christmas cake shop

after long long time it is here

Build 2 Break game: a cool sequel to void filling game

Just got the sequel to void filling made made in the coolest way. Name’s Build2Break, Check it out.

Miniclip canyon defense 2 game

Second version of the cool canyon td game. Iriysoft has made a cool and huge game once again, IF you have liked Canyon Defense, Cursed treasure tower defense games then this one is definitely for you. This is very Good game but Cursed treasure is still my favorite.

Cakez and giftz shop: a christmas shop management game

manage the christmas shop, distribute gifts

santa’s new sled: a christmas driving game

Santa is coming with new sled

Play all bloons games at one place

Now there is a new shiny site for all famous ninjakiwi bloons games. Play all bloons games here.

Rapid bricks breaking game: with 30 seconds, 1 minute modes

Rearranging code from previous game to make a 30 seconds and 1 minute mode, too many guys on reddit thought it would be better in a short time modes.

Skyrama, a BigPoint game

Skyrama , a new browser based (=works with flash) game by Bigpoint, a strategy/ management game. Aim of the game is to learn how to manage an airport and make it the best airport, strategy includes servicing planes, flying them all over the globe and landing. You progress in the game by finishing simple tasks (guided [...]

Finding square of a number ending with 5

There is a process to find square of any number that I have found out (which I intend to reveal later), but for numbers ending with 5 there is an even easier way. observe these examples 5^2=25 15^2=225; 25^2=625 35^2=1225 45^2=2025 55^2=3025 It is simple, take the number in the tenth place (eg: in 65^2, [...]

Finding the digit in the unit’s place of a big number (with power)

This is something I found out when I was in college, we had to find the digit of a bigger number with power (eg:12345^12346) with in a minute, the usual mod process is slow, this method (that I’m gonna tell) can solve any bigger problem in less than 10 seconds. If the base number ends [...]