotated thorax.
  • Barbie 2010 fashionBarbie 2010 fashion: Barbie girl 2010 fashion dress up game.
  • Cyber Race multiplayer LORESCyber Race multiplayer LORES: A racing multiplayer game, with top view. Resolution is optimized for
  • MACARNAS GOLDMACARNAS GOLD: In this game it hides 20 images in square boxes. So player need to pick the same imag
  • Binki. On the chicken farm (Mobile)Binki. On the chicken farm (Mobile): You must Help Binki to catch all eggs. Gold eggs add more score
  • Canary HunterCanary Hunter: The aim of the game is to capture canaries. To do this you need to control Granny on
  • Wild EvaderWild Evader: You are a "wild evader"! Your amazing skill to evade your enemies is your only weapon t
  • B Ball Hoops Moving JigsawB Ball Hoops Moving Jigsaw: Play some hoops with this jigsaw basketball game!
  • nekonote escape 09 booknekonote escape 09 book: room escape game.
  • Flying BuffaloFlying Buffalo: funny easy side scrolling game.
  • Tile ballTile ball: Just move without touching the walls and discover how steady you are..
  • Christmas ColoringChristmas Coloring: Coloring a Christmas tree next to an fireplace. Drawing done by Vannetti Product
  • Stewardess SlackerStewardess Slacker: Can you help the Stewardess to slack off? Do not caught by the plane captain !
  • Tank 2008Tank 2008: Rebels have taken control of your planet, it's up to you to destroy them with your trusty
  • Tri peaks SolitaireTri peaks Solitaire: Enjoy summer all the year round playing free online Bahama TriPeaks solitaire g
  • Wild tiger puzzleWild tiger puzzle: Wild tiger puzzle Game.
  • Vulture ShooterVulture Shooter: Crazy shooter from Wild West! Shoot as many vultures as possible before time runs o
  • Asha's AdventuresAsha's Adventures: The Magic Globe (remake): Help Asha find the Magic Globe. With his help she would
  • Battleship PuzzleBattleship Puzzle: A simple puzzle featuring a Battleship.
  • KilsoKilso: Get the yellow square out through the bottom edge. Be fast, the clock knows no mercy!
  • Froggie the Fly CatcherFroggie the Fly Catcher: Catch as many flies as you can!
  • Decorated alphabet -1Decorated alphabet -1: Decorated alphabet coloring page game
  • Christmas Eve WishChristmas Eve Wish: It's Christmas eve. Tommy and Ruby are waiting for Santa. They are curious when
  • Long-tailed Salamander JigsawLong-tailed Salamander Jigsaw: A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring a long tailed salamander
  • Mix MonsterMix Monster: Monster Mix is a puzzle game where you build monsters out of simple shapes. Each game s
  • Jobs -1Jobs -1: Jobs coloring page game
  • Pimp My EnzoPimp My Enzo: Pimp My Enzo - car tuning.
  • Jet pack ChallengeJet pack Challenge: Jet pack challenge game. You're flying with your jet pack into the sky. Objects
  • VORTEX 2012VORTEX 2012: A fast paced, highly addictive original game with great graphics. Match gems to destroy
  • DOLLY WHACKDOLLY WHACK: In this game player shoot the dolls head which are moving from down to top. Use mouse l
  • Z Fighter AlphaZ Fighter Alpha: Z Fighter Alpha is a fun action shooter that features simple game play and awesome
  • Click Fest 4Click Fest 4: Click your way through over 15 different stages and 160 levels!
  • Space Monster! Run!Space Monster! Run!: Drupson Epsilon is a small moon orbiting Chalice Curbo. It is also a Zoo housin
  • Sue Cool Dress upSue Cool Dress up: Sue Cool Girl Dress up Game.
  • Kick BuKick Bu: "Bu" is a popular messenger emoticon in Asia. Bu's creator, Bei, has created this kick up g
  • Whack e monWhack e mon: Whack e mon is a recreation of one of the best sub-game's in Mystical Ninja on the SNES
  • 2 Best Friends Dress up2 Best Friends Dress up: Cory and Shelby are best friends and they are ready to go to a costume part
  • Mega Doll Maker Cool ChickMega Doll Maker Cool Chick: Cool Chick is the girl version of the Mega Doll Maker. You can customize

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