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  • Fantasy Place & UnicornFantasy Place & Unicorn: Play this 16 pieces jigsaw puzzle games of the fantasy place & the unicorn.
  • Mongada 3Mongada 3: A great game in a anti white color world avoid the white, collect the blue
  • Cuddly Anime KidsCuddly Anime Kids: These poor Anime Kids are out in the rain, because its so dull out you should dre
  • FisherFisher: Collect schools of 3 fish at a time before your engulfed by the large school of fish. Use th
  • Japanese SlotsJapanese Slots: The man, who stands in the foreground of the picture you see, is the strongest and t
  • Monkey DinerMonkey Diner: After 4 years of hard studying , you need a vacation. But your study was so expensive
  • Hidden Numbers - SidneyHidden Numbers - Sidney: Hidden object game Hidden object numbers Sidney
  • Super girl puzzleSuper girl puzzle: Super girl puzzle Game.
  • Shining mineShining mine: Match-3 game. Try to remove as many bombs as you can before a bomb will explode
  • life of a KILLER WORMlife of a KILLER WORM: get to the portal quick, use arrow keys and space bar to find the portal. spa
  • Mercenary CampMercenary Camp: Prologue: 3D First Person Shooter (3D FPS) with many types of enemies, weapons and s
  • Beach SunsetBeach Sunset: A fabulous sunset, the beach, the sea and plenty of cute clothes to choose from - what
  • Hotel DefenseHotel Defense: Shoot all the mobsters before they can get to the Hotel. Use the mouse to aim and fir
  • Bird Blaster HunterBird Blaster Hunter: The ducks are flying by, shoot them see how many you can blast from the sky
  • AsteroidsAsteroids: Classic Asteroid Game play. Arrow to move. UP to thrust Z to fire M Music on-off M: Music
  • Sweet Girl Shining RoomSweet Girl Shining Room: Kara stays at home alone today. She cleaned up her bedroom floor, made the
  • Fashion Swimsuit DivaFashion Swimsuit Diva: Fun In The Sun: Use your fashion wits to come up with some great swimsuit des
  • Halloween PuzzleHalloween Puzzle: An addicting puzzle game where you can earn points by matching 3 or more of the sa
  • Lady Gaga Dress UpLady Gaga Dress Up: The Star Pop Lady Gaga, needs help from you, she can't decide what to wear tonig
  • Jaguar XKR SpeedJaguar XKR Speed: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of Jaguar XKR Speed. This game including 3 modes - 4
  • Sponge Bob 10th Anniversary Jigsaw PuzzleSponge Bob 10th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle: Sponge Bob 10th Anniversary jigsaw puzzle. 42 pieces. Enj
  • Peg Solitaire PackPeg Solitaire Pack: In this game pack the player can play four type of boards in 3 game modes. Norma
  • Shotgun Princess IIShotgun Princess II: Goblin Prison!: a quirky and fun escape game. In this sequel to the popular hit
  • Easter Egg Dress UpEaster Egg Dress Up: Do you like to paint and decorate Easter eggs? If so, here's the game for you.
  • Zebra aka Einstein's PuzzleZebra aka Einstein's Puzzle: Challenge your brain and solve these 10 demanding Zebra aka Einsteins'
  • Rock Band SimonRock Band Simon: Remember the drums melody to play with our music group in a concert
  • BallBall: Ball is a Breakout clone with confusing moving backgrounds and odd block formations to test ev
  • Real sim girl 1Real sim girl 1: Totally new sim dating game! It is not an easy to find a girlfriend, but sometimes
  • Night DriftingNight Drifting: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the night drifting car. This game including 3 modes
  • Super G BobSuper G Bob: Super G Bob is a funny cartoon shooting game. There are 10 levels with cool and funny t
  • Flying HeartsFlying Hearts: Classical shooter. Shoot the balloons and earn points. mouse click to shoot,
  • Alien Wheel AdventureAlien Wheel Adventure: Wheel and Gravity game in which you must move throw this alien world to the e
  • Star Pumper v1.0Star Pumper v1.0: Drag and throw the stars back to their place
  • Light CubedLight Cubed: Light Cubed is a simple, pick-up-and-play game that's easy to learn and difficult to ma
  • Rabbit eats fruit coloringRabbit eats fruit coloring: Rabbit eats fruit coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Xmas TargetsXmas Targets: Shoot all the Xmas targets to get the best high score to win! Clear all the targets in
  • Degrassi Guy dress-up - Jimmy, Marco, Peter & SeanDegrassi Guy dress-up - Jimmy, Marco, Peter & Sean: dress-up Marco, Peter, Sean and Jimmy in this De
  • Bridge Thing Level 2Bridge Thing Level 2: You need to build the bridge to get the creatures to the other side. The secon
  • Mad DonMad Don: The player should kill the villains using the keys A,S,D,W to move the don and using the mo
  • Ball RainBall Rain: You have to balance a tennis racket while different balls falling from the sky. Catch ten
  • Yellow Car & BeautyYellow Car & Beauty: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the yellow car & beauty. This game including 3
  • Dr. Kill joyDr. Kill joy: Is Dr. Kill joy correct in killing the zombies? You decide and play accordingly. Dr. K
  • Lady Gaga in ConcertLady Gaga in Concert: Dress up Lady Gaga for her concert!
  • Darts ChampionDarts Champion: Our Sports Game Competition winner! Hurl darts at the board in this drunken rag doll
  • Kiz - Critter EscapeKiz - Critter Escape: Simon Welk's mad scientists love to experiment on Muck Critters.One lucky crit
  • Super Tic Tac ToeSuper Tic Tac Toe: Make the three pins to be 1 line click the box
  • GhostGhost: Ghost: a word game about avoiding the inevitable end. Can you help free a ghost, trapped in t
  • Puzzle Children at Christmas - 1Puzzle Children at Christmas - 1: Children at Christmas Puzzle page game
  • Conquerors of the islandConquerors of the island: The game is based on the ancient game Ludo. The main objective is to lead
  • Truck ColoringTruck Coloring: Truck Coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Harem DefenseHarem Defense: You have a bow and a small hut, and nothing else. Your goal is to get 10 wives. Go to
  • BashBash: Bash the rocks on the monsters collect the coins and avoid/jump the spikes see if you can scor
  • Sneaky DifferencesSneaky Differences: Your mission is to use your sneaky skills to find the 10 differences in each pho
  • Fish Tank BombFish Tank Bomb: Secrets star balls are falling constantly into the fish tank. Miss Judy wants to col
  • Switch BoardSwitch Board: The object of this game is to turn all the squares white. When you click on a square,
  • Soldier FortuneSoldier Fortune: You must try it, use left Mouse Button for shooting, mouse click to shoot
  • Alci LifterAlci Lifter: See how many times you can grab the alci in 60 seconds Use the arrow down key to grab t
  • Johnny Catch - iPhone EditionJohnny Catch - iPhone Edition: Help little Johnny to catch the snow flakes in the right oder of thei
  • Dangerous tripDangerous trip: Extreme car racing. You must avoid damage. And kept on track, as long as possible. A
  • Hot Beach WaitressHot Beach Waitress: Give the hot beach waitress the hottest fashion style
  • The Crazy StuntThe Crazy Stunt: an awesome adventurous game on bike stunts! Using Arrow Keys, Key Left--Move Left,
  • Math sudoku like ChallengeMath sudoku like Challenge: This fun and challenging math based puzzler is similar to Sudoku. Arrang
  • GangsGangs: A new gang is trying to take over your turf, Pull out your 45 and waste those suckers!! press
  • TM trainer gunsTM trainer guns: Jigsaw Puzzle - TM trainer guns, mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Caribbean Fashion Swimsuit Dress UpCaribbean Fashion Swimsuit Dress Up: Dress up this swimsuit fashion model walking on the beach in th
  • TAOFEWA - Fire Skeleton - Chibi Coloring Game (Stance 01)TAOFEWA - Fire Skeleton - Chibi Coloring Game (Stance 01): Color a chibi version of the TAOFEWA mang
  • Velocity XVelocity X: Put your driving skills to the ultimate test as you defend Monument City from a criminal
  • cool girlcool girl: Mouse control. Dress up this puck girl with cool and funky clothes!
  • Attack of the BugsAttack of the Bugs: Collect the timed boxed with your mouse while avoiding the angry red Bug . Grab
  • Kingdom of far far awayKingdom of far far away: A story from a Kingdom of far far away, follow the journey of a brave warri
  • Ultimate Pong Fighters (Online)Ultimate Pong Fighters (Online): Ultimate Pong Fighters (Online) is a MO game where the object is to
  • CollectivizationCollectivization: A fun strategy game, that is easy to learn yet a challenge to play. Conquer 50%+ o
  • RubikRubik: Rotate the rows so that each of the faces of the cube has only a single color. Click the arro
  • Conga LineConga Line: Help an alien race known as the Congar Conga around obstacles in search of their missing
  • School of WizardrySchool of Wizardry: Magic Kit Coloring: Are you, the student of the secret School of Wizardry, ready
  • Grab the CamelGrab the Camel: Help the little ball to get the camel, avoid the other enemies balls. Use the arrow
  • Deep PearlDeep Pearl: Though this one is only another Bubble Puzzle logic skill game, it's a brilliant time ki
  • pattern gamepattern game: a game were you must find the pattern. input the correct numbers for the pattern.
  • sploder 3 pack 01sploder 3 pack 01: Sploder 3 packs are super-fun sets of the best games made by the members of Splod
  • 2009 Internet Olympic Games2009 Internet Olympic Games: 2008 Summer Olympics Results: 1. China 2. United States of America 3. R
  • Xmas Room DecorXmas Room Decor: Decorate the room for Christmas and get in the holiday spirit!
  • CarCar: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the car. This game including 3 modes - 3x4 pieces, 4x5 pieces
  • Blum Make UpBlum Make Up: Make-Up Cute Girl Blum. use mouse for movement
  • ReverbReverb: an omni-directional shooter revolving around time manipulation. Not only can the user draw b
  • Delta RiddleDelta Riddle: The "Delta Riddle" is a puzzle game with 25 levels of addictive challenge, extremely s
  • Lise Costume Dress UpLise Costume Dress Up: Lise Costume Dress Up Game, Lise Costume Clothes and Dresses Game Played With
  • Lian Lian Kan 3Lian Lian Kan 3: link the same pictures.
  • MuseMuse: You are a fly which is trapped in a house. Your goal is to escape from it. Try to interact wit
  • Racing Car Jigsaw Puzzle 2Racing Car Jigsaw Puzzle 2: 25 Piece Jigsaw of a Dramatic Car Race. Try to complete the puzzle as qu
  • JigsawJigsaw: Dandelion: Blow and see what happens.
  • Forest SafariForest Safari: A little forest where we can see some animals, but they are very shy: take a photo be
  • Bug SwatBug Swat: How many bugs can you swat in 30 seconds in this fun little arcade game. Different colored
  • Funky HairstylesFunky Hairstyles: Anyone knows what it's like to feel moody, just because you had a bad hair day. We
  • Mix & Christmas matchMix & Christmas match: "Mix & Christmas" is a Christmas themed match-three arcade style video game.
  • Mighty Bob Knows it allMighty Bob Knows it all: Ask mighty bob your question and he will do what he can to answer it! Ask b
  • 33 miners33 miners: The game of the Chile miners.rescue the 33 miners that spent 69 days underground Use your

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