• Bee SwarmBee Swarm: You have heard some rumors of people be
  • Epic Dog Fighter 2Epic Dog Fighter 2: The world has broke out into a
  • extreme sharkextreme shark: You are a very aggressive shark, an
  • Water WarsWater Wars: Enemy submarines have entered US terri
  • Gravity 360Gravity 360: You have been assigned a dangerous sp
  • Ships vs SubmarinesShips vs Submarines: Take on the ultimate challeng
  • Epic Dragon FighterEpic Dragon Fighter: The Germans have hatched enem
  • Shadow Alien InvasionShadow Alien Invasion: Shadow alien invaders are c
  • Spider FighterSpider Fighter: Toxic waste has been dropped from
  • Stealth Bomber 2Stealth Bomber 2: After your success with your oth
  • Last Line Of DefenseLast Line Of Defense: Aliens ave invaded Earth and
  • Phoenix FighterPhoenix Fighter: You as a fire alien must take out
  • Tanks vs AgentsTanks vs Agents: Destroy the agents that try and i
  • Galactic WarfareGalactic Warfare: Defend your space base from bein
  • Pacific 1941Pacific 1941: The world has been at war for months
  • Kid ChaosKid Chaos: You are scientist's greatest invention
  • Zombie Death MatchZombie Death Match: Battle other zombies to become
  • Distorted Sub WarsDistorted Sub Wars: Take your highly advanced subm
  • Submarine AssaultSubmarine Assault: Foreign submarines have crossed
  • Ghost CatcherGhost Catcher: Rumor is that there have been ghost
  • Alien InvasionAlien Invasion: You as an alien have invaded earth
  • Egypt Day Of RageEgypt Day Of Rage: The Egyptian people are rising
  • Derby DriverDerby Driver: You have entered a local demolition
  • Submarine WarsSubmarine Wars: After defeating the foreign submar
  • Lord Of The SkiesLord Of The Skies: Take on massive fleets of jets
  • Sol DefenderSol Defender: There is an invasion fleet of aliens
  • Stick SurvivalStick Survival: Fight the other sticks to the deat
  • Stick Master DXStick Master DX: You are the legendary Stick Maste
  • Cupids RevengeCupids Revenge: Cupid is sick of the heart candy c
  • Shark ZeroShark Zero: The sharks in the sea are overpopulati
  • Space RocksSpace Rocks: You are on a mission to mine asteroid
  • Battle WizardsBattle Wizards: Fight your way to the iron , in th
  • Don't Touch My JunkDon't Touch My Junk: Keep the TSA from groping you
  • Air BattlesAir Battles: After the Japanese military has plott
  • Luck CatcherLuck Catcher: You have had bad luck for the past s
  • Cupids Archery RangeCupids Archery Range: Cupid is practicing piercing
  • Epic Dog FighterEpic Dog Fighter: You are a special ops team that
  • Cosmic DragonsCosmic Dragons: Destroy all of the cosmic dragons
  • Project Mayhem 2Project Mayhem 2: You are a secret agent ordered b
  • Armed NinjaArmed Ninja: Fight off ninja's in the almighty for
  • The Dead Sea ScrollsThe Dead Sea Scrolls: You are an archaeologist wor
  • Kingdom RaidersKingdom Raiders: You are a light night, and have b
  • Kamikaze AssaultKamikaze Assault: The Japanese military has declar
  • Raider Squadron 2Raider Squadron 2: You have found a new alien enem
  • Skull ChuckerSkull Chucker: Blood thirsty bats try and attack y
  • Bugarach 2012Bugarach 2012: Defend Earth from alien invaders in
  • Mine TrapperMine Trapper: Clear the underwater mine field befo
  • Earth DestroyerEarth Destroyer: You as an alien are ordered to se
  • Censorship PigCensorship Pig
  • Raider SquadronRaider Squadron: Raid and take over the dark space
  • War Ship DefenseWar Ship Defense: It's 1942 all over again and you
  • Solar FlareSolar Flare: Protect the planet earth from devasta
  • Quarterback PaloozaQuarterback Palooza: You are the teams best quarte
  • Space WarsSpace Wars: Take out all opposing space enemies be
  • Scuba Catcher extremeScuba Catcher extreme: As a scuba diver and also f
  • Nano bot Healer 5000Nano bot Healer 5000: Your are a nano bot which ha
  • Wizard WarsWizard Wars: You are a heroic light wizard and are
  • Hyper Speed AsteroidsHyper Speed Asteroids: Destroy all of the oncoming
  • alien Wars 5000alien Wars 5000: You have just landed on a desert
  • Bit coin MinerBit coin Miner: You are on a mission to mine aster
  • Alien Invasion IIAlien Invasion II: You are the greatest alien pilo
  • Project ExterminationProject Extermination: Take out the human race bef
  • Frankenstein FrenzyFrankenstein Frenzy
  • Monster BusterMonster Buster
  • Graviton X2Graviton X2
  • Uberroids 9000Uberroids 9000
  • Fist PumpingFist Pumping
  • Field Goal KickerField Goal Kicker: You are this football teams lea
  • Snakes and HoesSnakes and Hoes: Defend yourself from the attackin
  • Nerds vs JocksNerds vs Jocks: A group of jocks decide to pick on

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