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  • Bathing Baby dress up gameBathing Baby dress up game
  • One way WormholeOne way Wormhole: Blast your way through opposing traffic in FPS-style! Well done, you entered a one
  • Sky helicopter 2Sky helicopter 2: back with more levels and new themed levels. Not to mention new music bigger playi
  • Escape the Purple Room GameEscape the Purple Room Game: Escape the Purple Room Game is another new point and click type room es
  • Tools -1Tools -1: Tools coloring page game
  • CascadeCascade: Move gems around the board, aligning 3 or more gems in a row or column, then trigger a casc
  • Christmas BlackjackChristmas Blackjack: A fun, addicting Christmas themed game of Blackjack! Standard Blackjack rules.
  • Sultan PatienceSultan Patience: Reunite the Sultan with his harem in this card game.Cards can be moved from the was
  • Nice elephant coloringNice elephant coloring: Nice elephant coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Evil Space Station 3Evil Space Station 3: Destroy the evil space station before it destroys the earth, and its spacecraf
  • Phlegm ThrowerPhlegm Thrower: Challenge the law of gravity in this fun,addicting and score-based game of phlegm th
  • The Last AircraftThe Last Aircraft: Survive the last aircraft. cause you're the last pilot in this mission. to defeat
  • Whack a Difference (Facebook)Whack a Difference (Facebook): Each time you need to whack the one with a picture that is different.
  • cool girl dress-upcool girl dress-up: dress-up game fo girls use mouse for movement
  • Snowfall in 2010 PuzzlesSnowfall in 2010 Puzzles: Heavy snowfall in 2010. It has caused a lot of trouble world-wide. But it
  • Crazy BoxCrazy Box: Move the boxed to market positions
  • Innocent dress-upInnocent dress-up: Drag and Drop dress-up game featuring the Dollz Mania base. Drag and drop to play
  • Stone daleStone dale: Sneaky is after stolen jewels. You must enter into the house and find all of the stolen
  • I, LifesaverI, Lifesaver: In this game you must roll the lifebuoy to the beautiful rag doll to save her. You hav
  • Taylor Dress UpTaylor Dress Up: Taylor Dress Up Game, Taylor Fashion Girls Games, Play Taylor Dresses, All New dres
  • You Only Live Once You Only Live Once : "You Only Live Once" - now 50% smaller! Japanese dub has been removed, and file
  • Selena Gomez makeoverSelena Gomez makeover: Choose hair, make-up, clothes and accessories for the talented actress Selena
  • Sky FarmSky Farm: use mouse to move little cow use mouse to move little cow
  • Car PuzzleCar Puzzle: Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click o
  • Gorgeous Flower MakeupGorgeous Flower Makeup: Mouse control. This cute girl is going to a party. She wants to look eye- ca
  • Evil botsEvil bots: Destroy the EVIL BOTS Collect all the secret plans about the new intelligent evil cpu. Sa
  • Angel Doll Dress UpAngel Doll Dress Up: Dress up the angel doll from heaven!
  • Echoes of the pastEchoes of the past: Point and Click adventure, mystery game. use mouse for movement
  • Super TchalloSuper Tchallo: move with the mouse and eat click energy to jump
  • Acid FlyAcid Fly: Use acid fly to catch cannon balls. DON'T let the cannon balls hit the ground and keep tha
  • Puzzle Christmas landscapes - 1Puzzle Christmas landscapes - 1: Christmas landscapes Puzzle page game
  • Desperate DefenderDesperate Defender: When hell breaks loose you must defend your planet from devils, flying frogs and
  • SeesawSeesaw: A fun arcade classic. Join the sky balls as they jump up and down on a seesaw in the clouds
  • BilliardsBilliards: A simplified game of Billiards, or Pool as it's also known. You must all the red balls be
  • Bakugan Puzzle CollectionBakugan Puzzle Collection: Bakugan puzzle collection game.Have fun You can play with your mouse and
  • Manic MinerManic Miner: Manic Miner is a faithful remake of the old school classic of the same name originally
  • collecting with rocketcollecting with rocket: Try to get all points with your rocket before being killed Use your arrow ke
  • Young Artist of YearYoung Artist of Year: Have you ever tried Young Artist of Year Dresses? You would be really gentle,
  • Aztec Mind 2Aztec Mind 2: In ancient Aztec, you must navigate the sacred piece out of the tomb! Try to beat your
  • Spring Hat Dress UpSpring Hat Dress Up: Spring Hat Dress Up: Choose for the girl a nice spring dress and hat. use mouse
  • Blob DashBlob Dash: Enemy dodging, baby rescuing game.
  • Messy ShapesMessy Shapes: Box2D-Match3 game. Sounds crazy? It is! Give it a try! Messy Shapes sends a stream of
  • Deep Sea DiverDeep Sea Diver: Explore the oceans of the world looking for the 10 ancient relics. Use the arrow key
  • Chinese DinnerChinese Dinner: Use sharp shooting and ace piloting to evade the sadistic and merciless "Bouncing Ch
  • Man cycleMan cycle: Get as far as you can with Man cycle, don't run out of energy, collect food to fuel your
  • Globetrotter with ColorsGlobetrotter with Colors: Find famous cities worldwide and improve your geographic skills. Click as
  • Black beard's Island DeluxeBlack beard's Island Deluxe: Fire your cannon at the cannon balls and match colors to eliminate them
  • Heart of IceHeart of Ice: Explore a vast icy kingdom and defeat mysterious creatures in this epic platform . - A
  • PuzzlePuzzle: The Simpsons family: Puzzle The Simpsons family mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Snake mazeSnake maze: Puzzle game with simple graphics and increasingly tough mazes. 8 episodes, and 40 levels
  • Break it 3Break it 3: Use the mouse to guide your bat and deflect the balls into the bricks. Smash all the bri
  • Can you make the mazeCan you make the maze: you will need to go through 6 amazing maze to win the game movement: arrow ke
  • Cute Porky PigCute Porky Pig: The cuter pig is,the better i love it.Dress up the lovely cute pig,it will take more
  • Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowVictoria's Secret Fashion Show: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is one of the hottest fashion sho
  • AerozAeroz: Eat the red balls with your dragon kite ! use mouse for movement
  • My Little Flower PrincessMy Little Flower Princess: Pick out a dress and jewelry for this cute flower princess. You should ma
  • Easter PhysicsEaster Physics: Easter themed physics game. Get the eggs to fall into the baskets of the same color
  • Pizza DecorationPizza Decoration: Discover a new delicious pizza recipe. A game for kids who enjoys preparing Italia
  • Rooftop JumperRooftop Jumper: Free running along rooftops Use the arrow keys to move left right and jump movement:
  • land survival land survival : shoot them up all the explosive materials that are falling on the top. Don't allow t
  • Cool Girl dress-upCool Girl dress-up: Cool Fashion Girl Dress up game. use mouse for movement
  • Radioactive ButterflyRadioactive Butterfly: Atomic destruction on a minuscule scale. Blast the bugs! Use your energy wise
  • Pepper BouncePepper Bounce: Hurry and help some feisty hot peppers escape becoming salsa. Use your spatula to bou
  • Kid's coloringKid's coloring: Toyota Corolla: Kid's coloring: "Toyota" is free coloring game. Choose a color and c
  • Key to DoorKey to Door: A simple single staged game in which the challenges get increasingly difficult. Think y
  • Toxic EvasionToxic Evasion: Mouse evader game where you can use special attacks and fix cracks in the broken toxi
  • Fruit dropFruit drop: this is a fruit game you will like it only your mouse and click The left mouse button ,y
  • FWG PursuitFWG Pursuit: You've just robbed a bank and your objective is to race around the city streets in your
  • rhino ballrhino ball: In a basketball addicted country, I just had to contribute something to my community. He
  • Derby DriverDerby Driver: You have entered a local demolition derby tournament, and must take out all opposing v
  • Kids Farm ColoringKids Farm Coloring: A new farm coloring game. Apply colors to the farmers from the right side, also
  • Brave soccer 2010Brave soccer 2010: Jigsaw Puzzle - Brave soccer 2010 mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Superb car coloringSuperb car coloring: Superb car coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Wizard HazardWizard Hazard: Ron the wizard drank a spoonful of portion everyday to keep himself young. These port
  • Music FallMusic Fall: Play Music Fall, an innovative kind of rhythm-based game play that will make you rethink
  • Pretty Charming BridePretty Charming Bride: Romantic wedding is the dream and wish of each girl. Of course, everything of
  • super farmer life adventuresuper farmer life adventure: Help your daddy to dispel monsters attacked your daddy farmland. You ar
  • Sweet snowman coloringSweet snowman coloring: Sweet snowman coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Treasure of Big Totem 5Treasure of Big Totem 5: This time, Victoria must reveal the mystery behind the waterfall to continu
  • ShellsShells: Memorize the sequence in which the crystals glow, then carefully repeat it while avoiding ac
  • Pairs GamePairs Game: A classic game of pairs, also known as Flip Flop. Find all ten pairs of cards within the
  • Hansel and GretelHansel and Gretel: Once upon a time, on the edge of a great forest, there lived a very poor woodcutt
  • Puzzles Jaguar XKR SpeedPuzzles Jaguar XKR Speed: Play this 3 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of jaguar xkr speed. Level up, diff
  • Quarterback PaloozaQuarterback Palooza: You are the teams best quarterback with some work on your aim by chucking footb
  • Tiger ForceTiger Force: Is the force of the forest , the tiger jigsaw
  • The Jumper 2The Jumper 2: New chapter of the great extreme adventures of sky-diver. Test yourself and save as ma
  • Puzzle Dakar 2011 Argentina ChilePuzzle Dakar 2011 Argentina Chile: Dakar 2011 Argentina Chile Puzzle page game
  • Celine girl Dress upCeline girl Dress up: Celine girl Dress up Game. use mouse for movement
  • JigsawJigsaw: Autumn Leafs: Colorful bunch of leafs right before the snow is coming and making everything
  • Lying Asian GirlLying Asian Girl: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the lying asian girl. This game including 3 modes
  • Premiership Football QuizPremiership Football Quiz: Test your knowledge of Premiership Football in this 20 question quiz. The
  • Decorate the officeDecorate the office: Decorate the office mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Mystic SquareMystic Square: Fascinating, very exciting, casual game based on classic fifteen puzzle with a few le
  • Bubble ManiaBubble Mania: Nice bubble shooter game. Play this Bubbles game with high score. Connect 3 or more bu
  • Quick SwitchQuick Switch: You will need quick reactions if you wish to successfully activate the platforms and g
  • Balls 3Balls 3: Lets see who can Make a high Score Use mouse left click
  • Best Friends BratsBest Friends Brats: Jasmin, Hope and Amy have been best friends their whole lives! Dress the girls u
  • Perilous VoyagePerilous Voyage: Controls Movement - Arrow Keys Fire Cannons - Space Make your way down a perilous s

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