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  • Ben 10 vs RobotsBen 10 vs Robots: Ben 10 is trapped in another dimension by Vilgax. Help Ben 10 to find the exit wit
  • The Astro DuckThe Astro Duck: Help the astro duck to reach the moon !
  • Exciting car coloringExciting car coloring: Exciting car coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Hyper Space Wars 4Hyper Space Wars 4: Fight off the alien fleet in the 4th installment of Hyperspace Wars. Use mouse a
  • ClimateClimate: Stave off ecological catastrophe for as long as you can in this quirky arcade shooter. Move
  • Yakuza ApplicantYakuza Applicant: Be a master at cutting fingertips off, for joining the Yakuza. - THE SCORES DO WOR
  • Mermaid MakerMermaid Maker: Fully customize the gorgeous mermaid of your dreams.Choose her facial features, skin
  • Sky BlockSky Block: Sky Block is a side scroller game where the object is to jump on blocks - created by clic
  • Typing MonsterTyping Monster: Type in the magic spells to destroy the monster! In this game you need to fight agai
  • Pinocchio Coloring BookPinocchio Coloring Book: A coloring book of Pinocchio and Geppeto. A coloring book of Pinocchio and
  • Swann Insurance MotorbikeSwann Insurance Motorbike: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the Swann Insurance Motorbike. This game
  • Flash sudokuFlash sudoku: A flash sudoku, with timer and difficulty levels
  • Fabulous BridesmaidFabulous Bridesmaid: William and Linda will have a wedding tomorrow. Their best friend Jane is the w
  • Sue Rap girl dress-upSue Rap girl dress-up: Sue Rap girl fashion dress-up game. use mouse for movement
  • World Cup StreakerWorld Cup Streaker: 2010 World Cup Streaker use mouse for movement
  • Sleight of SightSleight of Sight: Sleight of Sight is the ultimate eye-to-memory coordination test, where it pays no
  • Girl Spring dress-upGirl Spring dress-up: Fashion Girl Spring dress-up Game. use mouse for movement
  • Asteroid AdventureAsteroid Adventure: Blow your way through all 20 levels full of asteroids, space worms, mines, and o
  • Invasion of the GalacticInvasion of the Galactic: to find out from the dark Galaxy
  • Rock and Roller CoasterRock and Roller Coaster: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Ride Animation
  • Fire CarFire Car: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the fire car. This game including 3 modes - 4x4 pieces, 5
  • Daylight Robbery Movie QuizDaylight Robbery Movie Quiz: Test your wits and film knowledge with the daylight robbery movie quiz
  • Rainbow DivaRainbow Diva: Rainbow Diva dress-up is full of lots of beautiful clothes and hairstyles. Mix and mat
  • Swimming 2Swimming 2: The game where your character is little guy with a hat and you have to navigate him thro
  • Make up Kristen StewartMake up Kristen Stewart: Every day we are getting closer to the release of New Moon where Kristen St
  • Spiteful VirusSpiteful Virus: Survive and infect an organism! use mouse for movement
  • Fantasy Mermaid Dress UpFantasy Mermaid Dress Up: Enjoy dressing up this magical mermaid and get her ready for a fun day in
  • Viral VectorViral Vector: An addictive challenging endurance game. Compete against others to get the highest sco
  • Autumn Bike RideAutumn Bike Ride: Grab your bike and get ready to enjoy breathtaking views. Designed to attract the
  • rally classic seriesrally classic series: Jigsaw Puzzle - rally classic series mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movem
  • Space PizzaSpace Pizza: Pick up and deliver pizza with your ‘Pizza-Delivery-Spaceship’! This platform game is a
  • 24 Stones24 Stones: A mix of logic game and puzzle. Move (mouse click) the stones, collecting ornaments. mous
  • Chibi PrincessChibi Princess: The Chibi Princess is ready to meet her people, but first she needs to put on her ce
  • 60 Second Quiz60 Second Quiz: A super fast paced quiz. You have only 60 seconds to answer as many trivia questions
  • Nissan Juke CarNissan Juke Car: Nissan Juke Car Online Coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • Sue Holiday dress-upSue Holiday dress-up: Sue Girl Holiday dress-up Game. use mouse for movement
  • Tyrian Tyrian : TD - Level 2: Another Level for Tyrian TD. After the successful defeat of the first wave of
  • Beat MachineBeat Machine: Play to the beat of twelve amazing songs from artists here on NG's Audio Portal! All t
  • Ready for Spring ShowReady for Spring Show: Ready for Spring Show dress-up Just click and drag dresses use mouse for move
  • Add UpAdd Up: Numbers are falling from the sky, and you have to destroy them before they hit the floor. Yo
  • Sneaky's Journey 4Sneaky's Journey 4: Sneaky's Journey 4 is a new flash adventure game created by Melting-Mindz Sneaky
  • Avatar CreatorAvatar Creator: Dress up an RPG character. You can be a boy or girl. Click and drag use mouse for mo
  • StarStar: Try to collect all the stars, kill the crab and reach the end! Try to collect all the stars, k
  • Save meSave me: Save the planet , its time to do the rights things now
  • Drunken CelebritiesDrunken Celebrities: The celebrity is being caught by the police,for rash driving.The police asks ce
  • Connect the Dots - CarsConnect the Dots - Cars: Connect the Dots is a well-known game also known as dot to dot or join the
  • Shoot a Tank-2Shoot a Tank-2: Press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the tank. Press CONTROL to stop the tank
  • Prison EscapePrison Escape: Try and help the inmate escape from the prison by launching him out of a homemade cat
  • Bow and ArrowBow and Arrow: This is a game of ancient ages, where u have to shoot targets with bow and arrow. The
  • The Twilight SagaThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse Quiz: Test your knowledge and try this great Twilight Eclipse quiz. How w
  • Toxic WasteToxic Waste: Remember Commander Thriller's ideas, its to be the best and the brightest. This is one
  • JigsawJigsaw: Holy Well: Take a drink from this holy well.
  • Pop them Up!Pop them Up!: Addictive balloon shooter with power ups and boss levels. Shoot the balloons before th
  • Barbie Holiday dress-upBarbie Holiday dress-up: Barbie Girl Holiday Dress up game. use mouse for movement
  • Flash Chess IIIFlash Chess III: A classic chess game, written in flash, great graphics
  • High DiveHigh Dive: Score the highest and pull off the best dive in history with sick tricks in this High Div
  • Gothic GirlGothic Girl: Gothic Girl Dress up game. use mouse for movement
  • Colorful TrendsColorful Trends: Have you ever tried Colorful Trends Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortabl
  • Date on MoonDate on Moon: What's your idea of a romantic gift this Valentine's Day? Diamond Ring? Adorable Teddy
  • Teenage Autumn FashionTeenage Autumn Fashion: This cute teenage girl loves autumn and sporty clothes. Help her find her dr
  • microbe Matchmicrobe Match: A classic matching game use mouse for movement
  • Disco of the DeadDisco of the Dead: An awesome zombie game, filled with blood, gore, guns, and tons and tons of bulle
  • ExploderExploder: Do not let them explode. Click box "Start" to start the game. Move box to win level.
  • Ice HockeyIce Hockey: A mini Ice Hockey game for one player against the computer. The computer's team is the R
  • Halloween Crying SoundsHalloween Crying Sounds: Halloween Crying Sounds Using Mouse to play use mouse for movement
  • Hanukkah Lights ColoringHanukkah Lights Coloring: It’s season of lights and joy!Color this Hanukkah menorah anyhow you like!
  • Cute Flower Boy and GirlCute Flower Boy and Girl: This cute boy and girl are going to lead the bridal procession and toss fl
  • Ninas Summer BreezeNinas Summer Breeze: The summer catalog is almost ready, there are a couple of dresses missing and t
  • CRIP TOWN'S CASTLECRIP TOWN'S CASTLE: Escape from Crip town's Castle. A great remake of classic game for Msx computer.
  • DivineDivine: A fun little god simulator me and my Friend made after a discussion on spore Mouse to select
  • Ninja CursorNinja Cursor: Use your super fast reflexes to click on the falling stars before they reach the botto
  • Ninja RobotNinja Robot: There are 14 amazing levels in this Ninja game, control the Ninja Robot with the arrow
  • audi r8 puzzleaudi r8 puzzle: This is a puzzle game of car Audi R8. Put the piece in the good case. Put the piece
  • Arabian ChallengeArabian Challenge: Drive your flying carpet through a mysterious cave, collecting precious gems or t
  • Space Trip SolitaireSpace Trip Solitaire: Online free solitaire game with two different games inside and a hundred of le
  • SkatingSkating: Jigsaw Puzzle - Skating mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Christmas Grinch BlasterChristmas Grinch Blaster: Blast those nasty Grinch away, see how many you can hit.Save Christmas hav
  • Link FiveLink Five: Outsmart the computer by connecting five pieces in a straight line first.
  • Ski RunnerSki Runner: Zoom down Mt. Infinity at blistering speeds! Rack up combos and huge points by eating th
  • MOTO CONNECTIONMOTO CONNECTION: Drive your moto through all the levels of this exciting game. Collect the barrels t
  • PenguinPenguin: Various ways you can have fun with a penguin. Kill the Bear Try to kill the opposing bear w
  • CaterpillarCaterpillar: First attempt using an in game 3D engine, had a great time with it to. Its very basic,
  • Dancing With The StarsDancing With The Stars: Dancing is fun but when your dancing with the Stars you need to look great.
  • Crazy JackCrazy Jack: The crazy jack is moving in a boat where one of the see fish stolen his pearl. Now the c
  • Hummer Jeep ColoringHummer Jeep Coloring: Hummer Jeep Car Coloring Game.
  • Dream CityDream City: Press on start to scramble the pieces. Click and drag pieces on the grid. If you need so
  • Farmer SueFarmer Sue: Farmer Sue Girl Dress up game. use mouse for movement
  • Night Club Girl MakeupNight Club Girl Makeup: Mouse control. A true fashionista always know what to wear for night club fu
  • Jimmy the RatJimmy the Rat: Your skimming money from the Godfather Rat and he's gonna put a stop to it. He booby
  • Strong Summer 2011Strong Summer 2011: Have you ever tried Strong Summer 2011 Dresses? You would be really gentle, comf
  • Yana girl Dress upYana girl Dress up: Yana girl Dress up Game. use mouse for movement
  • NarutoNaruto: Series of puzzle pieces into one good picture use mouse for movement
  • Berneen Doll Dress UpBerneen Doll Dress Up: Berneen Doll Dress Up Game, Berneen Doll Clothes and Dresses Game Played With
  • Gems swap 2 Gems swap 2 : In this game there will be a number of gems arranged in a particular pattern. You need
  • Kid's coloringKid's coloring: Sunny beach: Sunny beach and the white boat is free coloring game for you. Choose an
  • GobbleGobble: Multicolored bugs are attacking you from different sides. Avoid or gobble them when instruct
  • Young Girl on bikeYoung Girl on bike: This fantasy girl look so happy. Come to help her choose clothes to make her mor
  • Spyware Sonic Spyware Sonic : game play: You are a spyware, and you can hack computers, open people's secret files
  • SnoopingSnooping: Mr. Clumsy: Cut out the screen, avoiding the sentinels to discover the fun adventures of M
  • JigsawJigsaw: Sunny Beach: Take a few moments away from troubles and hassle and enjoy the beach in this pu

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