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  • VaaltaaVaaltaa: Control your Aircraft to Avoid the obstacles and go to the next Level Shoot your enemy to g
  • Bakugan JigsawBakugan Jigsaw: Bakugan jigsaw puzzle - 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together. Dr
  • Happy Girl In Her VillaHappy Girl In Her Villa: Choose from several fashionable clothes and accessories to dress this prett
  • Hamburger DesignerHamburger Designer: Design a big Beefy Cheesy Burger, when your happy with the results, see what the
  • Sudoku Playtime beSudoku Playtime be: Sudoku is a popular logical game with easy rules. In this game you will be given
  • Electric motorcycle puzzleElectric motorcycle puzzle: Electric motorcycle puzzle Game. use mouse for movement
  • Extreme Ping PongExtreme Ping Pong: This is just a fun and intense Ping Pong game. Not for the light hearted! Theres
  • Snail Alert 2Snail Alert 2: Snail Alert 2 is a funny and addictive game in which your objective is to keep a subt
  • Pook Sweep is similar to Mine Sweeper. Your goal is to NOT pick the Pookies (Mines) hidden under thePook Sweep is similar to Mine Sweeper. Your goal is to NOT pick the Pookies (Mines) hidden under the
  • Dacia Duster Car ColoringDacia Duster Car Coloring: Dacia Duster, Online Car Coloring-Painting Game. use mouse for movement
  • Naurto super puzzle jigsawNaurto super puzzle jigsaw: Naurto super puzzle jigsaw mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Garrik in JungleGarrik in Jungle: In this small but rather fascinating game you are to collect all the fruits on thi
  • Holden Coupe 60 Concept Jigsaw PuzzleHolden Coupe 60 Concept Jigsaw Puzzle: 32 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle of Holden Coupe 60 Concept use mouse f
  • gun wieldergun wielder: glock series: a series of gun challenge that test players ability to wield all sort of
  • Rosy CB Jungle BearRosy CB Jungle Bear: Rosy Coloring Book. Color the picture and print it out. use mouse for movement
  • cute monkey coloring gamecute monkey coloring game: cute monkey coloring game
  • SnakesSnakes: The game purpose, for taken away time to eat it is as much as possible mice and to grow up a
  • The TowerThe Tower: Just a short point and click game. use mouse for movement
  • Stylish Cute girlStylish Cute girl: This stylish cute girl loves her dog and is going to go out with her cute dog.Now
  • Flowers EscapeFlowers Escape: You are trapped in a bedroom. Find objects and clues in order to escape.
  • Gazzyboy ATM Part 2 EscapeGazzyboy ATM Part 2 Escape: you came for the ATM to with draw cash and got locked inside the ATM cen
  • flower matchingflower matching: Swap flowers in a quick match 3 game. You have to swap the flowers.
  • RollRoll: Use the yellow ball to Roll around popping and sinking the reds. Can you complete the challeng
  • Winter Fashion CreatorWinter Fashion Creator: Dress up the cute girl with winter clothes and accessories
  • ValentineValentine: Use mouse to shoot arrow.Shoot both hearts together to make a match. Use mouse to shoot a
  • Warrior PrincessWarrior Princess: Princess Atena is not only beautiful and stylish but also a seasoned warrior - dre
  • Anime girl dress upAnime girl dress up: Anime girl dress up game
  • Aces Up SolitaireAces Up Solitaire: Feeling lucky? Place your bet and pocket plenty! Remove all the cards by clicking
  • Trailer Truck gameTrailer Truck game: Jigsaw Puzzle - Trailer Truck game use mouse for movement
  • key Athlonkey Athlon: Test your finger reflexes in this exciting rhythm game! key Athlon is quite easy to play
  • love Make Uplove Make Up: All Beauty Make Up and Make Over Games . use mouse for movement
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Jigsaw PuzzleFord Mustang Shelby GT500 Jigsaw Puzzle: 32 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle of Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 use mou
  • Muffin QuestMuffin Quest: Many stories of old tell of a hero, who, with his magical caviar, slay an almighty dra
  • mac man mac man : a pacman game for
  • School Bus Frenzy PuzzleSchool Bus Frenzy Puzzle: Complete the puzzle as fast as you can. Slide the piece to complete your p
  • JigsawJigsaw: Arch Ruins: Stone arches build in ancient times.
  • So Pretty VivianSo Pretty Vivian: The pretty Vivian is ready for a night on the town with her friends! And tonight s
  • Romantic CoupleRomantic Couple: Have you ever tried Romantic Couple Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortabl
  • Brilliant BlocksBrilliant Blocks: Think quick and drop the blocks to match either numbers or colors in this fun puzz
  • PlummetPlummet: Plummeting to certain death, all you can hope for is to die with the highest score! Flap yo
  • sport car coloringsport car coloring: sport car coloring
  • Sweetened Darkness - PopsicleSweetened Darkness - Popsicle: Freely mess around with materials you can mix and match to create uni
  • Kids ScapeKids Scape: This game is for Kids to train their abilities with the mouse. Very fun and easy to play
  • Nitro Car TuningNitro Car Tuning: Nitro car designed specially for racing and drag race. The tuning elements will gi
  • Bianca girl dress-upBianca girl dress-up: Bianca girl dress-up game. use mouse for movement
  • Zombie RampageZombie Rampage: Kill all the zombies in a level and go to next level. If you complete five levels yo
  • Toss The CoinToss The Coin: To prove who is the boss, All you gotta do is, toss. All you have to do is put the co
  • Mother's Day Coloring BookMother's Day Coloring Book: Mother's Day Coloring Book
  • Coco nudgeCoco nudge: Coconut harvesters have taken you from your homeland. Roll your coconut back home throug
  • Rotating BallsRotating Balls: Drive these little rotating balls through some obstacles to reach the safe area. Thr
  • Little ShooterLittle Shooter: Little Shooter is a funny shooting game of collecting mangoes by a little boy with h
  • Charming BeautyCharming Beauty: Have you ever tried Charming Beauty Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortabl
  • Yellow swift car coloringYellow swift car coloring: Yellow swift car coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Vanessa Hudgens Dress UpVanessa Hudgens Dress Up: This actress and singer played Gabriella Montez in the very popular movie
  • Are you RealAre you Real: Fun quiz to see if you are for real the higher you score the more real you are
  • Secret Picture - Nonogram PuzzleSecret Picture - Nonogram Puzzle: Nonogram or Paint by Numbers puzzle known also as "Japanese puzzle
  • Make Christmas CookiesMake Christmas Cookies: Make some delicious Christmas themed cookies!
  • Two Hearts BETATwo Hearts BETA: This is the beta version of my platform game, Two Hearts. There are five playable l
  • Chinese Wedding makeoverChinese Wedding makeover: This game is all about a lovely Asian girl getting married. Help her choos
  • MAZE RACEMAZE RACE: Aim of the game is to reach the finish point before the enemy. Use your arrow keys to mov
  • Baby -1Baby -1: Baby coloring page game
  • Stupid TankStupid Tank: My first shooter game. You should destroy falling bombs using tank's gun Move-arrows, s
  • TWO MINUTES COLOR PANICTWO MINUTES COLOR PANIC: Fire the same colored blocks at the falling blocks. Us the mouse to guide y
  • Zen TrailsZen Trails: Journey along the Zen Trails. Be one with the universe. Use the arrow keys make your way
  • Cowgirl SweetieCowgirl Sweetie: Jenny loves horse riding and spending time around her parent's farm - cowgirl fashi
  • Tower BuilderTower Builder: Use the falling bricks to build the highest building on earth! :) Currently the highe
  • Blonde BeautyBlonde Beauty: Blonde Beauty Dress Up Game. use mouse for movement
  • Harry Potter makeoverHarry Potter makeover: Harry potter has come to you to give him a complete makeover before he return
  • Destroy The InvadersDestroy The Invaders: Our planet is under alien attack and you are the only person who can stop it.
  • GlobsGlobs: Globs is a simple game where you match colors to merge Globs and get massive points. It's rea
  • Flip StarFlip Star: Can you solve all starfish-flipping puzzles? When you click on a star, it will change the
  • Flat Pack FrankieFlat Pack Frankie: Tetris with body parts! left and right to move, up to rotate. Down to drop. : ,
  • Blast Off BunniesBlast Off Bunnies: Blast as many bunnies into deep space as you can! Collect money, buy upgrades and
  • Shark Coloring 1Shark Coloring 1: In this free flash coloring book style game you get to add some color to a great w
  • PongPong: Battle against the computer in a game of pong. Gray part of your pad will decrease in size eve
  • Terrific car puzzleTerrific car puzzle: Terrific car puzzle Game. use mouse for movement
  • Lemonade Stand DeluxeLemonade Stand Deluxe: Welcome young entrepreneur! Your objective is to make as much money as you ca
  • Traca-TracaTraca-Traca: a classic game. you are going to catch the yellow circle and then move it, circles goin
  • Rock paper Scissors RevolutionRock paper Scissors Revolution: A new game combines element of classic rock-paper-scissor game with
  • JigsawJigsaw: Monet Bridge: Blue Monet Bridge in a beautiful garden.
  • Slip SteelSlip Steel: Get to the end of the steel maze by controlling your dot with the arrow keys. movement:
  • Bug EatBug Eat: Control Bug and eat green fly. Move with arrow keys, run away from butterfly. movement: arr
  • 3D Car And Maze 23D Car And Maze 2: You are lost in a maze with a sport car and you must escape. You are lost in a ma
  • Rally Racer 2Rally Racer 2: Race to the limit, go faster than man has ever gone before in Rally Racer 2. movement
  • Shuriken ShowdownShuriken Showdown: Throw shurikens, smash targets and unleash kunai in this fun skill/ puzzle game!
  • Drifting Infinity EX30dDrifting Infinity EX30d: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the drifting infinity ex30d. This game inc
  • StorytellersStorytellers: The ultimate storytelling experience. Write stories with authors all over the world an
  • Christmas Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Jigsaw Puzzle: Little girl, her favorite teddy bear, beautifully decorated Christmas Tree
  • World Cup Soccer 2010World Cup Soccer 2010: Training: Think you were good enough to compete in the 2010 world cup? Use yo
  • Maria House DecorationMaria House Decoration: Maria House Decoration Game, Maria House Decor Games, Maria House makeover u
  • Nuke ItNuke It: Nuke It is an original, one-click casual game. Turn your microwave into a dark matter gener
  • bubble in my garden 2bubble in my garden 2: Bubble in my garden 2 has more enemies like birds, a bee and falling leaves.
  • Puzzle boxPuzzle box: I am Puzzle Box. Copy my numbers. Can you copy all of them? Use your number keys. 1: 1,
  • Waste landerWaste lander: An endless war destroyed the world Cities gone into flames and people started to feed
  • X-Man WolverineX-Man Wolverine: Fight for justice fight for good , its time to end this war !
  • Mobster Whack-A-MoleMobster Whack-A-Mole: A first-person shooter where your job is to rid the city of its' mob infestati
  • The ESP Machine (Precognition)The ESP Machine (Precognition): Practice the skill of Precognition!Find out if your ESP ability is t
  • Save the dinosaurSave the dinosaur: In Save the dinosaur you have to help a little dinosaur to staying alive. Use the

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