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  • Bike ZoneBike Zone: Ride over the all obstacles on a level without crashing your bike! Up/ Down arrows = Spee
  • Battle Star 3.0Battle Star 3.0: Fight with a friend in outer space! This version includes a two-player battle, team
  • Squirrel ManiaSquirrel Mania: The squirrel family want to get the most food by the smartest way. Pls help them!
  • Red ShipRed Ship: Smash all bricks with with your trusty ship using multiple weapons across 25 levels! Mouse
  • cat foot Tetriscat foot Tetris: Tetris game
  • Pirate Bubble WarPirate Bubble War: Shoot the bubbles as many as possible before the bubbles are close to your boat.
  • Dream Doll dress-upDream Doll dress-up: A sweet doll dress up game. Dress up your dream doll with appropriate dress and
  • Music AvoidMusic Avoid: You are the green note, use the arrows to avoid the red notes.
  • Follow my noteFollow my note: Follow the game note, and don't miss it use your mouse to follow the note use mouse
  • Dirt Bike 2Dirt Bike 2: Ride your dirt bike on unusually challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all t
  • Space MasterSpace Master: Space Master is a Space Invaders clone. The arcade hit that captured the hearts of leg
  • Super ThingSuper Thing: A simple but fun game about a dude who is immune to everything. My first game, and real
  • Fashion IconFashion Icon: Bright colors, fun clothes and accessories. Have lots of fun dressing this model up fo
  • The impossible gameThe impossible game: Can you handle the puzzle? or are you too clever?
  • Bubble CardsBubble Cards: It is a mix of cards game and bubbles catching. Bubble cards are playing according to
  • Rescue aviator service Rescue aviator service : Find lost passengers and load up to the helicopter. press spacebar to shoot
  • Gift BlasterGift Blaster: Shoot snowballs at presents to push them into the enemy's goal! Make sure the computer
  • Fashionable PainterFashionable Painter: Melinda is not only a fashion designer but also a fantastic painter. Her parent
  • Target PracticeTarget Practice: Target Practice, shoot the target. This game was built in ONE hour as part of a new
  • Pirate Golf AdventurePirate Golf Adventure: Pirate Golf Adventure is a story-driven 2D side scrolling golf pirate adventu
  • Ray cityRay city: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the car. This game including 3 modes - 4x4 pieces, 5x6 pi
  • Puzzle Castle - 1Puzzle Castle - 1: Castle Puzzle
  • WormsWorms: you are finished when every open joint is connected to another and closed. Open joints should
  • Helicopter RescueHelicopter Rescue: Welcome to Helicopter Rescue. In this game you control a Helicopter with the arro
  • Snow QueenSnow Queen: Everything is frozen by the evil Snow Queen, you have to save the frozen animals by coll
  • Dating Sim AcademyDating Sim Academy: Air finds herself in Purra, a land filled with animal-spirits who hate humans. S
  • Fairy Girl dress upFairy Girl dress up
  • Fish ManiaFish Mania: Catch as many fish as you can. mouse click to shoot,
  • Broken CrabBroken Crab: 2D Slider Puzzle Move around the pieces to complete the image of the Broken Crab! Point
  • ShotgunShotgun: Shooting game. use mouse for movement
  • Antenna WormAntenna Worm: Antenna Worm is a lovely game! When the pendulum swing, input: P1F : Increase props; p
  • Barbarian BobBarbarian Bob: Bob has taken up the mission to kill the evil king who is ruling the land and all his
  • Rock of Castle JigsawRock of Castle Jigsaw: Ireland Jigsaw puzzle with three levels including a best score challenge leve
  • Pro HuntPro Hunt: Funny shooting game with animals Shoot anything that moves mouse click to shoot,Space: rel
  • Wizard WarsWizard Wars: You are a heroic light wizard and are at the final battle with the dark wizard, Take hi
  • Bug BiteBug Bite: Bug Bite Copyright 2010 Jack Rosenthal Antidote: Spacebar (Mouse cursor must be above pers
  • Gorgeous car coloringGorgeous car coloring: Gorgeous car coloring Game. use mouse for movement
  • HSM 3 DifferencesHSM 3 Differences: find the 7 differences click with the mouse on the 7 differences use mouse for mo
  • Sunny Girls dress-upSunny Girls dress-up: Sunny Girls dress-up
  • Geo QuizGeo Quiz: Click on the city-location of the city shown! mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Sleepy headSleepy head: After a dangerous accident Tommy collapsed into a coma. When his body lies in a hospita
  • Hidden Numbers - Shanghai prepares for Expo 2010Hidden Numbers - Shanghai prepares for Expo 2010: Hidden object game
  • Battle Star Collateral DamageBattle Star Collateral Damage: Battle Star machine gunner must destroy enemy forces and reach the ra
  • Light UpLight Up: Nine different levels of 25 puzzles apiece for you to solve. Each puzzle has one unique an
  • Word Reaper ConceptWord Reaper Concept: Use your keyboard skills to type the words above the enemy heads. Can you type
  • BMW 1500 SlidingBMW 1500 Sliding: Play this sliding puzzles games of the bmw 1500. Use mouse or arrow keys to move t
  • Kid's coloringKid's coloring: Birthday: Kid's coloring: "Birthday" is free coloring game. Choose a color and click
  • Hidden PumpkinsHidden Pumpkins: Halloween pumpkins are everywhere. Try to find all of them. Good luck and Enjoy! us
  • cute creatures couple twistcute creatures couple twist: CLICK 2 OR MORE NEIGHBORING CREATURES TO REMOVE THEM A LINE WILL BE ADD
  • Puzzle F1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010Puzzle F1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010: Puzzle F1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010 page game
  • Pucca Funny Love KitePucca Funny Love Kite: Dodge the Shuriken to preserve your kite and run run run ! Use arrow up and D
  • Water WorksWater Works: Physics based puzzle game with a hosepipe and water spray. 45 wet levels. Spray stuff t
  • PuzzlesPuzzles: Lake & Sea: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the lake and sea. This game including 3 pictur
  • Catch 2Catch 2: Infinite catching of blue and red points using different ways. Catch points by mouse click
  • Tetris ClimberTetris Climber: The main aim of the game is to climb as far as you can. Extra points are earned by d
  • Dinner Time dress-upDinner Time dress-up: This is not a dinner at home but more of a date dinner. Make sure you dress bo
  • Goldfish's RevengeGoldfish's Revenge: This goldfish is mad. Can you blame him? Take your revenge on humans by dropping
  • Spray The RoachesSpray The Roaches: Kill All The Roaches press spacebar to shoot,movement: wasd
  • Pirates House 2Pirates House 2: Find the Pirates. use mouse for movement
  • Party Dress UpParty Dress Up: Disco Style: Help this cute attractive lady choose the best clothes and make up for
  • Along Came A carAlong Came A car: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the car. This game including 3 modes - 4x4 pieces
  • Tetris CTLTetris CTL: Tetris with falling figures. After line is disappear figures will fall apart from each o
  • Cindy's Baby Dress UpCindy's Baby Dress Up: Dress up this cute baby in Cindy's baby dress up. use mouse for movement
  • Fuzzy MemoryFuzzy Memory: Match pictures of cute puppies to remove tiles and see one of the pictures full size.
  • Puzzle Trucks - 1Puzzle Trucks - 1: Trucks puzzle
  • GravityGravity: Use the gravity of other planets to send your asteroid into the sun. use mouse for movement
  • Star craft Zergling defenseStar craft Zergling defense: This is a game I had made up in a week for a Lab grade in my game flash
  • Sudoku cartoonSudoku cartoon: Play this cartoon version of sudoku with millions of random sudoku , funny graphics,
  • Kamikaze ShootoutKamikaze Shootout: they have attacked our base. All of our troops have been deployed! Man your turre
  • Pixel field - Perfect Pi PackPixel field - Perfect Pi Pack: Guide 3 little pixels through the minefield. Left click to move base.
  • Wedding DayWedding Day: Dress up this wonderful couple for their wedding. use mouse for movement
  • Summer dress-upSummer dress-up: Summer Girl dress-up Game. use mouse for movement
  • Alpha SpeedAlpha Speed: How fast can you type the alphabet? Type the alphabet as fast as you can! Type the alph
  • The three magiciansThe three magicians: The three magicians - Picture Coloring with biblical story in which the child w
  • Donut BouncerDonut Bouncer: An addictive game in which you must jump on each of the donuts as you go through spac
  • 69 Corvette's Arcade69 Corvette's Arcade: 69 corvette's Arcade by 69Corvette. Includes Classic game PONG, my original ga
  • Ben 10 puzzleBen 10 puzzle: Ben 10 jigsaw puzzle game. use mouse for movement
  • Megan PuzzleMegan Puzzle: Two jigsaw puzzles in one with the beautiful Megan. use mouse for movement
  • ZnaxZnax: an alternative blocks puzzle game. The challenge is to clear as many blocks from the grid as y
  • Dina the dog walkerDina the dog walker: Time to get changed and ready to walk your dog in the park, choose the items yo
  • PasswordPassword: Test your wisdom! 25 Levels to challenge you! Internet search engines are very helpful.
  • Star ReactionStar Reaction: This game is a good coach for the reaction. You must collect all the stars are not to
  • Neo XonixNeo Xonix: Small creature Xoni lives happily in its small world. But other bad creatures try to make
  • Travel Britain PuzzlesTravel Britain Puzzles: Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the Britain landscapes. This games includin
  • UFOUFO: This is a timed mini-game with the goal of collecting as many cows as possible. Move the UFO wi
  • SalamanderSalamander: Clear infected computer circuity of the viruses with your Salamander Mk-1, the most soph
  • Sue traditional dressSue traditional dress: Sue girl traditional dress up game. use mouse for movement
  • coinscoins: put a coin into the insertion slot, then you will get more. mouse left key
  • Mental MathsMental Maths: Fast paced arithmetic action. Crunch the numbers as fast as possible. use mouse for mo
  • Castle jigsaw puzzleCastle jigsaw puzzle: a beautiful manor in the Loire Valley in France. Here is a sliding puzzle. Cli
  • Shopping GirlShopping Girl: dress-up games
  • Tile BreakTile Break: A colorful version of an old tile game I used to play on Windows 98. Break the bricks us
  • Sentry DefenseSentry Defense: Defend your home planet from invasion with mines, wormholes, time warps, and decoys.
  • Crystal Crystal : Action rpg game . asdw = move , space = attack, shift = defense, mouse = interactive & mag
  • Fish Fish Fish Fish : Fish rider movement: arrow keys
  • Dinner dress-upDinner dress-up: Cute Girl Ready for Dinner
  • Cold FaceCold Face: Cold Face, Using Mouse, use mouse for movement
  • Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher: Launch model rockets, buy upgrades, buy better rockets, and launch them into space.

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