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  • SU-47 armySU-47 army: Jigsaw Puzzle - SU-47 army, mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Greedy Glutton Greedy Glutton : a lovely but so greedy pet. Help it to find some good foods, escaping traps, Your p
  • Contemporary car puzzleContemporary car puzzle: Contemporary car puzzle Game. use mouse for movement
  • Avatar Make UpAvatar Make Up: To participate to the First World Avatar's Contest, make her up and do her hair. Hel
  • Balloon PopBalloon Pop: How many balloons can you blow up and pop? You have to be quick in order to get the hig
  • Trendy Girl dress-upTrendy Girl dress-up: Dress up this girl in trend setting styles with various different outfits. The
  • Bricks BreakingBricks Breaking: There is a grid of bricks of different colors. When you click on a grid, all the br
  • Alien Fly HunterAlien Fly Hunter: Shoot as many flies as you can. Move and jump with the arrow keys, or with W,S,A,D
  • Digital FairyDigital Fairy: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the digital fairy. This game including 3 modes - 3x4
  • Red biplaneRed biplane: This is remake of great classic game "Sopwith". You must destroy all the enemy building
  • Smile AnnieSmile Annie: A simple shoot to score game with Emo Annie. Annie tends to go outside for a walk when
  • Santa Beauty PuzzleSanta Beauty Puzzle: Happy Christmas and play this Santa beauty jigsaw puzzle games. Use mouse to pl
  • Pixel swapPixel swap: It is necessary to click on the accumulation of pixel people. The game - puzzle. Goal of
  • Rhythm CalculusRhythm Calculus: Maths quiz meets rhythm games in, Answer math questions, typing results to the beat
  • Green Jeep SlidingGreen Jeep Sliding: Play this sliding puzzles games of the green jeep. Use mouse or arrow keys to mo
  • Fly Or Die Beta Test V1.1Fly Or Die Beta Test V1.1: Turn based multiplayer strategy game, aerial fights. Now in beta version,
  • Colorful christmas tree coloringColorful christmas tree coloring: Colorful christmas tree coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Galaxy LV1Galaxy LV1: Galaxy is the action game, this the old game but I made it for you who like this game. T
  • Jumping RabbitJumping Rabbit: Jumping Rabbit is a fun and short, yet addictive game, where your only goal is to ga
  • Double BubbleDouble Bubble: In this game there will be a number of objects appearing from the bottom of the scree
  • Energy CollectorEnergy Collector: The player control an energy collector satellite ("ECS") to search for source of e
  • BABUCO PONG 2BABUCO PONG 2: This is the second release of Babuco pong. The goal is still to hit many bubbles as y
  • Row Puzzle - BellRow Puzzle - Bell: Use your mouse to drag the columns or rows of tiles to get back the original pict
  • Gentle giraffe coloringGentle giraffe coloring: Gentle giraffe coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Turn Based BattleTurn Based Battle: Not everything is as it seems when James the Elf has the first Random Encounter o
  • Batman Dangerous buildingsBatman Dangerous buildings: Help your favorite hero Batman climbing the five dangerous towers. Bewar
  • Vector Siege Tower DefenseVector Siege Tower Defense: A cool rpg-style tower defense game with lots of unlockable stuff
  • Kung Fu Classic MahjongKung Fu Classic Mahjong: Play Kung Fu Classic Mahjong with Miss Parrot, Mr Dog and Mr Chimpanzee, an
  • Roly-Poly CannonRoly-Poly Cannon: Roly-Poly bugs have settled down in the area. It is time to show these unwanted vi
  • Fire gearFire gear: There's shoot them all game, you have good chance to kill enemies, keep alive and complet
  • Fill zone DuoFill zone Duo: Challenge other players hard A.I. to fill the board with one color by swapping the ti
  • CarverCarver: A fast action type game where you must destroy blocks, which are falling down the screen in
  • Cities, towns and villages -2Cities, towns and villages -2: Cities, towns and villages coloring page game
  • Cities, towns and villages -1Cities, towns and villages -1: Cities, towns and villages coloring page game
  • Wild GirlWild Girl: Wild Girl Using Mouse to play use mouse for movement
  • Jail Break ChallengeJail Break Challenge: Try to escape from jail avoiding the guards and his search light! Make sure yo
  • Fishing FrenzyFishing Frenzy: Fishing Frenzy tests your reflexes as you battle the clock to catch as many fish as
  • Shoe Dodge BushShoe Dodge Bush: Your Nation calls you! Be the one to take a stand and choose your shoe wisely. Play
  • Biff and Biff - Click O ManicBiff and Biff - Click O Manic: Click Biff and Baff as fast as you can. Watch the indicator to click
  • Bugs BusterBugs Buster: Many bugs you must kill all bugs for win mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Ferrari Speed RacingFerrari Speed Racing: Play great Ferrari Speed Racing, feel the adrenaline of velocity and see what
  • Home Office EscapeHome Office Escape: Now it's time to escape your home office. It's hard to escape the duties so it w
  • Winter Half Dome JigsawWinter Half Dome Jigsaw: Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring beautiful Half Done in the sno
  • Ball ScapeBall Scape: Aim and shoot all the escaping balls. If you let 10 balls out, then you will be lost. Mo
  • Grid MemoryGrid Memory: A puzzling memory tile game, watch the path drawn, then repeat the path. Can you beat a
  • Perfect Birthday CakePerfect Birthday Cake: It's your BFF's birthday today and you are going to prepare a perfect birthda
  • strategy gamestrategy game: Jigsaw Puzzle - strategy game mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Icons MatchIcons Match: Destroy icons by creating lines of 3 or more icons of the same kind. You can move the i
  • Target masterTarget master: Shoot all the targets on the screen without missing any! Click to shoot. (P to pause
  • GO! FootballGO! Football: Kick a ball as many times as you can and win a gold cup! Use mouse to kick a ball as m
  • Surf 7 playersSurf 7 players: Jigsaw Puzzle - Surf 7 players mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • World WarsWorld Wars: Take the world by force! Battle 1 to 7 opposing armies; wage war and make strategy your
  • Magic Horse JigsawMagic Horse Jigsaw: Solve this puzzle to see a mystic horse in a forest! Hurry up to be the best in
  • The flying battery gameThe flying battery game: A shooter. Shoot with space and move with arrows. press spacebar to shoot,
  • Brain testBrain test: A short test about interesting facts. Follow the in game instructions! use mouse for mov
  • Gold FishingGold Fishing: In this game there are pieces of golds and stones and you need to use the hook to catc
  • Female Servant Dress UpFemale Servant Dress Up: Female Servant Dress Up Game, Play Free Online Flash Girls Games use mouse
  • Dexy ball 2Dexy ball 2: Eat the small balls to get fat and be then able to eat the other. Movements with the mo
  • XMen All hot gameXMen All hot game: XMen with power, fighting with bad guys and here we go. Action with his Magics !!
  • Puzzles Mercedes-Benz C-ClassPuzzles Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Play this 3 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of the mercedes-benz c-class.
  • Intergalactic defenseIntergalactic defense: Do not disappoint earth - as their last line of defense! Defend the Space sta
  • halved liveshalved lives: click
  • Tuning IIITuning III: Jigsaw Puzzle - Tuning III mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Halloween Party DecorationHalloween Party Decoration: Halloween creatures are celebrating the party in Witch's house. Play to
  • LOTR TriviaLOTR Trivia: a LOTR (lord of the rings) trivia game. answer the questions
  • The Endless DropThe Endless Drop: This idea came to me one day while I was playing Fall down during class. My mind w
  • Tank FerocityTank Ferocity: a tank game.wish you like press spacebar to shoot, movement: arrow keys
  • Girls Club FashionsGirls Club Fashions: It's you who update all new kinds of fashion trends. Now you express your abili
  • Winter -1Winter -1: Winter coloring page game
  • Beautiful Gal Makeover 1Beautiful Gal Makeover 1: You are one of the only professional makeup stylists and makeover professi
  • Ben 10 All TransformationBen 10 All Transformation: Ben the master warrior of aliens
  • Summer Fashion ShowSummer Fashion Show: What should we wear at the end of this summer? The last round of summer fashion
  • Puppy WalkingPuppy Walking: Dress up this beautiful girl and choose her puppy.
  • Art ExpertArt Expert: It's a different "spot the differences". In this game you need to spot 8 differences bet
  • Little penguin coloringLittle penguin coloring: Little penguin coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Land on a Guest PlanetLand on a Guest Planet: Your satellite travels in space to land on the guest planet. Rockets are fir
  • Memory GameMemory Game: Horses!: Classic Memory Game: Match Pair of identical image. Only the cutest Horses! Ma
  • Your Quests - Out WestYour Quests - Out West: Adventure to the Wild West to search for gold!
  • Japanese FashionJapanese Fashion: In this dress up game, you fully customize a girl's look, then dress her in the la
  • Ded MazayDed Mazay: rescue hares, having selected them in boat. movement: arrow keys
  • Pet LoverPet Lover: Take a relaxing day with your animals after a long hard week at work. Before you can rela
  • Pearl ExploderPearl Exploder: its a tetris like game.You must destroy the incoming pearls.To eliminate pearls you
  • Caramel Ice CreamCaramel Ice Cream: This is incredible ice cream bursting with caramel flavor. Follow the chef instru
  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger QuizThe Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz: Test your knowledge and try this great Arnold Schwarzenegger quiz. H
  • CrusherCrusher: Jump over blocks and mines and avoid being flattened by the Crusher. spacebar to jump,movem
  • Catch The PancakesCatch The Pancakes: Try to catch all the falling pancakes! can you beat the high score?
  • White Horse Jigsaw PuzzleWhite Horse Jigsaw Puzzle: 12, 24, 48, 64 and 99 pieces jigsaw white horse puzzle. Use mouse to drag
  • Beauties & Cars Puzzles 2Beauties & Cars Puzzles 2: Choose number of the row and the column as you like. Then Click 'Start' t
  • SeasonsSeasons: Seasons is a slow-paced, story-driven platform adventure game about the power of imaginatio
  • Tramp Tramp : Go-to-distance addicting high score game with original game play and possibility to create y
  • Warrior QuestWarrior Quest: Warrior sets off on a path to save his people from enemies, on the way there will be
  • Euro 2008Euro 2008: Euro 2008 Tournament, Penalty Kicks. Play With The Mouse. mouse click to shoot, euro 2008
  • Mini GolfMini Golf: Play mini golf on 17 different fields. Put the ball in the hole in possible small amount
  • Petty car slide puzzlePetty car slide puzzle: Petty car slide puzzle Game. use mouse for movement
  • Little FarmLittle Farm: Have a down-home good time at Little Farm, where you'll use your puzzle-solving and mat
  • Stellar ConflictsStellar Conflicts: A real-time multiplayer flash game, where players pilot a space ship in a multius
  • Spring WindsSpring Winds: Spring winds shook the nests and baby birds are falling! Help by catching them before
  • Porsche 911 SpeedsterPorsche 911 Speedster: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of porsche 911 speedster. This game including 3
  • Apocalypse Warrior Mad MaxApocalypse Warrior Mad Max: 20 levels of massacre in post apocalyptic mad max world. 5 camps. Best 3

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